Overview of the rooftop

The rooftop is the uppermost part of a building that is horizontal and made in non-concrete construction. There are a lot of high-rise buildings with rooftop models that we can find, ranging from offices, shopping centers, hotels, and restaurants. In the past, the use of rooftop designs was more widely applied to types of commercial buildings such as hotels and apartments. But over time, most people are now happy with the presence of a rooftop design. This is because the benefits of having a luxurious home design can support all your daily activities.

Generally, the rooftop area is always a place to relax and gather with close relatives. Its location outside the room allows residents to be more flexible in their activities. We understand that if an atmosphere of freedom of assembly has applied in the house, it can disrupt the rest of the house. Therefore, the rooftop area is considered much more appropriate and comfortable to be used as a place to relax and gather compared to a closed family room.

In addition, the rooftop could be transformed into a flower garden, which allows the owner to carry out many productive activities, such as gardening. Well, for those of you who plan to make a rooftop in your residence, you need to pay attention to the benefits of the rooftop that you will make. For that, let’s discuss one by one the rooftop design of rooftop below.

Desain rooftop terbaik

Who says a small house can’t be comfortable and can be decorated. To maximize the exterior design and decorate the interior nicely, you must prepare the best design. You can design a modern rooftop that can be added to residential homes, including small ones.

One area that is often overlooked in your home is the rooftop. This place can wake up into a cool and comfortable area to relax. Therefore, you must prepare the best design and sufficient budget to make all that happen.,  After you read this article, we hope you can find the best rooftop design that suits your taste. That way you will be able to find the ideal place to enjoy the beauty of the stars and moon at night. For that, let’s look at the reviews below. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you. Welcome to our article!

As a place to rest and relieve stress

As we know, having a house with rooftop facilities can make you relaxed and not stressed. We know that having regular contact with nature and green open spaces in urban areas can help you to stay mentally healthy than those who rarely relax and breathe fresh air. Its means the presence of a rooftop in your residence can help improve your mood and want to relax to calm your mind.

Even though you have a rooftop area that is not too wide, the arrangement needs to pay attention as well as possible. So it can use optimally. Next, start by choosing furniture that is durable and weather-resistant. Then, to make it look more attractive, add some types of ornamental plants that are resistant to all weather changes. In addition, you can also cultivate your hobby while gazing at the beautiful natural panorama in the afternoon that makes you always cheerful.

As additional space for daily activities

Having limited land in the house is often an endless polemic when you want to build a dream house. Not a few terraced houses on limited land now have to sacrifice their front porch to get comfort. Now, by having a rooftop, you will no longer be confused about doing various personal activities that require fresh air or direct sunlight. Even in this place, you can do activities ranging from relaxing and talking with friends to exercising in the home area.

But if you do not have additional space to store household appliances and used items. You can use the rooftop area to be a multifunctional warehouse. Given the location above, sure to create a special enclosed space equipped with a protective lock to make it more secure and not damaged by rain and hot sun. With a design like this, your home interior design will look more beautiful and not cramped.

As a place for gardening

If you have an aesthetic home design and love gardens but don’t have enough yards. The solution is to make a rooftop at home. By having a rooftop, you can create a garden. Then, grow plants that are strong against direct sunlight. Then plant plants that grow slowly, such as roses, jasmine, pandanus, mother-in-law’s tongue, to cacti. But if you want to grow a variety of vegetables and fruits, such as lettuce, kale, tomatoes, guava, and oranges, this can be the right choice.

As you know, the presence of plants on the rooftop is also able to improve the quality of the surrounding air through photosynthetic activity. As is well known, humans will inhale oxygen (O2) and emit carbon dioxide (CO2). All these plants will later help produce clean oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide in the air. That is why placing various ornamental plants in the rooftop area is highly recommended for creating fresh air around your residence.

Gives a cool nuance

A rooftop is not only used for relaxing and relieving stress after you have worked all day. Another benefit can use to enjoy the fresh and cool air that makes you healthy and energetic. Therefore, the rooftop in the house must be designed with the best. So it can contribute to the coolness around the house.

We know that the house, apart from being a place to live, is the safest place to shelter from various natural conditions. Therefore, make sure the rooftop that you have is really able to absorb direct sunlight so that the interior of your room becomes healthy. This will apply if you apply the concept of a rooftop garden in the area. For you to know, the number of plants you have can reduce at least 10 to 25 percent of hot air into the house. Well, for those of you who want your house to look cool, you can make this design for your inspiration.

As a gathering place

A comfortable and aesthetic home design can give you the spirit of life. There are many ways to make comfort, and the solution is to build a rooftop. The benefits of having a rooftop at home can be used as a gathering place with friends to discuss business or work. Therefore, the rooftop can be the main driving force for your activities. Therefore, many people want to have it.

