1. Overview outdoor bathroom

In a house, the bathroom has an important role. In this article, we can try to take the theme of an outdoor bathroom or an outdoor bathroom. As we know, a bathroom outside the house may be its own characteristic and is called an outdoor bathroom.

The bathroom is not only designed in a closed room but it can be designed outdoors. So that the atmosphere when bathing feels like being in the wild but still maintaining its privacy. The advantage of the use of an outdoor bathroom can prevent moisture and its own impression. Therefore. Let’s review the inspiration for the minimalist outdoor bathroom design below.

2. Outdoor bathroom inspiration ideas

In a residential house, the bathroom now has its portion and has developed into a multifunctional place. Not only a place to clean yourself, but also to pamper yourself. So, we need a design that suits the mood of the occupants of the house.

If you want something different for your bathroom, try taking the concept of an outdoor or open bathroom. The bathroom does not have to be designed closed because it can be designed in such a way that it feels like being in the wild but still maintains its privacy. In addition, the concept of an outdoor bathroom is also intended to prevent moisture that causes unpleasant odors and the emergence of germs and bacteria. Therefore, let’s review the decoration and design of a comfortable bathroom

3. Cozy decoration and design

The bathroom is a more important room in a house. This room has a function as a self-cleaning area, so the bathroom also needs to be considered for cleanliness, beauty, and regularity, to make provide comfort to its users.

In this review, we want to give some examples of comfortable open bathrooms. For you to know, decorating the bathroom does not have to remodel, or you can change all bathroom arrangements. In this place, you can add ornaments or change the furniture according to the bathroom theme you want to apply. But you have to create an open bathroom first. For that, let’s review the article below. Hopefully, this design suits your taste.

Focus on nature design

We know that the outdoors can provide comfort to us. Therefore, to make you comfortable in the bathroom, you can design your bathroom as beautifully as possible. For that, you can make an outdoor bathroom in your home.

We understand that an outdoor bathroom must be on the exterior of the house or outdoors, and embrace the natural environment with the use of various green plants. Bathing outdoors surrounded by various leaves such as coconut trees and ornamental plant leaves will make you feel like you are on vacation in the tropics. That way, the maximum comfortable impression in the bathroom can relieve your fatigue.

Sky bathroom design

Having a beautiful and comfortable bathroom outdoors design is our dream. To make the bathroom, you have to prepare the best design. Then to make the outdoor shower stand out and look grander, put a small patch of cement or stone tiles that will lead to the outdoor bathroom. Then hang hooks on the outer dividing wall so you can easily display your beautiful towels.

Next, design a bathroom with the best shower so you can enjoy the water that falls on your body. For a cooler atmosphere, add ornamental plants to this bathroom area. That way, you will enjoy your bath like at the beach.

Outdoor bathroom design in interior

A comfortable outdoor bathroom doesn’t have to be outdoors because you can work around this by opening the ceiling. To make it look more fun, install an outdoor sunlit shower on a private outdoor or indoor patio. Then add, ornamental plants, vanity mirrors, sinks, and shelves to put towels. For those of you who don’t want to remodel the room in the house, you can make a bathroom design as above. This design is very suitable for homes that are very cool and alternately hot.

Design with unique architecture

This outdoor bathroom looks artistic and unique. But if you like to bathe outdoors with a unique design, this design is your dream. The unique architecture will give a different impression when you bathe in it. You can see this picture, the use of unique wall shapes from sculptures, or the use of thatched roofs you can incorporate into an outdoor bathroom. Then a comfortable shower placement makes your bath longer. But you still maintain privacy so as not to be seen by the crowd.

Design side by side with the interior of the bathroom

The next bathroom design is a modern outdoor and indoor bathroom design. So you don’t need to be confused to enjoy your bath. With a design like this, you just have to choose, you want to take a bath inside or outside. So why should you be confused about selecting an indoor and outdoor shower when you can get both at once. To see the difference, separate the two bathrooms with a glass wall. That way, you can use it according to your mood. To look more attractive, use Shows made of stainless, bathtub, and accessories to put towels and clothes. Don’t forget to design the walls with natural stone, so the atmosphere feels more natural.

Design with a feel of privacy from a wooden fence

Everyone certainly craves comfort in the bathroom. To realize a comfortable and aesthetic bathroom design, you must prepare a budget and an attractive design. As you can see, the outdoor bathroom design above looks attractive with a fence made of wood.

Then, to create a sense of privacy even though there is no head covering on the top. Then, to make the atmosphere feel more comfortable and pleasant, this bathroom is equipped with a shower installed above. With this design, you are bathing in a mountain shower. However, don’t forget the green impression, please put some ornamental plants. So happy decorating!

Ethnic design with natural stone

In addition to natural stone, stone ceramics can be chosen and used to create a natural feel in an outdoor bathroom. As shown in the picture, this bathroom looks cool using natural stone walls and tile floors. In addition, stone ceramics also appear to be used on the table bathroom and make the bathroom atmosphere feel natural.

Then, to look more attractive, this bathroom is equipped with a shower mounted on a natural stone wall, a vanity mirror, a sink, and some ornamental plants. That way, this bathroom design looks aesthetic and comfortable,
you can put some ornamental plants. So happy decorating!

Design with skylights

Skylights are ventilation in the form of glass placed on the roof of the building. This unique ventilation can apply to a natural-style outdoor bathroom. Besides being able to provide natural lighting in the bathroom, skylights can also make the bathroom atmosphere more natural.

Then, placing a shower under a skylight is also the right choice to get the sensation of taking a shower under the sun. Then, to look cool, you can add round vanity mirrors, sinks, and bath accessories. Bathing in the sun shower, of course, makes you feel at home and comfortable.

Design with High Border

This minimalist bathroom looks beautiful and neat. This design is very suitable for a minimalist model house. If you don’t feel comfortable bathing in a closed room, you can make a bathroom design like the one above. With this design, you will get an atmosphere of the outdoors and make you feel at home inside.
Then, to make you comfortable in this placea , add a shower a on the wall, vanity mirror, sink, some ornamental plants, and coral in the bathroom area. With such a design, this minimalist bathroom that is bordered by a high concrete wall feels more comfortable and natural. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Natural and aesthetic design

To get a cooler and more beautiful sensation in an outdoor bathroom, you can add decorations in the form of large ornamental plants such as palm trees that can enhance the natural atmosphere in the area. Then, design a wall with natural stone, a shower, and some ornamental plants. Don’t forget to add lighting with spotlights to make it look beautiful at night. Then put the dressing mirror is one of the mandatory bathroom equipment. That way, your minimalist bathroom design will look aesthetic.

4. Conclusion

Those are some inspirations for outdoor bathrooms that look attractive, aesthetic, beautiful, and comfortable. With such a design, your bath atmosphere will feel like it in the wild. We hope you can create an outdoor bathroom design in your home. Hopefully, this article can be useful for you and your family. Then make you more comfortable and healthy. Happy decorating!


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