1. Overview of the apartment balcony

Apartment housing is now increasingly popular among the younger generation. With a strategic location and complete facilities, this vertical residence located in the middle of the city has become the dream residence of those who work in the city. The demand for apartments needs is increasing every year, forcing many developers to provide luxurious and elegant apartment designs.

We know that luxury apartments have comfortable balcony designs and can be a place for you to relax while unwinding. The difference between a small apartment with a small balcony and a luxury apartment with a larger balcony design can affect your comfort. But you don’t have to worry because a small balcony apartment can be designed beautifully and comfortably.

By designing the balcony as a place to relax, you can spend time sitting on the balcony while looking at the city view. You can also decorate the apartment balcony to look luxurious to make you feel more comfortable. Therefore, let’s review the ideas and inspiration for the balcony design of your luxury apartment below!

2. Balcony design ideas and inspiration

You can make the balcony of a luxury apartment an attractive idea and inspiration. Then, considering that the balcony has an important role in the appearance of a residence. Currently, therefore, many people choose to buy an apartment. By having an apartment, they can go to their work location with easiness. Then, when they relax, they can enjoy the city view from an apartment balcony.

Designing an apartment balcony doesn’t have to be synonymous with just placing a table and a few chairs. With the best planning and forethought, this space can become a favorite place for you and your family to spend time. With your ideas and inspiration, you can make your balcony an aesthetically pleasing place. We know that the balcony plays a role in the appearance of an apartment. But if you want a luxurious and elegant apartment design. Ok! Let’s review some design examples below.

3. Some design examples

The balcony is an attractive spot to relax. So you can take advantage of your free time to breathe fresh air. Having a beautiful outdoor area is everyone’s dream. Especially now that there are many available apartments of various sizes. Then, you can also make the balcony beautiful. Therefore, you can see inspiration and creative ideas below. That way, you can easily make your balcony design look beautiful and elegant. Let’s take a look at the balcony designs below. Welcome to our review.

Balcony bar design

If you want to decorate a balcony with a bar model, you don’t have to worry about making it. You can arrange a wooden table by attaching it to your iron fence. As you can see, this decoration has rarely used by people. But there’s nothing wrong if you create these decorations to make you relaxed and comfortable.

Balcony decoration with this bar model doesn’t spend much cost. You can design it like the table above and attach it to your balcony iron railing. Then, to look beautiful, you can give it a varnish color. Then, place a chair that matches the height of the table. That way, you can relax by drinking coffee while enjoying the city view. Good luck!

Adding a chandelier

If you want to design your balcony to look bright, you can add small touches like lights. By decorating the lights above the apartment balcony, you can make your balcony look artistic. One of the lamps that you can choose is a type of incandescent lamp, a twinkling lamp, or a pendant lamp with a warm color.

Furthermore, if you want to give a more unique balcony look, you can also choose spotlights on the corner of the balcony or on the balcony floor to make it look more futuristic and modern. Lights are indeed able to add to the decoration of the balcony to look more beautiful. Especially for those of you who are able to choose a unique decorative lamp, of course, it will be even more interesting.

Then, the current Tumblr lamp is one of the right choices for a chandelier that makes the balcony of a luxury apartment even cool. In addition, you can also choose a variety of decorative lights to illuminate the balcony and add to the decor of your apartment. Happy designing!

Decorate the bar on the balcony with attractive elements

Another inspiration to make your balcony look more attractive is to add a bar element to the balcony of a luxury apartment. To make it, you only need to install a functional table that is installed in the corner of the apartment balcony. In addition, add a terrace chair with an attractive color such as black and complete with a table.

To add a luxurious impression to your balcony, design a balcony floor with wooden floors. Then, add a hanging spotlight above the bar table. In addition, add a shelf to put a drink bottle on the wall. that way, your bar room design will look aesthetic. Then, you can enjoy the atmosphere of your bar while looking at the city view.

Sky garden balcony

A beautiful garden on a balcony like this looks very different. Providing a small garden on the balcony can be an inspiration that can make the apartment balcony look fresh but still attractive. The sky garden concept is not too complicated to do. You can put various hanging plants in small pots and even vines. Instantly, your balcony will have a natural feel like the mountains.

But to make it, you can’t do it yourself because you have to coordinate with your neighbors. To make it look comfortable, you can also add chairs with wooden elements. That way, you can relax while enjoying the view under the balcony.

Add a sofa and table for you to relax

To make the apartment balcony a favorite spot, you can add sofa furniture with small pillows and a small table to make the apartment balcony even more attractive. With the addition of furniture on the balcony, you will be more comfortable and feel at home with your family.

Most of you probably have a balcony that is so small that it can’t fit a few lounge chairs. For that, don’t worry. You can design it to the fullest and best. To turn it into a lounge and sunbathing area, you can take advantage of this tiny open space to become a private mini garden area. Then, design spotlights on the ceiling to make it look aesthetic. Apart from that, you can also put flower pots in the corners of the balcony and hang the pots on the balcony railing so they are pleasing to the eye. That way, your balcony design will look cozy.

Recommended luxury apartments with balconies

After giving inspiration to the balcony of a luxury apartment. Next, we recommend a simple apartment balcony that can be an imitation for you. This simple apartment balcony is known as one of the residences with an artistic concept. This balcony design has equipped with simple furniture. Then, this balcony has a comfortable impression. So you can enjoy this balcony with your family.

