1. Overview of the bathroom door

The door is one of the security for the room so that people do not enter when you are inside. Therefore, the door has a very important role in securing the contents in the room, including when we are inside. One thing to note, in designing a bathroom door, you must adjust the width and height of the door with the frame. Then, you must arrange it to the interior model of your room, so your home interior design looks beautiful and harmonious.

After that, your task is to install the door. For good results, you should leave this job to the doorman. Many architects and designers are less creative in determining door design choices. So when buying a house, many bathroom doors are replaced by home buyers.

Most people only pay attention to the design of the living room door and bedroom door because most of the two places are easily visible. But they do not notice that the bathroom door is also a fairly important part to decorate the interior of the house. With creativity in choosing a bathroom door model, you will feel comfortable when you are inside. Therefore, please refer to the inspirational reviews and bathroom door ideas below.

2. How to clean bathroom glass doors.

The bathroom is very risky to be dirty and damp because its function is to clean yourself. Several things need to consider so that the bathroom remains dry and clean. The first is to ensure that there is a distance between the toilet and the bathroom. Then, the distance between the toilet and the dressing table. Second, there is ventilation. So the bathroom does not get moldy due to humidity.
In addition, if you use a glass bathroom door, clean it regularly to keep it clean. How to clean it you can use vinegar, baking soda, and salt. Spray vinegar on the surface of the glass. Then, applies a mixture of baking soda and salt. Scrub the surface of the glass with a damp sponge, then rinse to remove stubborn stains. But you can’t do this method on a wooden bathroom door because it can damage the door.

3. Bathroom door inspiration and ideas

If you want to create a modern minimalist atmosphere in the house, you can consider the model and use it for the bathroom. Therefore you can look for ideas and inspiration to design a bathroom door model, for example, choosing a bathroom door to be more modern that make an airy impression in your room.
In addition, the bathroom door can be made into a barrier between the bathtub and the toilet. So that water does not wet the entire bathroom area. Therefore, choose an attractive door design that fits the interior of your home.

4. Some models of bathroom doors

Having an aesthetic and attractive bathroom design is the desire of every homeowner. Therefore, many beautiful bathroom door models are offered to consumers. But not all models are according to your taste. For this reason, we provide some examples of attractive bathroom door models that you can install in the interior of your home.
We all understand that the purpose of using a bathroom door is so that the water does not wet the area of ​​the room and as a cover for the bathroom when you take a shower. So its use is as a safety for you when taking a shower. For those of you who want your room to look more beautiful and fun, you can choose several bathroom door models that suit your taste. For that, let’s look at some reviews of bathroom door models below. Hopefully, it can be an inspiration for the interior of your home.

The white floral bathroom door

Most of the bathroom doors of this type use aluminum materials. So this bathroom door will feel light when opened and closed. However, the door of this aluminum material but if always in contact with water for a long time, will be easily porous or rusty. Therefore, you must choose white aluminum so the door can last longer.

As you know, this bathroom door has many motifs. Therefore, you can choose a unique and beautiful motif that has many advantages such as rust resistance, easy maintenance, and soundproofing. Then easy to install. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Folding bathroom door

The folding model bathroom door in this one bathroom is very suitable to be placed in a bathroom located in a private room such as a bedroom. This folding door can also create a spacious impression in your bathroom as well as an interior decoration of your bedroom.
To look more attractive, you can choose a bathroom door with a wooden motif. This motif makes the interior of your bathroom look more luxurious and elegant. However, for installation do not touch the floor because it can make your door damaged quickly. Hopefully, this design can add inspiration to your bedroom interior design.

Sliding bathroom door

Sliding bathroom doors have become a trend lately, especially in minimalist homes because this model can save space. By using a sliding door in the bathroom, we will get convenience when we want to go in and out of the bathroom. In addition, this type of sliding door is very suitable for small bathrooms because sliding doors can give a broad impression on your bathroom design.
So that the appearance of your room looks more attractive, choose a color that matches the floor of your room. Then, the bathroom door frame is designed with a dark color to make it easy to see. In addition, the design with stained glass is not see-through from the outside. With this design, your bathroom will look more aesthetic.

Picture bathroom door

For those of you who want to decorate your home and even your bathroom door with various decorations, this picture bathroom door is the best choice for you. A door that is made with a pattern on the outside will look more attractive to people who see it because it will show someone’s creativity in choosing the image. Then, to make it look more attractive, choose a white door color and decorate it with an image with a soft color. That way, the interior of your room will look bright and spacious. Well, hopefully, this design can be your inspiration.

