1. Overview of a minimalist fish pond

For those of you who love ornamental fish, there is nothing more enjoyable than enjoying the view of your favorite fish back and forth in a fish pond. No wonder making the minimalist fish pond design is one of the most sought-after by homeowners as well as fish lovers.

Therefore, a minimalist fish pond is a form and feature that makes it easy for the owner of the house to enjoy the view of fish easily every day. But to make it, of course, you have to prepare a budget to make your dreams come true. Therefore, let’s look at ideas and inspiration for a minimalist fish pond that can make you live a healthy life.

2. Ideas and Inspiration

The sound of running water can relieve stress and fatigue. Usually, the sound comes from fish ponds, rivers, and waterfalls outside the house. The presence of a fish pond at home is not just to accommodate your hobby of keeping fish. A fish pond at home has more benefits than just a hobby. The existence of a fish pond can maintain the temperature and humidity in the house at a comfortable level. Then create peace of mind.

In addition, the presence of the water element, both visually and in the sound produced, can provide a calming relaxation effect for the house owner. Then, with a good design and the perfect arrangement, the presence of a fish pond can beautify the aesthetics of your home.

3. Fish pond design

Fish pond designs that are relevant and suitable for modern and minimalist residences, must be designed according to the model of your home. Do not make a fish pond that can make your house narrower so that you will not feel the comfort of your home.

If you want to design a fish pond in your home, you have to think about how to incorporate the sound of the water into the house and make the atmosphere in your home more calm and comfortable. In addition, make your fish pond a stress reliever after you work all day. That way, you and your family will always be happy and live healthily. Therefore, let’s review some examples of attractive and artistic fish pond designs.

4. Some examples of fish pond designs

Through the example of a fish pond uploaded in this article, we share a beautiful and tiny fish pond design in your home. For that, let’s discuss the examples of fish pond designs below. Hopefully, one example can be an inspiration for you. Let’s follow our review!

Fish pond in the sand garden

The backyard is the favorite choice for presenting a fish pond. One of the minimalist fish pond designs, you can try to make is a simple box pond on the border of your house and backyard. Then, to look more beautiful, you can decorate side the fish pound with white sand gardens, ornamental plants, shady trees, and walls of exposed red bricks. That way, the atmosphere behind your house looks more lively and fun.

Fish pond with wooden bridge and coral garden

By adding circulation with a wooden bridge and stone footpath above the fish pond, you can now enjoy this fish pond through the back garden or from inside the house. This design looks simple but still beautiful and functional.

Then, to make it more attractive, you can decorate the garden with coral, garden paths, and ornamental plants. Don’t forget to plant green grass. So it can function as a water catchment. With this design, you and your family will feel the open-air atmosphere.

Modern and natural minimalist fish pond

Fish ponds are identical to part of the garden, so initially, they were made with elements that were as natural as possible using stone and wood materials. As a complement, you can add plants around the fish pond. If you have a modern type of house, this type of pool could be perfect for you.

Even with a minimalist design, you can still give a natural touch by giving a modern shape combined with natural elements, such as those found in a fountain in a fish pond. Then, the wooden deck also helps this pool look natural even though it has a minimalist design.

Fish pond design under the stairs

The space under the stairs often becomes unused space because it is less ergonomic. Instead of being wasted, present a simple minimalist fish pond under your stairs. So that you can still enjoy this pool, use glass material on the stairs like this minimalist fish pond design. For the installation of glass, you must use experts so as not to harm your family.

Minimalist fish pond on the side of the building

For some homes, fish ponds are not just a compliment but can be a beautiful decoration for a house. Then, to use a concept like this, make sure the shape of your home is L, U, or even O-shaped so you can make a fish pond in the middle. So you can enjoy all the spaces in the house.

This minimalist fish pond design can be enjoyed both from the ground floor and upstairs. Then, to look more beautiful, you can make good lighting, so that this fish pond looks luxurious.

Indoor fish pond with skylight design

For those of you who don’t have an adequate backyard, presenting a fish pond in the house is a brilliant idea. With a simple design, you can enrich the visuals of your minimalist indoor fish pond.

Then, to look more stunning to your guests, you have to play with wall textures, matching wall lights, and add a few ornamental plants. In addition, to make the lighting look more optimal, add skylights to the indoor fish pond. That way, your fish pond will look beautiful and bright through the best lighting and make fish and plants live well.

Fish pond with glass decoration

Fish ponds are generally made into the ground or floor. However, for those of you who don’t want to be complicated, you can create a minimalist fish pond with a model that rises above the ground like a water bath.

Then, to look more attractive, you can apply glass on the walls of a minimalist fish pond to be able to enjoy the contortions of your fish from the side of the pond. To complete the fish pond area, add furniture, such as a recliner or side table that can be used to relax while feeding your favorite fish.

