1. Overview of minimalist fence design

Minimalist home designs are now increasingly popular and in demand by the public because minimalist homes have more affordable construction costs. However, many think that carrying the concept of a minimalist home prevents residential owners from being creative. There are many ways to realize the dream of owning a luxury home with this concept. One way to do this is to give a charming external appearance by installing a beautiful and aesthetic fence.

As far as we know, the house fence has is an important role to make the house look luxurious. In addition, it can also give a positive first impression to visiting guests. Then, people will think that the house’s interior will be even more luxurious. Therefore, for those of you who are building a house and looking for luxurious and aesthetic fence inspiration, choose a fence design that suits your home model and your taste. For that, let’s review an attractive fence design below.

2. Attractive fence design

As far as we know, the first part of the house that people see when looking for a house is the fence. Therefore, design the exterior of your home with an attractive fence. So that people are happy to see and find your home. In addition, fences, gates, gardens, house walls, and house doors are also the concern of many people.

In addition, the color of the fence is also one part for people. For example, when you give instructions to people about a house, you will usually tell them the fence design and color. Then, when you sell a home, potential buyers will also see the design and color of the fence. Therefore, please design with an attractive and aesthetic model. For that, let’s discuss some examples of minimalist fences below.

3. Examples of minimalist fence designs

The fence is the first appearance seen by your guests. Then, the house fence can reflect the taste and class of its inhabitants. Therefore, you can make a fence with a beautiful and aesthetic model as an icon of your home.

For this reason, in this review, we will discuss several examples of fences for you to make your home exterior inspiration. However, to choose a design and model, it must be adjusted to the model of your home. For that, let’s discuss an example of a fence image below. Hopefully, one of these designs can suit your taste.

Minimalist fence of screwed iron

You certainly often see iron fences with threaded iron models. This one-house fence model is easy to find in homes that have quite large yards. Usually, this threaded iron fence is made using a black base color to make it seem more mysterious. If you want to give a luxurious impression to your home, this fence is also suitable to be combined with other brighter colors such as gold.

Then, install the iron trellis fence horizontally with artistic ornaments that can make this house fence design look luxurious and charming. Especially when combined with high walls made of natural stone on both sides, this threaded iron fence will look luxurious and majestic. But If you have a large house, you can use this design for your home.

Simple but exclusive with white iron

In this article, we are still discussing iron material. You can create a minimalist fence model with a flat iron trellis that resembles piano keys. One of the advantages of this minimalist fence model is that it is widely applied to homes in general.

Fences can give identity to your residence. In addition, this flat model iron trellis fence can also make the front area of ​​the house look more attractive. To make it easy for people to recognize, you can paint your house fence white. So the minimalist impression stands out more. Therefore, for those of you who have a minimalist home design, this fence model is perfect for your home.

Abstract style house fence

Aesthetic home exterior design can make you more confident to introduce your home. Therefore, you can display the impression of luxury at home by using an abstract patterned fence. The minimalist concept is very suitable for this unique house fence design and can be the main attraction in your home. That way, visiting guests will also feel amazed by this unique design.

Then, to make it, you don’t need to bother because available iron or wood materials can be used as materials for making fences with abstract designs. The important thing is, that even though it carries an abstract concept, you still have to maintain the consistency of the abstract pattern and regularity in the motifs and colors of the fence.

If necessary, mix the fence base paint with a color that matches the house so that the two areas can look more harmonious. Then, putting a little touch of contrasting color on several sides can give a unique impression on the fence. That way, an abstract house fence will make the residence look more attractive and aesthetic.

Brown lacquered wood fence

Having a beautiful home design is everyone’s dream. You can see that the color of this house fence follows the color of the wood. So it looks pleasing to the eye. Then, the combination of a concrete carport, wooden gate, and garden shows a house with a contemporary design.

Then the design of this fence is made with the latest technology and is able to make the wood grain more prominent, thus making the fence look more natural with a varnish finish. That way, it looks beautiful, remains sturdy, and is not easily damaged when exposed to the hot sun or rain. That way, your dream home will stand out from the rest, and the fence will last for years.

