1. Minimalist fish pond

Beautiful minimalist homes design generally have limited land. But this is not a reason for us can not to decorate it then to make it look more attractive. Therefore, you must be smart to design it. One of the things that makes this house look beautiful and comfortable is making a fish pond with the remaining land. In this way, you can entertain yourself and your family.

Fish ponds besides functioning to maintain our favorite ornamental fish, the fish ponds can also beautify the house. Other functions such as self-relaxation tools because the sound of gurgling water from the pool can make us calm. For that, let’s look at the ideas and designs of minimalist fish ponds for you to apply to your home.

2. Ide dan desain

If you are an ornamental fish lover, you will definitely feel dissatisfied if your residence does not have a fish pond. Fish ponds are usually used as a place of relaxation by watching the fish swimming in the pond. Therefore, the minimalist fish pond design is the design most in demand by homeowners.

We know that fish is one of the most popular pets to keep at home. Therefore, an aquarium or fish pond is the main choice as a place to keep them. If you have narrow land, you can make a beautiful minimalist fish pond, even if it’s small. In addition, making a fish pond with a minimalist design is not difficult. You can take advantage of the available land area. Then, create the land into a beautiful pond for your favorite fish.

3. Make sure you know the size and design

Before making a minimalist fish pond, you must pay attention to the size. As far as we know, the standard fish pond is about 2×1.5 m. Here’s what we can recommend. Then, apart from the shape, you must pay attention, such as round or rectangular models. But if you want to make a beautiful, you must adjust the design of the fish pond that you will make with the available land in your home and fill the water that you will fill in your fish pond to make it more beautiful.

4. Examples of attractive designs

After determining the location and size, the next step is to design the fish pond model. The fish pond design must consider the spacious area, the surrounding environment, and what types of fish you want to keep. In addition, you can also consider incorporating plants and water stones into the design to beautify the fish pond. Therefore, let’s review some design examples below. Hopefully, one of the designs to your taste. Welcome to our review.

Elongated fish pond

The concept of a slender and elongated fish pond design is perfect for you to make at the back or side of the house. With a slim and long size, it is not difficult for you to decorate it. With this shape, you can add aesthetic elements of natural stone to the pool walls. Then, add wall accessories made of clay.

So that it is not easy for moss to grow, choose a natural stone of natural color. Then, clean it periodically. With a design like this, your fish pond will look natural. To make you relax, add a chair beside the pool. That way, you will be entertained by your favorite fish.

Fish pond design sewer model

Having a minimalist home design with a simple concept makes you have to design it. You can make a fish pond with an elongated ditch model to save space. By utilizing a small land space for your fish pond, you can entertain yourself at any time by watching your pet fish swim.

Sewer model fish ponds like the picture above, do not require a large area. You can make it with a simple concept. Then, add a river stone ornament at the bottom of the pond. To add to the uniqueness, additional fountains on the walls of the pool. Then, adjust the distance of the fountain so that your fish pond design looks aesthetic.

Utilizing the home terrace as a fish pond

The next fish pond concept is a neatly arranged natural stone model. For little land houses, this model is perfect for your home. Besides being used for a garden, your terrace will look like a mini garden. The combination of a mini garden and a fish pond will look more attractive and have a naturalistic impression. With an arrangement like this, the fish pond design behind your house will look natural. Then to make you happy, add chairs and a round table on the terrace to make you feel more comfortable enjoying your pet fish. That way, you can enjoy your favorite fish while feeding it.

Fish pond with a natural feel

Having a minimalist home design with natural nuances is very pleasant. That way you can enjoy clean air that makes you healthy. With natural nuances like this, you don’t have to bother designing the house land. You can simply add a fish pond to make the scene look perfect.

Then, to make you comfortable, calm, and healthy, we recommend a fish pond model like in the mountains. This pond design looks very attractive. With ornamental plants that grow around the pool area, make you feel at home in this place. Then to make it look perfect, you can add a fountain with a container of rocks in the middle. That way, your fish pond design will look more aesthetic and fun. Happy decorating!

The area behind the house is a fish pond

Every house must have empty land when you buy it. If you have empty land behind the house, you can use that land for fish ponds. This concept is indeed anti-mainstream because fish ponds seem exclusive.

This concept doesn’t cost much. Like a fish pond in general, it’s just that you need to add a footrest ornament as circulation. In addition, the natural stone and plants beside the wall add a fresh and cold impression. Then you can also add a few pots of ornamental plants. So the fish pond area is pleasing to the eye. Then, you can put on a patio chair to relax while feeding fish. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for your home.

Fish pond with a touch of plant decoration

If you are bored with fish pond designs that are just like that. You can add plants that can beautify the fish pond. Then, to look more natural, you can add potted plants or small trees that can also make it a home garden. That way, you can do two activities at the same time, namely raising fish and gardening. To care for your favorite fish, clean your fish pond regularly. But do not disturb the comfort of your fish because it can result in death.

Fish pond corner of the house

An aesthetic and charming home design is everyone’s dream. To realize that dream, you must be good at designing your home. One way is to create an attractive fish pond. This design can make you more comfortable because you can be entertained by the fish in your pond.