Multi-story fish pond

Minimalist fish ponds are synonymous with geometric shapes. Most pool models use a square base shape. But, that doesn’t mean the minimalist fish pond design is boring and monotonous. Then, to make this minimalist fish pond look more attractive, design it with a simple square shape. Then. You can try the inspiration for a minimalist fish pond design with a multilevel model. Therefore, you can place this type of fish pond near your terrace. This multilevel fish pon, it allows you to create an attractive waterfall circulation so that the fish pond becomes sweeter.

Terrace in the middle of the fish pond

As mentioned earlier, the presence of a fish pond can provide a relaxing effect for the house. For those of you who choose an outdoor fish pond, you can provide space for activities by adding a patio or wooden deck in the middle of the fish pond. Then, you can also put this type of fish pond near your garden.

The presence of a wooden patio or deck in the middle of a simple minimalist fish pond makes the fish pond more attractive to enjoy because you can move on it surrounded by beautiful fish. Then, to look cool, complete the patio with garden tables and chairs so that you are more comfortable doing activities above the fish pond, such as reading and drinking tea in the afternoon.

Dynamic minimalist fish pond

For those of you who like the value of art, geometric fish pond shapes can appear dynamic. You don’t need to be afraid to be creative with geometric shapes such as hexagons, trapezoids, parallelograms, or other bolder shapes.

In addition to using sweeter forms, please use modern materials, such as glass which is applied to this minimalist fish pond inspiration. Then, to look more attractive, decorate the edge of the fish pond with ornamental plants. That way, a minimalist fish pond can still appear anti-mainstream.

Japanese-style minimalist fish pond

Having a beautiful home design is everyone’s dream. Therefore, if you want to make it, make a fish pond style that is popular and liked by many people. Make a Japanese-style oriental fish pond. However, there are drawbacks the Japanese-style fish pond is not very compatible with the minimalist modern residential style.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a Japanese-style feel to a minimalist fish pond. Therefore, you can simplify the elements in a Japanese-style fish pond by using square-shaped stones and a more modern bridge to add a little oriental element like Japanese garden lights and bonsai plants. That way, the interior of your home will look aesthetic.

Aquarium model fish pond

If you like a hobby with fish, you can do anything. Therefore, many people are more likely to choose the use of an aquarium rather than a fish pond because maintenance is easier, and then you can enjoy fish from the side.

Therefore, instead of being confused about choosing between a fish pond and an aquarium, why don’t you combine the two like the previous fish pond design, you can replace the sides of the fish pond with glass. So the fish pond can enjoy horizontally.

But keep in mind that indoor fish ponds require good lighting, so that fish and ornamental plants can grow and develop properly. If presenting skylights is not possible, you can work around this by maximizing window openings in the space where the fish pond is placed.

Fish pond with tread stone

If you keep large fish such as Koi fish, you may need a large fish pond so that the fish can grow and develop properly. However, a large fish pond requires spacious land in the garden behind the house. Therefore, you can leave a little room to make it.

For that, work around it by adding tread stones above the pond as in the inspiration for this one fish pond design. To look more attractive, arrange the tread stones with a beautiful pattern. If necessary, add a minimalist pavilion or pavilion above the pond so you can enjoy the fish above the fish pond. That way, you will get a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Minimalist stone fish pond

Utilizing stone elements can present a more artistic and natural impression. And with the right design, a fish pond with stones can also look modern and minimalist like this minimalist fish pond.

In addition to the lip of the fish pond using a concrete plate that resembles a stone, the fish pond also uses several colored stones with a shape that is not too organic as a decorative element. That way, the fish pond can look natural and minimalist at the same time.

Fish pond instead of garden

Generally, from the gate to the entrance of the house is used as a garden. But, there’s nothing wrong with changing a dry garden into a water garden by adding a fish pond in this area.

Then, to make it look unique, take advantage of the fish pond as a medium for growing aquatic vegetation so that this minimalist fish pond blends with the garden. Then, to be more complete, the tread stone can also be used as a circulation to the house. In addition, you can replace it with a small bridge if it is more in line with the best concept of the house.

The fish pond that blends with the house

Sometimes, we want to be able to enjoy a fish pond without having to leave the house. For that, design a fish pond that blends with your home by providing large openings in the room directly adjacent to a minimalist fish pond like windows glass with aluminum frames. If necessary, you can make an outdoor fish pond connected to an indoor fish pond. So the minimalist fish pond seems to blend with your home building.

5. Conclusion

After seeing the various minimalist fish ponds, you will be more convinced to bring a fish pond to your home. Therefore, maximize the presence of your fish pond with various indoor and outdoor decorations.

Then to make a fish pond, of course, you have to provide a sufficient budget. Then, submit this work to the pool maker so your home design to look beautiful, dance, and aesthetic. Happy decorating!


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