Modern minimalist fence

If you don’t want to be complicated with the fence business but still want satisfying results. You can apply a modern minimalist model to your fence. Modern minimalist fences have a loose iron trellis model and can show the front side of the house.

This fence inspiration is perfect for residential owners who want security in their homes without having to make them feel afraid. In addition, you can also show the beauty of the main building and the boundaries between your residence and the surrounding area. Then, if you want the exterior design of your house to look aesthetically pleasing and majestic, you can paint the fence black. That way, the beauty of a minimalist fence design looks more prominent.

Fence gray color combination of wood

Gray is one of the minimalist color characters. Then, always used by many people. So one of the color choices for a calm, harmonious home fence is gray combined with wood material. Therefore, many people choose neutral colors like this because they don’t want to look tacky and flashy. To make it look more harmonious, combine the gray color with the color of the wood to make it look more beautiful. Then, to look aesthetic, display decorative lights on the fence wall. That way, the exterior design of your home will look artistic. If you have a minimalist model house, this fence design can be your inspiration.

House with black paint fence

You can see the exterior of the house with a black iron fence looks beautiful and charming. As we know, one of the colors that is often used for iron fences is black because this color looks majestic. Especially if the roof of the house has the same color, it can be a tip for choosing the color of the fence.

We know the natural concept of the fence can not only be obtained by using wood materials only. You can give a natural impression to your home by installing a fence made of natural stone combined with sturdy and durable iron material.

Although it does not have a variety of motifs, natural stone still has an artistic impression because of its wavy and unique surface. If mixed and matched proportionally, a fence made of natural stone material may be the main attraction of the occupied dwelling. However, natural stone motifs must match the fence model.

White painted wooden fence

Whitewood fences are in great demand by homeowners because white can make a minimalist home look spacious and beautiful. Therefore, a white wooden fence like this looks classic. But many people design a fence like this because it looks bright. In addition, the white fence is also suitable to be applied to a minimalist home.

Striking color choices

A house fence with a white exposed brick design is very suitable to be combined with a red wooden fence. By combining colors like this picture, your home will be easily recognized by your friends. In addition, it can make the house look unique and attractive. The combination of red and white does not look too similar, but the main point of interest is that the identity of your home is known to people more quickly. If you are still in doubt, please give it a try!

A charming combination of brown color with exposed brick

Having a beautiful fence is everyone’s dream. The fence of the house above combines brown with exposed bricks and wood. A good fence paint color combination is to combine a not-too-bright brown gradation with exposed bricks. To look more attractive, you can design the front of the fence with white coral, ornamental plants, and green grass. That way, the design of the front area of ​​your house design will look aesthetic and natural. We hope this fence design can be an inspiration for you.

Combination of concrete and iron

Almost everyone likes to design their house with concrete and iron fence because it looks more sturdy and majestic. The color of the iron fence is safer if you are designed with black, while the color of the concrete with white.
The combination of two different materials and different colors makes the house exterior look cooler. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can decorate the front of the fence with some ornamental plants and the path with concrete. That way, the exterior house design will look more beautiful and charming.

Fence design with concrete original color

The color of the fence that shows exposed gray concrete can make your home look magnificent such as the architectural design of a concrete house. A house with a contemporary architectural design or also a modern minimalist can be designed with an exposed concrete fence like this.

As you know, concrete material is often considered stiff and unattractive to be used as a house fence. However, with a little combination of natural wood materials, concrete fences can give an accent to the house exterior and make the house look more luxurious. That way, the appearance of your home will look natural and attractive. Then your fence will become the center of attention of passers-by in front of it.

The combination of natural stone and vines

If your fence has made of natural stone with natural colors, you can combine the design with vines. Vines can be a natural partition so that the house looks more private looking from the outside the house. But don’t forget, you must take care of it so that your vines still look neat. Then the fence looks more attractive and beautiful. Then to look more attractive, you can combine the vines on the fence with trees. That way, the front view of your house will feel shady.