Then, to look more natural, the walls have been designed with exposed bricks and decorated with incandescent lamps. Then, to look green, this wall is also decorated with hanging ornamental plant pots. But If you want to make the atmosphere warmer, add sofa cushions and a green carpet floor. With this arrangement, your balcony design will look more futuristic.

Balcony with a small sofa and attractive knick-knacks

The next comfortable apartment balcony decoration is by placing a small sofa. The sofa can make you relax when you are with your family. For that, you can choose a sofa that is beautiful, unique, and looks different. So it won’t make the room full. However, the balcony view will look more luxurious and modern.

You also can choose a neutral-colored sofa such as white, gray, or beige. You can complete the balcony decoration with a small table and decorative plants. Then, you can add decorative lights on the walls, black iron flower pot racks, and decorative lights. So you can enjoy a modern impression and fresh air. Hopefully, this design can be your inspiration.

Beautiful garden design

The balcony of a luxury apartment is indeed an open space that you can use for various needs. A comfortable balcony must have a beautiful garden. The garden is not only from ornamental plants or flowers. You can also combine beautiful furniture with some ornamental plants so that it looks like a beautiful balcony garden. This place can be a place to relax while enjoying warm coffee in the morning and evening.

Then, to look fresher eye view, use ornamental plants with beautiful pots and unique shapes. So the balcony feels more natural nuances. Even the air also feels with views of the beautiful apartment area. You can also choose plants to place in the corners of the apartment balcony. So that the balcony of the luxury apartment looks elegant in this interesting spot.

Balcony as living room

Having a beautiful and complete balcony can be used as a substitute for a living room. Having a balcony like this picture can be a pleasure in itself because this place can be a space for gathering, resting, and relaxing while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views from the balcony of the apartment.

Currently, many apartment owners design their balconies to be a place to relax and release their stress. Some people like this place because it can provide a different atmosphere. As reported by Homedesignlover, the balcony can be designed in such a way as to make it look attractive and feel comfortable. From this place, you can enjoy a fireplace that can warm your body in cold weather. Then, you can enjoy views of the mountains, the city, and the beautiful evening sky. This design makes you feel at home in the apartment.

Luxurious balcony with a touch of green

Using wood-based materials for floors, walls and chairs make the balcony look neater and more natural. By giving a touch of green in some corners of the terrace, it can make this place look fresher and more natural. For you to relax, you can put some chairs and tables. That way, you can enjoy food and drink while looking at the amazing city views.

To look more attractive, you can add synthetic grass and ornamental plants that vines on the wall. By adding synthetic grass decorations such as carpets, decorative lights, and some relaxing sofas. Your balcony design will look like a garden and cozy.

Beautiful minimalist balcony

This minimalist balcony is designed so beautifully and neatly. By giving a touch of gray to the floor and furniture. The appearance of this balcony looks elegant. From this place, you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere while looking at the scenery outside the apartment. To not be too boring, you can add ornamental plants to the pot. That way, your minimalist balcony design will look aesthetic and beautiful.

Balcony design with colorful sofa and trees

Choosing a colorful sofa color design such as green, yellow, and orange, and combining it with plants in green, makes the atmosphere look brighter and more colorful. If you can’t stand the hot sun, use a large umbrella that can protect you from the hot sun.

This chair, which is designed with the letter L and made of wood, is suitable for gathering with friends or family. Then, to look cooler, you can add a round table, yellow umbrellas, and some trees and ornamental plants. This arrangement makes this place livelier and feels fresh.

Balcony design with all wood

If you live in a city filled with trees, making a balcony is the right choice because you can enjoy a beautiful view of green trees and refresh your eyes. Then, To be more comfortable, use furniture made from wood to add a natural impression while in it.

The balcony of this apartment has enough space to add a sofa as a place to relax. You don’t need to worry because you can make comfortable seating involving bean bags. A bean bag like this is ideal for relaxing. Then to feel cozier, you can add white sofa cushions and a lounge chair and table. That way, you can relax with your family while enjoying the beautiful city views.

Decorate with patterned and textured embellishments

If you want a narrow balcony atmosphere that looks luxurious and comfortable. You can involve patterned or textured elements in the balcony interior such as patterned carpets and pillows. Then, to look more natural, you can design a balcony wall with exposed brick. Then, put some ornamental plants so that your eyes look fresh. Don’t forget to add a bright-colored rug for a more elegant look. With this arrangement, your balcony design looks like a beautiful and unique bohemian design.

The right lighting and romantic

If you want to make the atmosphere warmer, more intimate, and more romantic at night, you need to add beautiful and attractive lighting on the balcony. Candles and Tumblr lights are perfect for a balcony design like this one.

Then for more romantic, you can provide additional lighting. As a reference, you also can look for a variety of other beautiful lights such as string lights, lanterns, or led string lights. This type of lamp can be wrapped around a balcony railing or left hanging from the ceiling. Then, add a sofa and table for you to relax and enjoy the view while drinking warm tea at night. Don’t forget to add some pretty little flower pots to make it more romantic to sit with your partner. That way, your apartment design will look aesthetic and artistic.


Those are some tips for arranging an apartment balcony that we can explain. Then, to make it a comfortable place to relax, you must design it properly. Therefore, we provide some examples of apartment balconies that can be an inspiration for your apartment. We hope our review above can make your balcony design look aesthetic, beautiful, comfortable, and attractive. Hopefully, this design can be useful for you and your family. Happy decorating!


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