1. Overview of industrial design

Modern industrial interior design is a matter of striking a balance between an appearance that looks raw and exposed structural elements with an elegant look. Then, to look different and unique, this design requires a lot of courage. Then, to display something that looks different you can choose from unique interior concepts.

For your information, modern industrial design is about exploitation, in a positive sense. Then, almost all the elements and design elements that are usually not shown in this design has shown. Therefore, these designs are lovely by young people who are happy with creativity.

2. The origins of industrial design

If you like masculine or unfinished designs, you can bring industrial concepts or designs to your home. This design focuses on a factory-style design that features exposed brick material that looks unfinished. This architectural style initially began to penetrate interior design due to the number of former factory buildings that were no longer used. Later, this factory has converted into a comfortable residence without losing its original character.

This is what makes industrial style synonymous with monochromatic and masculine colors. In addition, the materials used also tend to be rough, such as metal and steel are deliberately exposed to show their original character. Let’s first get to know the characteristics of modern industry below.

3. Get to know the modern industry

In modern industrial design, structural elements are turned into displays, into decorations although the appearance looks unfinished but very cohesive. It is the character of industrial design. Then, the industrial interior style itself was born from the need to convert an old building as a factory or an old barn into a very conducive and comfortable residence or place to live. Therefore, designing such an old building demonstrates technical ingenuity.

Industrial interior design allows you to mix raw structural materials with subtle ones for a sleek and modern look with vintage accents. Then, when combined with the typical elements of modern design, the industrial style looks more attractive, especially visually. That is why, modern industrial interior design style is a matter of balancing the raw and exposed appearance of the structural elements of a building that blends perfectly with the elegant appearance of a modern, stylish phase. Then gave birth to a unique, different, and very distinctive appearance.

4. Characteristics of Industrial Design Style

The industrial-style interior looks visually firm from the ceiling. The open ceiling shows structural elements to be a very prominent feature and shows the appearance of a space that looks very attractive. Of course, this is the hallmark of this interior design style. As you can see, the plumbing in the ceiling displays a distinctive and unique visual dimension that is not seen in other interior concepts.

5. Attractive modern industrial interior design

Considering the interior of a house, apartment, office, or cafe, in order to have an industrial-style appearance, you can start by understanding and recognizing the elements of industrial design that are commonly used. In addition, modern industrial interior design has very different characteristics from most other interior styles. Of course, this interior style pairs “raw” materials with those that are subtle, sleek, vintage, or even classic.

Perabotan dan aksesori yang biasanya digunakan biasanya memiliki permukaan yang kasar, berbahan metal atau kayu alami. Oleh karena itu, unsur desain industrial bisa terlihat sangat vintage, dan akan tampak sangat bagus ketika diimbangi dengan perlengkapan-perlengkapan modern.

o basically, to achieve a modern industrial-style interior appearance, you have to combine old and new elements. But that does not mean just juxtaposing and combining at will. You must understand very well what characterizes each style. So the conclusion is combining industrial style with modern can make the best way to achieve a very special space appearance.

6. Industrial design ideas and inspiration

You may be bored with the design of your home that displays that’s all. Therefore, in this review, we want to share ideas and inspiration on how to create a different atmosphere in your home. By founding the best ideas and inspiration, your home interior design will look aesthetic and attractive. That way, you and your family will be more comfortable at home. For that, follow our review below!

Exposed roof design

In this style, the columns or roof structures are more often left clearly visible. Some may be finished, but most are left unfinished. This open roof shows the structural elements of the house’s interior and makes it look more attractive. Then, the appearance of the pipeline or building framework on the ceiling makes it a unique feature of this interior design.

Then to look more attractive, you can add antique sofas, classic furniture models, antique decorative lamps, and old-fashioned accessories displayed on the sideboard. With this arrangement, the living room design looks more aesthetic and unique.

