1. Simple living room

Simple living rooms generally use furniture that is easy to mix and match with interior colors. The advantage of this living room is that it can save costs and still look elegant. Therefore, it is not surprising that many homeowners choose a minimalist design for their living room.

Although the minimalist concept is attached to the term less is more, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put a variety of furniture in a minimalist living room. You can turn your living room into a luxurious and elegant living room. Therefore, a beautiful arrangement can make the living room seem comfortable. For that, choose the right furniture that matches the design of your living room. Therefore, let’s discussed the attractive living room design below.

2. Attractive and comfortable design

We know that the living room is the room that is located at the front because the living room gives the first impression when someone enters the house. Therefore, the comfort and attractiveness of the living room must be considered as well as possible.

The comfort of the living room is determined by several things, starting from the interior and exterior. Then, the choice of color, the use of paint, the selection of the floor, to the furniture you use must be designed as well as possible. While a minimalist living room with a limited area, what you need to pay attention to, is furniture that fits the shape and spacious of ​​the room. Then, do not put too much furniture.

3. Ideas and inspiration

The most important thing to add aesthetic value to the room is the selection of the right colors and furniture. Therefore, get ideas and inspiration to arrange the living room to make it look aesthetically pleasing. This method plays a big role in making a simple living room design more comfortable and aesthetic

Everyone knows the living room is so important to pay attention to. Therefore, design the living room to feel comfortable because the living room is always used as a gathering place with family or guests. But if you’re looking for inspiration to design your living room, choose the right furniture. For that, let’s review the living room below. Hopefully, it suits your taste. Welcome to our review!

Natural wood table

If you want to make your simple living room to look beautiful, you can get a unique touch by adding a wooden table like the picture above. The table in the form of a lump of wood can create a unique and aesthetic impression.

Then, to look more aesthetic, a pleasing combination of a wooden table with a neutral-colored sofa creates a warm yet modern atmosphere. In addition, the wood color of the table can also be a highlight in the room and certainly an attraction for the living room. To look more attractive, combine it with a white sofa set, patterned sofa cushions, and a rug made of fleece. With this arrangement, your living room design will look rustic. Hopefully, this living room design can be your inspiration.

Bringing a warm sofa

If you want to try bold and unique furniture for your living room, the inspiration above can be the right choice. The use of minimalist furniture with warm and calm colors like beige, pink, and wood colors that seem bright, can make the living room more comfortable.

To look more attractive, add a variety of refreshing natural touches, such as using ornamental plants with vases or pots of the same color. Beige color on the sofa can also be an option if you are bored with white or other neutral colors. Then, the combination of neutral colors with a few striking colors from the sofa cushions can give the impression of a more playful room but still feel comfortable. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for those of you who are arranging your simple living room.

White sofa and interior room

As you know, white can make your living room look wider. Therefore, if you want to make your simple living room look wider, design the interior of your room in white. As you know, white is one of the hallmarks of minimalist design.

But if you want to make the minimalist living room look more dynamic, you can give a touch of white in some areas. Even floral motifs, which usually appear in shabby chic designs, will be suitable to decorate a white sofa in a minimalist living room. To look more attractive, you can add wall accessories, unique chandeliers, ornamental plants, and motif sofa pillows. With this arrangement, your living room design will look elegant.

Accents with minimalist colors

As you know, monochrome colors are the hallmark of a minimalist living room. But this does not limit you to using other bright colors. If you want a touch of color in minimalist furniture, use monochrome colors on your walls. Vice versa. For the living room design to look sweeter, you can add a green Tosca sofa, antique hanging lamps, and small wooden shelves. Then, add wall accessories and bright color floor carpets. That way, your living room design will look beautiful as the concept of minimalist design. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for your living room.

Attractive retro touch

As you know, the advantage of minimalist design, it can combine with another model. Therefore, to make your simple minimalist living room design look more aesthetic, you can pair a minimalist design with a retro style. The characteristics of retro furniture have slender furniture legs. Then, have similarities with minimalist furniture. The difference is the retro concept is richer in color, so it will make the minimalist space look more dynamic. In addition, retro, a touch of boho, industrial, and even modern classics are some styles that are suitable to mix and match with a minimalist concept.

Then to make it look more attractive, you can decorate your simple living room with a vintage TV, blue sofa and table, small buffet, antique bicycle, and wooden flower pots with ornamental plants. To make the living room design look sweeter, add wall paintings, floor rugs, and antique knick-knacks. With this arrangement, your living room design will look artistic. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you. Happy decorating!

Design with a small space

A hand-model sofa is an option for a minimalist living room. This furniture looks beautiful if you can design it in a color that matches the living room interior. This trick uses for small houses or apartment units that have limited land.

To look more beautiful, you can add a blue sofa, a wooden table with a black iron frame, floor rugs, standing lamps, sofa cushions with colorful motifs, and window curtains that match the living room. Then, to make it look complete, add a wooden buffet set on the wall with a bright color. However, the size and function must be following your living room area. That way, your living room design will look aesthetic. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Design with soft sofa

Having a simple, beautiful, and elegant living room design is everyone’s dream. But if you often have guests, especially in large numbers. Of course, you must design a large sofa. In addition, when choosing it, remember that the length of the sofa set is not the only thing that matters. The depth of the sofa set also determines its comfort. The deep and comfortable sofa invites everyone to feel at home and relax on it.