Expanded Fence

Expanded is a steel sheet that is slashed and then pulled so that it stretches and forms holes with a certain mesh size. In addition to having a unique appearance, expanded fences can also make the exterior of your home look more aesthetic.

For your information, Expanded is made of homogeneous materials, making it not only strong but also durable. Therefore, it is not surprising that expanded is one of the most widely used materials for house fence designs. To make it look more attractive, you can paint your fence white. That way, the minimalist impression will be even stronger.

Minimalist iron trellis fence

It’s not strange anymore, may be you always heard of minimalist iron bars used for securing windows and doors. This material is not only suitable for windows and doors. But minimalist iron trellis also can be used for house fences. This design looks simple but is suitable for modern to minimalist style homes.

In addition, this type of fence is suitable for medium to large minimalist homes. Besides having good durability, an iron trellis fence also has an attractive appearance. To make it look more beautiful, you can paint this trellis fence in black combined with a gold color profile. That way, the appearance of your house will look more luxurious.

Luxury iron fence

The combination of light natural stone and dark iron fences makes the house exterior look more manly and luxurious. The inspiration above is indeed visible natural stones arranged randomly on the pillars of the fence. However, you can’t ignore the fence model as above.

For a minimalist home, iron fences cannot be decorated with too many threads or additional decorations. These decorations will fade the value of minimalism and make the house look inclined to adopt a classic design. Therefore, the inspiration for the iron fence model above is suitable for an industrialist-style home that does not deviate far from a minimalist design. To make it look more beautiful, you can design the area around the fence with beautiful flowers. That way, it will make you and your family happier.

Tightened iron fence

If the previous design made the house look more flexible, this time, the fence model will create a closed feel. You can see in the picture above the fence is strung from iron trellises which design neatly and tightly. This design provides a sense of security and privacy for those in need. Then, this minimalist iron fence model is always combined with other materials such as natural stone or concrete. But to combine it, you have to match the color of your fence with the natural stone that will be installed to make it look harmonious. That way, the exterior of your home will be pleasing to the eye. Happy decorating!

Black and white iron fence

In addition to the vertical fence design, you can choose a horizontal fence. The horizontally arranged trellis makes the house look spacious because the fence model looks shorter. You can also select more than one color for the fence. But keep in mind, because the concept that is carried is titled minimalism, make sure the color matches the paint outside the house. Then, to make it look more attractive, design the fence pillars with marble motif tiles, ceramic floors, and decorative fence lights. That way, the front of your house looks luxurious and attractive.

Vertical iron fence

The design of the iron fence above has been built in line with the model of the house. The bars are not only visible on the front of the house but also on the window coverings. This combination of vertical and horizontal forms gives a unique accent to the house. Not to mention the selection of monochrome colors which is one of the characteristics of a minimalist home, makes the home design look modern and minimalist.

Then, to look more harmonious, you can design a fence wall with white color, while the fence is black. The combination of these two colors still displays a minimalist design. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Character iron fence

The last fence design is a character fence design. If you want a more cheerful and unique home appearance, you can make this minimalist iron fence the most appropriate choice for your home. This iron fence has made with cast iron railings with perforated parts. Then, the section is shaped just like the pattern of a fire flower eruption can make the people fun. With this design, your fence will look beautiful and unique. If you are happy with a fence model like this, don’t forget to paint the fence wall with white and black fence iron. Happy decorating!

4. Conclusion

The fence of the house often escapes the attention of homeowners. This section has a considerable influence so that the design of the house looks beautiful and charming even though it has not seen the interior.

For that, if you want to give an aesthetic, luxurious, attractive impression to your home, choose the best fence model in harmony with the concept of your home. That way, your dream of having an aesthetic and luxurious home can be realized. But you must adjust the minimalist fence model you choose with the existing budget. Hopefully, this article can be used for you. Happy decorating!


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