1. Overview of the interior of the house

Almost everyone wants their home interior design to look beautiful and charming. Especially for those who have a small house. Of course, they want their home interior design to look beautiful and aesthetic. As we know, room design functions so that space doesn’t feel cramped and messy.

This design is different from the room which has a large size. A large room needs to be arranged. So that the aesthetics of the room is created and make the interior design of the house feels comfortable. Organizing a spacious room is different from a limited size. In this room, you can freely express your decor and furniture choices. But to arrange it, you need to consider it carefully so that it feels homey.

2. Choose the right design

If you want to choose a home interior design, you have to consider it properly. Redecorating and renovating rooms in the house is a fun activity because it can change the atmosphere of the dwelling to be more comfortable.

We understand that every room in the house is more important and should not be ignored. Moreover, the living room is one of the important ones. This room is mostly used for family gathering activities. Therefore, redecorating the living room to make it more aesthetic and comfortable is the thing to do. To make the occupants more comfortable in this room. If you want to decorate or renovate the living room at home, we review attractive home interior design ideas and inspiration.

3. Attractive home interior ideas and inspiration

If you live in a country with a tropical climate, you will feel uncomfortable with hot weather every day. Therefore, home interior design ideas and inspiration must also be by the summer interior concept to stay comfortable in hot weather.

We know most people usually prefer to use Air conditioners or AC to reduce the heat. In fact, with a few simple tricks, you can also keep the atmosphere of the house cool and fresh. Therefore, let’s look at some ideas and inspiration below. Hopefully, it suits your taste. Welcome to our review!

Adjust air circulation

A comfortable and clean home design can make you healthy. Therefore, create a good air circulation system in your house by maximizing openings. As you can see, the interior design of the room above is not only as access in and out of the family. However, the door can also function as a pathway for fresh air to enter the house.

But if you open doors will create a flow of fresh air and can easily be in the house. In addition, to the door of the house, it is also recommended to open windows regularly in the morning and evening. But If you can apply it, of course, fresh air circulation will be maximized. Then, it makes the atmosphere in your home clean and comfortable.

High ceiling with wood elements

If you have ever stayed in a house with wooden elements in a mountainous area. You will definitely feel cooler when you are in it. This is because the wood element can make the room feel cooler in hot weather. Then, make the house warmer when the weather is cold. In addition, wood is also known for its strength because it can last for years. Therefore, wood is very appropriate for those of you who want to make a house that is thick with a natural atmosphere.

To make this look even more real, you can make a high ceiling out of wood. Then, add hanging decorative lights, guest chairs for you to relax, guest tables to put drinks, floor rugs, television for entertainment, and antique knick-knacks. With this arrangement, the interior of your living room design will feel cool and comfortable.

Elegant modern room interior

If you are very busy in your office and do not have time to arrange the interior of the living room. You can make this living room design inspiration for the right choice. With an arrangement like this, you no longer need to redesign your living room because this design looks complete.

Designs like this are closely related to modern and elegant minimalist concepts. Choosing furniture like in the picture can make your living room look elegant and attractive. The selection of white and black accessories can make the living room look artistic. Then, to look beautiful, this room is decorated with a buffet designed on the wall and spotlights mounted on the ceiling. So that makes this living room look elegant.

Create a cozy and warm atmosphere

We know that not everyone likes the concept of a modern living room that seems too futuristic and contemporary. Sometimes, the concept of a traditional living room feels more comfortable and soothing. To describe the atmosphere of a beautiful and elegant home, you can put a comfortable sofa set, a guest table, and some patterned sofa cushions to make it seem homier.

Then this room looks bright and healthy, you can design a large glass window. That way, your living room will easily get natural sunlight. In addition, large windows can make the atmosphere of the room feel warmer. Therefore, the minimalist interior inspiration above is perfect for those of you who crave the feel of a bright and comfortable living room.

Narrow living room design with large windows

If you don’t feel free to decorate the living room, you can imitate the design of the image above. This design looks simple but looks elegant. By arranging a letter L sofa, glass table, lounge chairs, and patterned sofa cushions, your living room looks elegant and attractive.

Then, to look more attractive, you can add floor rugs with colorful motifs, ornamental plants in pots, and wall paintings. By arranging a living room like this, you will feel comfortable and at home. Most importantly, the key to designing a space like this is the right window and furniture design. Do not forget to install curtains in a color that matches the interior of the room.

Semi-outdoor living room

Having an elegant narrow living room design is the dream of a minimalist homeowner. By designing a unique and different atmosphere, you are more confident to accept guests. Therefore, this semi-outdoor living room inspiration can be the right choice to be used as a living room.