Rotating bathroom door model

In the picture on the side, you can see the elegant shape of the bathroom door because it can be rotated 360 degrees. So it will create a distinct impression for everyone who uses and opens the door. This door is also suitable to be installed in the bathroom. So it looks unique. For a more attractive, choose the original color of the wood to make it look more natural. Hopefully, this design can be your inspiration.

Elegant bathroom door model

If you like luxurious and elegant designs. This bathroom door can be an inspiration for you. With this design, the interior of your room looks luxurious and aesthetically pleasing. To look more attractive, you can design this wooden bathroom door with a minimalist profile and color model. But the model must still be adjusted to the color of the bathroom walls and accessories as shown above. Hopefully, this design can add to your room’s interior design ideas.

Glass bathroom door model

Glass-based doors in the bathroom are rarely used but there’s nothing wrong with using a glass-based door. A bathroom door like the one above is in great demand by most people because this glass door can give the impression of luxury and elegance in your bathroom.
To look more attractive, you can decorate your bathroom with luxurious toiletries to make people who see it fascinated and amazed. For those of you who are happy with this door model, this design is suitable for your inspiration.

Glass bathroom door with aluminum frame

Bathroom glass door models with aluminum frames can also give a minimalist impression to your bathroom. The attractiveness of this design is a modern industrial design. Therefore, this model should be used in a spacious bathroom because the aluminum frame can make the shower space feel small and narrow. That way, you are not free to move. We hope this bathroom door design can be an inspiration for you.

The tempered glass bathroom door

Having inspiration for a luxurious bedroom design can provide comfort for you. Therefore, this bathroom door model is familiar to you. Then with tempered glass material, which is usually used as a smartphone screen protector, this bathroom looks luxurious. For your information, tempered glass is glass made through a chemical hardening process, and special heating. This process aims to make it stronger than ordinary glass.
The advantages of this tempered glass bathroom door are safer. If it breaks this type of glass is also not as sharp as ordinary glass. In addition, the tempered glass bathroom glass door with a circular design like this usually depends on the bathroom area. Then, this model is always made in luxury bedrooms. But if you want to create a minimalist home, this design can be your inspiration. Good luck!

Sliding bathroom glass door

The glass bathroom door with a sliding model or sliding door is one of the most popular designs. This glass door design is opened and closed by sliding it sideways, so it doesn’t need more room to open and close it.
The sliding glass bathroom door is suitable for a narrow shower room because it doesn’t take up much space to open and close. The glass material used also makes the atmosphere of the room cleaner and more spacious. To always look attractive, you must always clean the bathroom glass so that it is not blurry and dirty. We hope this design can be an inspiration for your minimalist home.

Bathroom glass door for shower room

Shower boxes are usually in every bathroom that carries the concept of a walk-in shower or standing shower. A shower box is a special bathroom for showering or rinsing yourself, which is limited by a partition with a door and usually uses glass material. So it does not wet other areas such as the vanity, toilet, and bathing area.
This shower box concept is suitable for owners of large bathrooms because it requires a separate room for various needs, such as bathing, bathing, and toilets. In addition, the glass bathroom door provides a more seamless transition in this room. But to install it, you still have to use home decor services so that the results are as you wish. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for your minimalist bathroom.

Bathroom glass door partition model

Various models of bathroom doors have designed to make homeowners happy and satisfied. A bathroom door with a partition or space divider model can also be applied to the bathroom, including to separate the bathroom from the toilet and vanity. One partition model that can be considered is a bathroom glass door with a folding or folding design. As the name suggests, this glass door has hinges that fold this partition when we open and close this divider.
This bathroom door is different from a glass partition in the form of an ordinary bulkhead. This bathroom glass door usually consists of a glass arrangement with an aluminum frame. However, this bathroom glass door is suitable for large bathrooms. We hope this design can use for your minimalist bathroom. Happy designing!

5. Conclusion

Those are some examples of bathroom door designs that we can present to you. But if you want to install your bathroom door to make it look beautiful, aesthetic, and attractive. We provide some examples of the images above.

Then, to install it, you must prepare money for the doorman. But for the bathroom model, you can choose as in the picture we gave above. Hopefully, this review can be an inspiration for you and your family. Then, make the bathroom look more attractive and stunning.


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