Overview of minimalist design

Some people think the living room is no longer essential. But there are still many people who think that the existence of the living room is important. Currently, the human population is increasing, and make the availability of land is increasingly limited. As a result, the price of land to build a house becomes expensive. This makes people create minimalist home designs.

Then, for people who like privacy and need a sense of security. Of course, the living room is needed as a private room in the house. With limited land or budget, you can create a modern minimalist living room that suits your taste. Therefore, there are various minimalist living room design options that can be an inspiration for you. For that, we invite you to see an aesthetic minimalist living room design for your home.

Attractive design

The design of the living room is important to pay attention to, from comfort to aesthetics, and don’t underestimate it. The area became a place to receive people who visited the house or used to relax with family. Although residential land is limited, you can still create a luxurious living room in a 36/60-type house.

By presenting a soft living room sofa with an attractive design, it will certainly make the appearance of the area feel comfortable. In addition, the application of living room wall hangings will give an aesthetic accent to interior decoration. However, do not be too excessive to install accessories in the living room because it will clash with the minimalist concept. Therefore, we recommend a minimalist living room model as below.

Recommended minimalist living room model

One concept that is often applied in the home is a minimalist living room design. But if you have problems with the area of ​​​​the room, you can make a living room with a concept without a partition. But if you want to create an aesthetic impression, you can install a simple but still beautiful one. Therefore, we recommend a minimalist living room that you can make in your home. For that, follow our review article below. Hopefully, it suits your taste!

Living room with wood accents

The combination of white with bright wood colors can make the living room design look beautiful. You can implement this design in a modern minimalist living room. But if the walls and floor of the room are white, the next step is that you can fill the living room with bright wood-colored household furniture, such as nightstands, coffee tables, and beautiful living room wall hangings.

Then, avoid adding too many patterns or ornaments to this type of modern minimalist living room because the wood color has given a strong accent to the living room. To make it even more beautiful, add a sofa set, an elongated buffet, a guest table, bright sofa cushions, wooden floor rugs, a television on the walls, and ornamental plants. With a design like this, your living room will be more comfortable.

Living room with high ceiling

Having a house with limited land makes you have to think about designing an aesthetic living room. Then, you can look at the picture above, this living room is not spacious, but a high ceiling design, it makes the living room look spacious.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can design the floor with wood motif ceramics. Then add sofas and guest chairs, and floor carpets to make it look cooler. That way, you can enjoy a modern living room according to your taste. One thing, a living room with a high ceiling makes it easier for air circulation and smoother.

Look luxurious with a classic style

The classic style is a dream for people who want to have a luxurious and aesthetic atmosphere in their homes. A living room with a classic theme is very suitable to be applied if you have a large enough living room size. That way, a luxurious and elegant feel will be present in the interior of a modern minimalist living room.

However, for those who have a small living room, you can still design your living room in a classic style. It’s just that, avoid using too many modern minimalist living room wall hangings so that the room doesn’t feel cramped. Then, to make it look more beautiful, add wall hangings, sofa sets, sofa cushions, hanging decorative lights, bright-colored floor rugs, and buffets to place documents. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Simple monochrome theme

Your family will be happy if you have a minimalist home with a beautiful living room. As you can see, the living room above is designed in black and white. Of course, the combination of these two neutral colors will produce a simple but aesthetic blend.

In the living room, you can use the monochrome style to create a beautiful modern minimalist living room. To look more attractive, add a single sofa, bright color sofa cushions, round wooden table, ornamental plants, wall hangings, vanity mirrors, small buffets, and wall shelves to put accessories. With the presence of modern minimalist furniture installed, the living room looks more harmonious.

Design blends with outdoor space

This living room has a different design from other living rooms. This living room design blends with the open space. The living room like this, of course, will provide a fresh and beautiful atmosphere for guests who come and at the same time create the privacy of your conversation. In addition, with an outdoor living room, you don’t have to go inside the house.

Then, the advantage is that you don’t need to buy a minimalist living room wall decoration because there are already natural elements around it. Even so, there are also challenges with this type of living room, especially when it rains. So, prepare furniture in the form of chairs and tables that are heat and water-resistant. To look more attractive, place a patio chair next to the plant. That way, the atmosphere in this place feels fresher.

Japanese minimalist living room

For lovers of the Japanese minimalist style, you can apply this type of living room to the interior of your modern minimalist living room. The interior design of a modern minimalist living room in the Japanese style is synonymous with line elements and bright colors combined with light wood colors.

In addition, it is important to keep the living room design looking simple without flashy motifs and ornaments. Then, to make it look more artistic, you can complete the room with minimalist furniture such as a bright color sofa set, wooden table, unique hanging decorative lamps, and bonsai ornamental plants which are characteristic of the Japanese style. That way, you will feel the atmosphere like in the land of sakura.

Living room design beside the garden

The garden is an area outside the house. Then, this area has planted with trees and flowers. Then, parks are generally used as a place to relax and unwind after a day’s activities. Therefore, we recommend making a small living room facing the garden.

With a design like this, it is guaranteed that the living room adjacent to the gardens feels much more spacious and comfortable. In addition, natural elements such as wind and sunlight will make a modern minimalist living room fresh and beautiful. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add a sofa set, a round guest table, and a television on the wall. That way, your living room will feel more comfortable and pleasant.

Appear with a bar accent

The living room in this house has a limited area. With conditions like this, giving color to the room is very important so that the room looks wider. The solution is the choice of white to make your room look spacious, and also the placement and selection of furniture that is not excessive. The right furniture arrangement can help the living room look more spacious.

If you are a lover of industrial style, you can try to make a living room with a bar accent theme. You will get a free and bold impression when you are in the living room with a bar design. Then. to make it look more attractive, you can add bar tables and chairs, sofa sets, and wall hangings. That way, the modern minimalist living room design will look aesthetic and attractive.

Container style living room design

Lately, the discussion about container houses is rife, many see that the construction of this type of property has good potential and is in great demand in various circles from the young to the elderly, and they are all interested in the concept of this container house.

In addition, the appearance of this container-style house design has a relatively new residential phenomenon. The goal was built to be housing at a low cost. Then, other advantages of this container-style house design also can be used as a living room, and have material strength that can withstand fire, termites, and fungi.

Then, to make it more beautiful, you can add a sofa set with colorful motifs, wooden tables, floor rugs, and wall decorations. That way, this living room will seem very special and pleasing to the eye. Moreover, with a beautiful paint finish, it will be a comfortable and unique place to live. With a design like this, your home and living room will attract everyone’s attention


Well, that’s a collection of modern minimalist living room designs that can be your inspiration to design an aesthetic, attractive, comfortable living room in your home. If you want to create your design, we hope our review above can be an inspiration for you. However, if you need help to realize your dream home and room, you should contact the home decor closest to your home. Happy decorating!


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