Like the picture above, a semi-outdoor living room is not a bad idea, but if it is accompanied by careful execution and planning, this living room will look elegant. Then, to look more aesthetic, you can put a long blue sofa, guest table, floral sofa cushions, wall paintings, short buffets under the television, floor rugs, and ornamental plant pots so it doesn’t look monotonous. That way, your minimalist narrow living room looks beautiful and comfortable.

Adding a natural feel to the living room

This family room design looks elegant and brings a natural impression. A design like this is not bad idea for those of you who like natural nuances as an interior complement. In addition, this design also uses wood elements as in the picture above. So it looks artistic and unique.

Then to look aesthetic family room, you can add a sofa set to sit with your family, an antique bench model table, colorfully patterned sofa cushions, decorative lamps for lighting at night, and a floor rug in the same color as the sofa. To add to the warmer atmosphere, you can decorate the walls with wood and the family room floor with wooden ceramic motifs. With this arrangement, your living room design will look rustic. Then, make you and your family feel.

Elegant big family room

This family room design looks elegant. This way to fill a large family room is to adjust the distance between the placement of the furniture. What you need to pay attention to when arranging this space you have to attach some furniture to the wall. But for this spacious family room, there’s nothing wrong with placing furniture in the middle of the room that functions as a partition.

By placing it in the middle of the room, you can make the dining room.. To make it look complete, you can add a sofa set to sit with your family while watching entertainment on television, put decorative lights as lighting at night, and a table to place drinks. Meanwhile, the space behind the partition and you place the dining table and chairs. That way, you build an intimate impression of family members.

Room for family entertainment

If you want to make your family atmosphere more intimate, you can create a room for family entertainment. Even though your space doesn’t look as spacious as a cinema, in this simple room you can gather together while watching entertainment from your home theater.

For a more pleasant impression, you can add a minimalist soft sofa and some lounge chairs. Then, add some artistic tables to add to the atmosphere of the room to be warm. Don’t forget to add decorative lights and arrange the carpet in a color that matches the sofa. Then, to look like a home theater, you can design a wall with lacquered wood. That way the design of your family entertainment room will look aesthetic.

Living room and dining room next to the garden

This one living room design looks multifunctional. A beautiful living room and a comfortable dining room blend into one. Then this room has been designed with large glass windows overlooking the garden. So it makes the atmosphere feel more fun and not boring.

But to make it look more perfect, you can add a minimalist white sofa set, shelves designed on the wall, attractive knick-knacks, a television for entertainment, floor rugs in colors that match the sofa, and beautiful potted ornamental plants. As for the dining room, you can add a long table, some chairs, tablecloths and wall paintings. To make it look more harmonious, adjust the color of the dining chairs to the color that matches the sofa set. With this arrangement, your multifunctional room will look perfect.

Close the window with curtains

The living room design with glass can make the room look elegant. In addition, this material can also be a good heat conductor. Most of the heat in the house during the day comes from the windows. Therefore, to reduce the heat that spreads on your glass windows, install curtains to close them during the day.

By leaving it closed, the sun’s heat can be reflected outside so the temperature in the living room cools. Then, the living room still looks beautiful and enchanting, you can arrange a minimal sofa set in bright colors, blue guest chairs, rattan chairs to make it look natural, patterned sofa cushions, beautiful wall paintings, floor rugs, and some green ornamental plants so that fresh eyes look. In this design, your living room will make you and your family cheerful and healthy.

Use neutral colors to make it look spacious

The living room has an important role in building the first impression because this is the first room that people who visit your home see. But, if your living room area is limited. For that, you don’t need to worry, by utilizing some elegant small living room design tips, your living room will look more classy.

The trick is that you can use neutral colors to make your living room look spacious. In addition, neutral colors also tend to be easy to adjust or in other words can blend in with any furniture color. To look more harmonious with the interior of the room, you can add a minimalist sofa set, lounge chairs, and floor rugs with colors that match the interior of the room. Then, to make it look more attractive, add black decorative lamps, unique glass tables, wooden tables, antique hanging lamps, and some ornamental plants. That way, the interior of your living room design will look luxurious.

4. Conclusion

Those are some designing and arranging the living room and family room to make them feel homier and cozy. Therefore, you can also design your room by looking at our reviews above. Hopefully, you will get more interior design inspiration for your home and can make your home interior design look aesthetic, beautiful, attractive, and comfortable. Happy decorating!


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