We know that the rooftop can be an alternative place to gather with close relatives other than at the office and the coffee shop. In this place, you can freely do various exciting activities, including barbeque parties, without having to worry about the noise that can disturb the homeowner. Therefore, a roof garden must be cared for properly because it can reduce noise.

Then, to make your rooftop look more attractive, add some fun items such as a set table, comfortable chairs, a sitting area in the form of a bean bag, hanging lamps, and a small pantry if possible. With this arrangement, you can make your friends more comfortable hanging out. Also, consider using a semi-transparent canopy to protect some furniture from direct sunlight or splashing rain.

Exclusive boarding house with rooftop facilities

If you want to build a rooftop area above your house. There must be many things to consider. Given its location outside the room and serves as the roof of the building. Therefore, you must consider the strength of the construction. To be safe and not leak.

Therefore, if you want to build a boarding house, you no longer need to be confused about how to make the ideal place to feel comfortable. By having a rooftop above your boarding house, you can provide exclusive facilities to your boarding house residents. With rooftop facilities that can support all their activities. Then, they feel comfortable and happy. Moreover, the calm atmosphere will make them feel at home to relax in this place while socializing with other boarding house residents.

Tropical mix industrial-style rooftop

Having a beautiful industrial-style homes design is fun. Industrial style is becoming one of the most popular nowadays. If a fresh yet unique feel is what you are looking for, then industrial and tropical styles can be used as a theme for the rooftop design in your home like the picture above.

As you can see in this picture, the rooftop size is not large but looks very comfortable and safe with black iron railings typical of industrial style combined with fresh green plants. Then, to look more attractive, this rooftop is decorated with several colored lights. In this way, adds a warm atmosphere, and adds a homey feel, especially at night.

Resort style design rooftop

If you like the natural atmosphere and enjoy your vacation. There is a way for you not to go out of the house. The trick is you can build a resort-style rooftop design like in the picture above. The size of this rooftop is not large but looks very comfortable.

To add to the beauty of the rooftop, you can add a beautiful cream sofa set, a wooden table, several round tables, a patterned sofa cushion, a ceiling fan, and a small table for placing food. Then, you can design the floor and one of the walls using wood elements with modern colors to blend with the existing furniture.

In addition, to avoid being exposed to the heat of the sun and rain, you can design a beautiful canopy with a black and white motif. Do not forget to provide a fence barrier so it is not dangerous. With a design like this, you don’t need to look for a beautiful atmosphere outside the house. You can enjoy the view of the moon and stars at night. and get a fresh feel because the open air is free to enter

Bohemian style rooftop

The next rooftop model is a bohemian style typical of Central Europe. The unique appearance of this concept will give a different nuance to your home. With an antique and unique design, this place is cool for family gatherings or barbeque parties with close friends.

Using many different colors in one room is one of the hallmarks of the bohemian style. For example, you can use colorful pillows, antique tables, and various ethnic motifs combined with typical Bohemian decorations, then warmed with antique lamps. With a design like this, you will be confident to gather with friends while talking about your business.

Shabby chic style rooftop

The shabby chic theme is also popular, especially among women. Subtle colors and feminine details are the hallmarks of the shabby chic style. Then, to look more attractive, this rooftop is decorated with a white sofa like the picture above. Then in order not to be monotonous, it can be combined with other color pillows that are not flashy, such as brown, beige, and white.

As far as we know, the characteristic of the shabby chic style is the rustic feel, like this picture. Then, it was combined with wood material for the seats, white walls, and beautiful flower pots. Then, floral motifs are always present in this theme, and this time it is presented in the form of real flowers along with some other green plants.

The modern minimalist rooftop design

If you don’t want to add too much detail or bother thinking about the concept, then the modern minimalist style is the most appropriate choice for your rooftop. With a simple but elegant design, your rooftop will be a fun place to gather with your family and close friends.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add a floor with wood and greenery to create a natural feel. To look cooler, you can design a rooftop wall with processed wood. Then make the bench blend with the wall to sit with the family, and complete it with sofa cushions. Then, to feel more relaxed, put a round table and bench to enjoy coffee in the morning. With a design like this, you will feel pleasure, especially at night when you see the moon and stars.


In this article, we provide an attractive rooftop design for your home. But if you are interested in turning an empty area above your house into a cozy open space, we share beautiful rooftop pictures. We hope the design above can make your home look aesthetic, attractive, beautiful, and luxurious. Therefore, we share ideas to make the above design your inspiration. Hopefully, this review can be useful for you and your family.


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