1. Overview of the apartment balcony

For those of you who live in one apartment, you don’t have land as you live at home. But you can make it by using the balcony in the apartment as your place to relax and rest. Indeed, having a balcony the answer is important because this area can be a fun place for you to spend quality time with your partner, family, friends, or yourself. It’s just that, to be comfortable, of course, the design must also be made comfortable.

Then, to design a comfortable minimalist balcony, you can create a shady open space. Then, don’t put too much furniture that makes your balcony not space-saving and even looks cramped. Then, you also don’t need to be confused about how to create a cozy balcony for relaxing. Therefore, follow our discussion below regarding the inspiration for pleasant balcony design.

2. Fun design inspiration

Talking about balconies, we would like to offer ideas and inspiration for the best balcony designs with lush and sunlit views. As far as we know, the balcony is the same size as the terrace. Therefore, you can design an apartment balcony with a wooden or ceramic deck protected by an awning, subtle lighting, and lots of greenery. Of course, this makes it the perfect place to enjoy lunch over coffee in the morning.

The beautiful balcony has designed to be able to enjoy the open air. Therefore, it must have a chic and multifunctional look and be comfortable to use. Equipment such as tables and benches in this design serves as a dining and drinking room that couples often use to enjoy the outdoors while enjoying the beautiful weather all year round. We hope this review can be an inspiration for you.

3. Some examples of interesting balconies

Having a balcony in an apartment is very lucky because it has one of the most sought-after spots in vertical housing. As far as we know, many balconies are just enough to put a lot of furniture. Although, in the end, only used as a clothesline or a place to put plants. Even though the apartment balcony must be created with the best design, and can use as a place for enjoying every day. For that, we want to provide some examples of beautiful and fun balcony designs for you to have fun it. For that, let’s discuss the pictures below. Welcome to our review.

Balcony framing stunning views


The balcony framing the stunning view is an expansive view. In some mountainside houses, many owners make a balcony like a living room with a spectacular view. In addition, it has decorated minimalist but still elegant. Then, to look more attractive, complete the balcony with patio chairs, tables, and ornamental plants. That way, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

A country balcony that feels like a private garden


The rustic balcony design idea features wooden benches and has decorated with tropical greenery, a wooden center table, and stone and wood floors. This bacon design not only provides a comfortable and calm look and atmosphere like in a rural area but also a beautiful private garden. That way, the balcony will feel like a private place to relax.

Minimalist sofa design balcony


Having a beautiful minimalist balcony can make you happy because you can relax in this place. If you have a balcony like this, you don’t have to look for a place to relax. But to keep it looking attractive, don’t design with excessive furniture. Therefore, you can make it with two minimalist wooden chairs covered with foam and a wooden table. But do not forget to make a high fence. So as not to harm your child. That way, you can relax while enjoying your balcony while drinking coffee in the afternoon.

Swing as a balcony design


Decorating the balcony is not only with beautiful furniture and accessories. You must be looking for a different atmosphere for your place to relax with your family. Therefore, placing a swing bench in this place will make a different atmosphere. But still aesthetic.

To make it look more beautiful, you can decorate the balcony wall with beautiful accessories, then place ornamental plant pots on the side of the swing. But do not forget to make a high iron fence. So as not to endanger your family. With a design like this, your minimalist balcony will be more beautiful. Then, it makes you more comfortable relaxing in a cozy swing seat.

Balcony with ornamental plant design


If you want to make a minimalist home balcony that is fun and comfortable for work, you only need to place a pair of metal chairs that are comfortable to sit on. Then, bring some ornamental plants. However, don’t just place these plants in one balcony area, you have to place them in several corners so that your balcony feels cool. So, you can feel fresher when working and more enthusiastic.

So that the plants on your balcony don’t look messy, use a plant rack. A tower model vertical plant rack that can fit six pots above can be the right choice. Then, place shelves on one side of the balcony wall. While the other plants can be placed on the edge near the door. That way, the balcony will look neat and shady.