So that your living room design feels sweeter, you can choose a white soft sofa set and an iron frame wooden table. Then, to look more attractive, add standing lamps, sofa cushions, and wall accessories in colors that match the living room interior. Don’t forget to add a floor rug to make it look elegant. With an arrangement like this, your living room design will look cozy.

Decorative coffee table

A guest table or coffee table becomes a piece of furniture that you can place in your minimalist living room. You can use this table as a place to put drinks and snacks served to guests. To look more artistic, you can choose wood or glass-based ones. Then, choose the ingredients that suit your taste.

To look more harmonious, adjust the size and height of the table with the height of the sofa set you have. Then design a unique and decorative coffee table. To add to the beauty of the living room, decorate the table with beautiful tablecloths and small ornamental plants. Then decorate your living room with wall paintings, white sofa sets, sofa cushions, unique pendant lights, and shelves to put your knick-knacks. With this arrangement, your living room design will look complete and neat.

Beautiful chairs and unique table

Placing a large sofa and an antique chair in a minimalist living room is often inappropriate because the living room area is limited. To solve this problem, you can provide alternative seating to help all guests feel comfortable and can make the room feel more welcoming. As you can see, this antique and unique guest table looks different from the usual guest table.

To make it look more attractive, you can add antique knick-knacks, small flower pots, hanging decorative lights, mirrors, standing lamps, and wall decorations. To make it look more harmonious, choose a color that matches the interior of your living room. With this arrangement, your living room design will feel comfortable and pleasant.

Arranging knick-knacks on wall shelves

A living room without wall hangings will certainly feel more empty and cold. Therefore, the presence of wall shelves in the living room will make the living room look aesthetic. To be pleasing to the eye, you can put some decorative items such as flower vases, photo frames, aromatherapy candles, book collections, and other cute knick-knacks. In addition, the function of the wall shelf can also be a place to put some indoor ornamental plants that will beautify your living room.

This design aims so that the walls of your living room do not look empty. In addition, the knick-knacks that you place on the wall shelf can be used as a gallery. Then, to make it look complete, you can add an antique chandelier with a different color. But you still pay attention, don’t put knick-knacks and accessories too crowded because it will make the living room uncomfortable. Hopefully, this arrangement can be an inspiration for your minimalist living room.

Use multifunctional furniture

Minimalist style prioritizes space functionality over beauty. For that, in choosing minimalist furniture for the living room, you must prioritize function over design. One way is to choose multifunctional furniture that combines several functions in one piece of furniture like in the picture above.

Then to looks not cramped, avoid giving too many decorative accents in a minimalist living room. So it doesn’t look full and crowded. Then, to beautify the room, you can add a small flower pot to a multifunctional table. In addition to furniture, the choice of colors for decoration is also worth considering. Safe colors are neutral colors that will make the room wider. That way, your living room design will look neat and pleasing to the eye.

Arrange a TV table that fits the size of the room

Before buying a table for television, consider the size of your living room first. Don’t let the TV table you choose actually narrow the room or even make the room look empty. It’s different if you have a spacious living room, the size of the TV table will certainly not be a problem.

To make it look more beautiful, you can place various other accessories, a comfortable sofa set, floor carpet in the same color as the sofa, decorative lampstands, and wall shelves to place documents. However, if you have limited space, you don’t need to put in excessive furniture. With an arrangement like this, your living room design will be able to amaze your guests.

Design with beautiful carpet

Arranging a minimalist living room design with a sofa set, table, and cupboard feels complete. But it feels incomplete if you don’t place a floor carpet. As you know, carpet can be one of the elements that can make a room more attractive, especially if the choice is right.

As you can see, this living room looks modern with the dominance of black and white. In addition, a touch of mustard yellow fur carpet makes the room more colorful and elegant. To match the interior of the living room, add a pair of guest chairs, a glass table, and ornamental plant pots on the guest table. This arrangement will make you and your family feel comfortable. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for your living room.

Furniture set with wood material

Rustic designs are currently in great demand by many people. Therefore, if you like the natural rustic concept, the inspiration above can be the right choice. The trick is to use a matching wood material on each of your living room furniture.

The goal is to create a more natural and homey impression. Then, a touch of earthy colors is also a trend this year. Hopefully, you can follow the trend of wood colors and materials for your living room. Don’t forget using wood material in the corner of the living room can also be applied to carry the concept of Japanese style.

Arrange a buffet or decorative shelf

The last living room design is to use glass shelves as a living room decoration. This living room buffet serves as a document storage area and antique knick-knacks. Aside from being a storage area, this furniture can also be used as a sideboard for the living room bulkhead if you apply the open plan concept. Then, at this time, there are many sideboard designs to choose from, from colors, shapes, and sizes, to ornaments that you can customize.

To make the living room more beautiful, you can add a three-seat sofa, red guest chairs, sofa cushions, wooden tables, floor rugs, some ornamental plants on the buffet and corner of the room, wall mirrors, and abstract paintings. With this arrangement, your living room will look beautiful and charming. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for your living room.

4. Conclusion

Almost all peoples want to make their living room look beautiful. Because the living room is a place to entertain guests, the design and appearance are very detailed. Even though many people are dissatisfied with the current living room design, they continue to try to beautify the living room by doing various ways.

Even some people are willing to spend a lot of money to beautify the living room. They hope that their living room design looks attractive, aesthetic, beautiful, and comfortable. Hopefully, the ideas and inspiration above can be useful for you


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