– Small bohemian kitchen design ideas in white concept are suitable for people who love an aesthetic and cozy impression. It tends to have a simple style with a unique accent from the design. The color is suitable for other colors so we can combine it with other styles and concepts that we want to be combined. Furniture and decorations are not complicated to be found. For those of you who are often cooking in the home than buying food outside, certainly need kitchen towels and plates in the cooking process. Bohemian towel and plate recommendations from us might help you to make your eating feel comfortable and won’t be monotonous.

Generally, a small kitchen is a little bit complicated to decorate because it has a limited size which makes us can’t add many things that we want. Besides it, we will also give you some kitchen design ideas that are easy to be applied. That’s why you should keep reading this article to help you create a stunning and comfortable kitchen.

White Small Bohemian Kitchen Design Ideas

If we are confused to apply a bohemian style, it means we need design ideas from the internet or anywhere that can help us. We suggest you choose a white bohemian for your small kitchen where it can create a fascinating space to cook. This time we will give you some bohemian design ideas. Hopefully, they might help you to create a cozy impression.

White Small Bohemian Kitchen With A Cutting board Decorations

White small bohemian kitchen with cutting board
Attaching cutting board to the wall will create a beautiful impression

Do you want to have unique decorations? If you do, we recommend attaching some cutting boards to the wall. It will make our small kitchen looks fascinating and unique at the same time. Adding a rug on the floor also will create a bohemian accent. White small bohemian design ideas for a kitchen will be perfect if we add a white cabinet as the main furniture.

White Small Kitchen With Pastel Color

White small kitchen in pastel color
We can combine white with some pastel colors

Adding white kitchen cabinets with a gold color accent will create a stunning impression. For those of you who want to have other colors, we recommend adding a light blue pastel oven. Besides helping us to cook a cake or any food, it will create a beautiful look. This kitchen type is also suitable to be added near a bohemian dining room because of having the same room concept. Bohemian kitchen design in white color doesn’t only can have one color but it can be combined with other colors too.

Pure White Bohemian Kitchen

Pure white bohemian kitchen
Having a simple look by applying a white theme

Pure white has a simple and aesthetic look that will be preferred to be used as the main color in our bohemian kitchen. Applying white brick wall tiles will give a beautiful accent and also create a stunning impression even it has a small size. A must thing that we should add is a rug so it is necessary to add an orange with brown rugs to get a strong accent. We have to pay attention to lighting and wall decor to prevent making it look monotonous. Bohemian design ideas for a white kitchen are the best choice for you who love a minimalist and simple impression at the same time.

White And Gold Bohemian Kitchen

White and gold bohemian kitchen
White with a gold color is a perfect combination

Applying light brown wooden vinyl tiles certainly will create a beautiful impression. We can also add a brick shabby rug as a pedestal and floor decorations at the same time. Gold pendant lamps are the best lighting that can be installed in our bohemian kitchen. We have to choose a white with gold color accents kitchen cabinet to create a perfect look of color combination. White kitchen ideas in a bohemian design look so good to be applied with wooden vinyl tiles because of having a natural accent.

Tips To Keep A White Kitchen Cabinet Looks Stunning

If you are looking for a solution to make your white kitchen cabinet still looks stunning, this time we will give it. Sometimes, we will feel worried to have something that has a white color because it is complicated to keep it clean. However, it is actually easy as long as we search for some tips or tricks that will help us to make the cabinet have a stunning look.

Protect It From Direct Sunlight

One of the main reasons why white cabinets turn into a dirty yellow is exposure to direct sunlight. Protecting it from the sun by installing a curtain to the window to keep its white color. It can’t only protect your cabinet but will give you a stunning impression from a pretty pattern in the curtain.

Installing An Exhaust Fan

An exhaust fan is not only can make the kitchen air feels clean even we use it for cooking but also can maintain your kitchen cabinet color. It is also responsible for making the cabinet less oily if it works well.

Using Baking Soda

We recommend using baking soda to clean our white kitchen cabinet if we feel it is dirty. By wiping it with a mixture of water and baking soda we will have a stunning cabinet.

Bohemian Kitchen Towel Recommendations

Kitchen towels will help you to clean a kitchen after using them for cooking. We recommend choosing a bohemian theme for our kitchen towel where they could strengthen our concept. This time, we will give you some recommendations.

Red Bohemian Pattern

Red bohemian pattern
Red kitchen towels look stunning and have a strong design accent

Choosing a white kitchen towel with red unique patterns is the best choice for our bohemian kitchen theme ideas. We can hang it on the wall or only add it to the kitchen cabinet. Bohemian kitchen towel designs for a white kitchen should have a unique pattern like in the picture above to create a harmonious look.

Simple Colorful Striped Kitchen Towels Pattern

Colorful stripped patterns kitchen towel
Simple kitchen towels are suitable to be added to the bohemian kitchen

For you who love a simple design, we recommend choosing a colorful striped pattern kitchen towel. It will give a strong bohemian accent that is suitable for our concept especially it has white or beige as the main color. Kitchen towel recommendations for a bohemian design from us will be suitable for your kitchen.

Bohemian Plate Recommendations

To support our concept, we can choose a bohemian pattern in our plate theme. Besides can be plated for our food, it also will beautify our kitchen. There are many shapes, patterns, and designs where you can check them below!

Elephant Bohemian Plate Pattern

Elephant pattern in red color plates
The bohemian pattern looks unique and beautiful at the same time

Bohemian things should have a unique pattern to create a strong accent and make the kitchen won’t look monotonous. We recommend choosing a red elephant plate pattern like in the picture above if you are looking for bohemian plates for a white kitchen.

Green Leaves On The Plate

Simple green leaves pattern
Adding a simple plate pattern will liven up the atmosphere

Leave patterns to look simple but beautiful at the same time. The green color on the white plate will make our bohemian kitchen have attractive colors. We can save it in the cupboard or use it at dinner or breakfast time.

Floral Pattern Plate

Floral pattern plate
Bohemian plate pattern recommendations

A simple floral pattern plate looks natural and suitable for a bohemian kitchen design concept. We have to use it or display it as decorations to prevent make a monotonous impression in our kitchen or dining room.

Tips To Clean A Plate Comfortably

When you feel happy at dinner or breakfast time you certainly feel annoying when finding many plates that you have to clean. Moreover, if they look greasy and are complicated to be clean. Don’t worry about it now because we will give you some tips to clean a plate comfortably that hopefully might help you while doing dishwashers.

  1. Get A Dish Rack.  We recommend a big size with beautiful colors to make us can replace many things after cleaning them.
  2. Wipe Used Food From Your Plates. If you clean the plate as soon as possible, it will be easier to do it than delaying cleaning the plates.
  3. Using hot water to clean it. Sometimes there is dirt that is complicated to be cleaned so we recommend using hot water to make it easier by flushing it.
  4. Soaking it. If we feel tricky to clean some dirt, we have to soak it a few minutes in the water then cleaning it later. It will help you to make the plate or other things that don’t have any dirt.


Applying a bohemian design for kitchen ideas is easy as long as we pay attention to furniture and decoration selection. We have to choose suitable kitchen towels and plates that will help us to liven up the atmosphere.


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