– Modern bohemian design ideas will create a beautiful impression and unique accent at the same time. It will be different from others so it won’t look monotonous. It doesn’t look tacky or having too many decorations that will make the bathroom feel crowded. Installing a bohemian bathroom vanity certainly will help us to retouch our makeup or use some skincare after bathing. For those of you who have a bathtub certainly need shower curtains because we can’t let our bodies be seen by people who come to the bathroom. It can happen when we forget to lock the door before bathing.

Modern Bohemian Bathroom Design Ideas

Modern style that combines with a bohemian design creates a perfect look and is suitable to be applied in our bathroom. However, we have to pay attention to color, furniture, and decoration selection to prevent making a mistake. This time we will give you some modern bohemian design ideas for a bathroom.

Beige Warm Bathroom Design Concept

Beige warm modern bohemian bathroom
A warm atmosphere can make us comfortable while bathing

There are many modern bohemian bathroom concept ideas that can be chosen as long as we love and are suitable for our space. However, for you who love a warm accent from beige, this concept is preferred for you. By applying stone flooring tiles and a fluffy dark brown carpet we are ready to apply the design. Adding a white round bathtub and rattan basket as a place to save our dirty clothes will create a neat impression. If we have a gable roof style in our home, we can install a window in a triangle shape like in the picture above and cover it by using a white curtain.

Simple And Fresh Bohemian Bathroom Concept

Simple and fresh bohemian bathroom
Fresh impression in the bathroom that is comfortable

Applying solid wooden flooring tiles with brick walls is the best way to create a natural impression in our bohemian bathroom. We have to install a window to make it has lighting at the noon and create a bright impression. A white oval bathtub is suitable to be added and combined with other wooden furniture. We should add some plants as decorations to make the air feel fresh.

Small And Cozy Bohemian Bathroom

Small bohemian bathroom design
modern bohemians look beautiful even in the small space

For those of you who have a small bathroom, it might feel worried to decorate it. However, a bohemian design is suitable for every room even in a small space. By applying wooden laminated flooring tiles, we can create a beautiful impression. We have to paint our walls white and attach a round mirror to make it won’t look monotonous. Adding some plants will create a fresh atmosphere. Don’t forget to add a white bathroom cabinet to create a neat impression.

Colorful Bohemian Bathroom Design

Modern colorful bohemian bathroom design
A bright color bathroom looks beautiful

A colorful bathroom can be made near a white kitchen design to create a harmonious look. Applying white wall tiles and light brown flooring tiles can make a comfortable impression. A white bathtub is suitable for this concept because of having a simple impression that will support our room display. Bathroom design ideas in a bohemian style will make us feel cozy even we only have a little bit of decoration.

Bohemian Bathroom Vanity Recommendations

A bathroom vanity can be used as a place to add something that we want to replace. We can add decorations, towels, skincare, make-up, or anything that we need while or after bathing. It is also important to know all about a bohemian design to decide the preferred style. There are many designs and colors that we can choose but we should pay attention to suitable types so this time, we will give you some recommendations.

Brown Bohemian Bathroom Vanity

Wooden bathroom vanity
Brown bohemian bathroom vanity

Wooden materials have a natural impression so that’s why it is suitable to be made as bathroom vanity design ideas for a bohemian style. It can be added with a pink round sink to create a harmonious look. Applying dark green wall tiles is preferred to prevent ruining the concept. This type has many drawers which are good for people who have many things.

Simple Bathroom Vanity

Dark brown bathroom vanity
The simple design of the bathroom vanity

Bathroom vanity in a bohemian style should have a natural impression because it is related to nature. This type has a dark brown color which is suitable to be combined with bohemian rug carpets and white flooring tiles. If we make it in our colorful bohemian bedroom, it will make us feel comfortable and confident at the same time.

Light Brown Big Bathroom Vanity

Light brown big bohemian bathroom vanity
Attaching a big round mirror will beautify our bathroom vanity

Light brown wooden bathroom vanity with marble material accent looks elegant and beautiful at the same time. We have to attach a gold big round mirror to the wall to beautify it.

Tips To Clean A Bathroom Vanity

The best way to have a beautiful bathroom is we have to make sure all of the things are clean. However, there are many people that feel complicated to do it. Moreover, if we have a bathroom vanity that has a big size. Don’t worry about it now because we will give you some tips to clean a bathroom vanity.

  1. Clear the area. Start by removing all toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, and cups from the counter area. To clean it properly, we have to remove all items that we save in the vanity.
  2. Double-check your cleaner. We have to know what kind of cleaning products that we want to use to clean the bathroom vanity surface. Checking the labels of them to make sure they are appropriate for some special materials such as marbles, wooden, and ceramics.
  3. Wiping it before cleaning. It might look doesn’t necessary to be done but we can get the best result by wiping the bathroom vanity before cleaning it.
  4. Scrub. Scrubbing the dirty surface or any part that needs to be clean can make the bathroom vanity have a beautiful look.
  5. Rinse off and keep it dry. Rinse the bathroom vanity by using a wet fabric then keep it dry to maintain a stunning impression and make it have long durability.

Bohemian Shower Curtain Recommendations

For those of you who have a bathtub, a shower curtain is something crucial to be installed so we would feel comfortable while bathing. We can select Bohemian as our main idea where it can increase the elegance of the bathroom.

Floral Shower Curtain Pattern

Floral shower curtain pattern
Floral pattern with bright colors looks beautiful

Installing a floral shower curtain to our bohemian bathroom design is the perfect way to create a beautiful impression. It has a bright accent with light grey as the main color which is the best combination that will give us a stunning look. Shower curtain recommendations from us have a suitable style for a bohemian design that won’t make the bathroom look monotonous.

Color Gradation

Yellow gradation with black flower pattern
Gradation colors look soft and fascinating at the same time

Gradation colors look soft which will be fascinating if be combined with black flower patterns. It can be installed in our bathroom because of having unique patterns and also won’t make it look tacky. This is the best type of Bohemian bathroom shower curtain for people who are looking for a simple type but has stunning colors.

Monochrome Bohemian Shower Curtain Concept

Black and white shower curtain
Monochrome concept look beautiful

Monochrome colors always look beautiful because it has a unique impression that won’t be found in any concept. We have to choose a bohemian shower curtain pattern that has a suitable pattern for our bathroom concept.


Vanity recommendations for a bathroom with shower curtains from us can prevent making a mistake while applying the bohemian design. We have to pay attention to them because it is necessary things that should be added to get the perfect bathroom style. If you have other recommendations and ideas, please write for us to share your brilliant article.


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