Therefore, the place we recommend is to make a pond in the corner of the house. In this way, you can save space. Then, the exterior of your house will look more attractive. By placing it in the corner of your home, the atmosphere will be more pleasant. For a more natural look, add natural stones and some plants to make your fish pond design look more beautiful.

Combination of glass and natural stone

We know that people’s tastes are different. To design a fish pond, they have their own way. As you can see in this picture, the combination of natural stone and glass can produce an elegant minimalist fish pond. By providing glass in the front area of ​​the fish pond, you can immediately see fish swimming, gathering, and playing. That way, you can monitor the condition of the pool water through the glass.

This concept is perfect if you add a traditional impression. With this concept, you can also add some lights to the bottom of the fish pond and around the pool so you can enjoy it at night. Happy decorating!

Mini fish pond

Having a minimalist home design should not be an obstacle for you to design a home. There are many ways to make your home beautiful. One way is to design an ornamental fish pond. This concept is very suitable for use in residential areas that do not have a large enough area. Then, you can place it in the garden area behind the house by making a partition from wall tiles and glass.

The design like the picture above doesn’t need a big area because it only uses an area of ​​​​approximately 1 meter to place the mini fish pond. Then, to look more beautiful, add decorative plants and a shower. That way, your fish will be happy to play in this place.

The natural concept with the addition of a waterfall

The concept of this fish pond is the same as the previous concept, but this concept has added a mini waterfall in the fish pond area, your fish will get oxygen bubbles from the waterfall because the water in the pond is moving and not passive like other fish ponds.

In addition, hearing the gurgling sound of water from a pool can make the house atmosphere calm and cozy. If you want to make it, you don’t need a large area because you can design a fish pond close to the wall. Then, make a multilevel fountain element.

Besides that, the splash and sound of a mini waterfall also can make you relax. Designing a minimalist fish pond like this will make you always cheerful. Then, you can also get brilliant inspiration for your business.

Aquarium model fish pond

This fish pond design combines elements of a pond and an aquarium into one. With this concept, you can enjoy fish swimming from two different angles, namely from above and from the middle glass. As you can see, this pool material uses natural stones motif and glass. Then, the surface of this pool is higher than the ground so that the glass can be installed perfectly.

For a more natural look, you can add ornamental plants on the edge of the fish pond. Then, to make you relax, you can design the edge of the kola with stones as your seat when feeding the fish. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for your home.

Design with natural stone elements

The addition of natural stone elements around the pond can make the pond look natural. For concepts like this, you don’t need to bother to add other elements. You just have to choose one of the design aspects to add a natural stone to it. Then, to look fresher, add ornamental plants by the pond. In addition, add a fountain on the pool wall for gathering and playing fish. With a design like this, you will feel comfortable and feel at home in this place while feeding the fish.

Minimalist fish pond with natural decoration

Enjoying the natural scenery can also be done from home. Making a fish pond in a more natural style can make you feel comfortable. The trick is to dig the ground to make a pond, and you can add natural ornaments on the edge of the pond such as stacked river stones, short plants, and a medium-sized tree in the corner of the fish pond.

If you like the soothing sound of gurgling water, you can add a fountain in the middle of the fish pond. By making this way, it will add to the natural atmosphere in your home. That way, the exterior design of your home will look aesthetically pleasing.

Beautify the terrace with a minimalist fish pond

Having a beautiful and aesthetic terrace can make you confident. To welcome guests who come, you can decorate your terrace with a minimalist fish pond. Making a fish pond in front of the house can be adjusted to the existing land.

But if your land is narrow, you can maximize the pool decoration on the wall. To make the fish pond more attractive, you can put an ornamental garden around the fish pond. Then, add patio chairs and a minimalist round table in the fish pond area. That way, the design of your terrace and fish pond will look aesthetic and charming.

Additional attractive waterfall decorations

Presenting a minimalist fish pond with an attractive waterfall is not impossible. The addition of a mini waterfall will make the fish pond look much cooler. This part of the waterfall can be placed on the upper wall of the fish pond. Then, an artificial rock cliff in the corner of the pond. In addition, the sound of gurgling water will sound melodious in your home and make you feel calm.

To make it look perfect, you can add a terrace floor design with ceramic wood motifs. Then add a tree without leaves and ornamental plants on the edge of the fish pond. To add a more comfortable atmosphere, add flower pots to the wall. With an arrangement like this, you will feel comfortable sitting on the edge of the pond while feeding the fish and watching the fish swim. Hopefully, this concept can be an inspiration for your home.

Fish pond in the house

The last fish pond recommendation for you is the fish pond in the Void area of ​​the house. The void area is the empty space in the middle of the room between the upper and lower floors.

The concept of this fish pond is specifically for houses that have two floors. You can take advantage of the empty space in the middle of the room which is usually considered a dead area. For that, if your house has two floors, this concept is perfect for your home. Even though the concept looks simple, these fish ponds bring a fresh atmosphere to the house. To make it look more attractive, add ornamental plants by the pond.

5. Conclusion

Those are some fish pond inspirations that we can explain. Apart from having a nice and beautiful design, you don’t forget to clean the water and the bottom area of ​​the pond so that the fish can be healthy and have a long life.

Designing a minimalist pond design is actually not difficult. You only need to get ideas and design inspiration from this article. Then, modify it according to your wishes and of course the available budget. Hopefully, this design can be useful for you and your family. Have fun creating!


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