Kitchen with exposed brick wall design

This kitchen design looks antique and unique. This kitchen design is one of the most prominent characteristics of industrial interiors that use brick walls. The appearance of the bricks is left exposed and visible. Some bricks are painted in bright colors.

In addition to bricks, you can also use wood or concrete as an alternative to the walls. To make it look more attractive, you can add hanging decorative lights above the dining table and chairs, place a gray sofa, and complete the kitchen with a kitchen set. That way, your kitchen design looks more beautiful and fun.

Bedroom design in dark colors

Industrial-style design concepts usually always use dark colors, monochrome, or earth colors such as wood brown, gray, brick red, dull green, and black. But this is not absolute, you can also mix it with other colors such as mustard, navy blue, or even rose gold. These bright colors can be separate accents for an industrial room that looks gloomy.

However, to look more attractive, you can complete the bedroom with wall paintings, bedroom accessories, spotlights on the ceiling, and antique beds. Do not forget for your entertainment, complete with television. That way, your bedroom design will feel comfortable.

Dining room design with hardwood floors

A dining room with an industrial design concept avoids using granite or ceramic floors because it doesn’t look like an industrial style. Well! industrial houses mostly use wood or parquette floors, plaster, concrete, and cement.

The rough-looking impression, imperfections, and patches of these materials give this style its beauty. Then, to look more attractive, you can add a classic dining table and chairs, spotlights on the ceiling, floor rugs, and vintage-style knick-knacks. That way, your dining room design will look aesthetic and attractive.

Workspace design with industrial lighting

You can design the workspace in the house in an industrial style. Then, to look cool, use lights that seem industrial. Use these lamps range from the use of fluorescent lamps to chandeliers that are often used in factories. You can use a chandelier that is painted with porcelain colors that use an aluminum cover because this design is very thick with lights from old factories.

Then, to make your workspace look more attractive, add classic-style tables and chairs, unique wall paintings, wooden wall hangings, and classic wall shelves. That way, the design of your workspace will feel more comfortable. Then make you more excited to get the job done.

Living room design with steel

One design that is not owned by other designs is an industrial design using steel. Steel material is one of the characteristics of industrial design. This material was originally adopted from industrial factories and was later adopted into the industrial design for the living room of the house.

That way, you will easily find poles or beams that use steel material. This steel material never bothered to hide in the wall and was left exposed in the room. To look more beautiful, add an industrial touch to this steel with a sofa set, metal shelves, table lamps, and floor rugs. That way, your living room design will look unique and antique.

Upcycle and recycle material design bedroom

Upcycle and recycling materials have always been the main characteristics of industrial buildings. What’s the difference? Upcycle has used goods that are modified to be new, while recycling is the process of recycling used goods for reuse.

Therefore, you can use these materials to add to the industrial atmosphere at home. For example, used pipes, used cabinets, iron boxes, mechanical devices, or other objects. The strong construction of this material is very suitable to be used as creative and unique furniture. To make it look more attractive, you can add spotlights mounted on the ceiling, decorative standing lamps, bed lamps, classic wooden beds, lounge chairs, and classic work desks. That way, your bedroom will feel comfortable.

Large window design

Industrial interior design always has good lighting during the day because of the large windows. This window is useful for entering light into an industrial design house that seems dark and gloomy.

At night, you can use a dimly lit spotlight for highlights details of equipment such as tables, chairs, walls, and more. To make it look more attractive, add bright color sofa sets, classic wooden tables, classic dining tables and chairs, and industrial-style wall hangings. That way, your living room design will look aesthetic and charming.

7. Conclusion

Industrial design has always been a concern for many peoples. This design has a considerable influence, so the house’s interior design looks beautiful and unique.

For that, if you want to give an aesthetic, luxurious, comfortable, and attractive impression to your home interior, choose an industrial design with the best design and in harmony with the concept of your home interior. That way, your dream of having a luxurious and comfortable house can come true. Hopefully, this article can be used for you. Happy decorating!


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