Minimalist design balcony to relax


This balcony design looks clean and pleasant. The presence of a pair of benches equipped with a coffee table in the balcony area adds to the warmer atmosphere. That way, a minimalist balcony becomes fun for hanging out over coffee and chatting while talking about work. To give a warmer impression, you can install a wooden deck for the balcony floor, especially for those of you who carry a natural and beautiful residential style. But don’t forget to put a fence to be safe.

Balkon minimalis bergaya natural


For those of you who are happy with the Japandi concept, you can also present it on the balcony of your apartment. So that the Japanese feel will be more feel on the balcony of a minimalist apartment with a natural style.

Let the balcony wall paint be made white to make it look wider. Then, you can add a seat from natural materials such as rattan or wood to give a natural impression. To make it look more beautiful, place a pot containing green ornamental plants in one corner of the minimalist apartment balcony. Then make a fence for security. That way, your apartment balcony will look more beautiful.

Balcony surrounded by sofas


You can design an apartment balcony for a gathering place with your family or friends. The trick is that you have to prepare equipment such as furniture, and sufficient space. For example, you can provide a letter L sofa set with soft foam, patterned sofa cushions, a table for serving drinks, and a patterned floor rug.

You can design an apartment balcony for a gathering place with your family or friends. The trick is that you have to prepare equipment such as furniture, and sufficient space. For example, you can provide a letter L sofa set with soft foam, patterned sofa cushions, a table for serving drinks, and a patterned floor rug.

Hotel-style apartment balcony


The inspiration for the garden on the balcony of this apartment is like in a five-star hotel. The color arrangement of the walls, floors, and glass windows makes this balcony similar to a five-star hotel balcony.

Then to look more attractive, this balcony has equipped with a letter L foam sofa set, a wooden table for drinks, white sofa cushions, and decorative lights placed on the floor. But don’t forget to give a green atmosphere by placing ornamental plants on the floor. With this design, anyone who comes will feel at home.

Balcony with coffee design


Untuk desain balkon apartment yang anti ribet, coba gunakan konsep ala cafe yang bisa kamu mulai dari #SatuSudutDulu. Letakkan satu atau beberapa pot hijau di sudut, tata kursi nyaman berukuran single, lalu pilh meja kecil atau nakas yang praktis. Taman di balkon lantai 2 ini bakal terasa lebih privasi, apalagi jika ditambah kursi alas yang empuk buat duduk bareng.

Untuk pilihan kursi yang serupa, kamu bisa gunakan Viola Commercial Chair dari brand HighPoint Delano. Dengan desain sandaran yang maksimal, kursi ini cocok untuk taman di balkon lantai 2 karena terbuat dari bahan sintetis yang tahan cuaca. Mengusung gaya yang simple nan estetik ala style Japandi, kursi ini multifungsi dan mudah dipindahkan.

Balcony with simple design


Apartment balconies do not make only with a luxurious design. You can design it with a simple but elegant model. With a bright color arrangement, you can equip it with hanging decorative lights, relaxing wooden chairs, and ornamental plant pots. Then, to look less boring, you can decorate the floor with river stones and artificial grass. With this design, the balcony will look more attractive and natural.

Balkon dengan desain outdoor dan indoor

bal16 1

This balcony design looks more spacious and luxurious. With an indoor and outdoor design, this balcony can be used as a gathering place for your family and friends. Using transparent glass as a partition is also very effective in making the dwelling feel more comfortable. Occupancy also becomes more multifunctional for leisure activities together.

Then, to look more attractive, the outdoor balcony is equipped with a sofa set and table. Meanwhile, the indoors has equipped with a sofa set, ornamental plant pots, and motif carpets that can give the impression of luxury. With this design, the balcony will look spacious and beautiful.

Balcony with garden design


The idea of ​​​​a garden on the balcony of this apartment is arguably very easy. You simply provide outdoor furniture such as a minimalist dining table, chairs, and green plant. With a design like this, your apartment balcony looks like you have a garden of ornamental plants. With an arrangement like this, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the free air while drinking coffee with your family.

4. Conclusion

If you want to add a relaxing space to the apartment. You can design your balcony to be a space to relax, gather, and enjoy the free air. A fresh apartment balcony can provide comfort to you. Therefore, we give some examples of apartment balcony designs that are aesthetic, beautiful, attractive, and fun. We hope this review can use for you.



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