1. Overview green ornamental plants

Having a complete and aesthetic house design with various green plants in the yard, of course, makes the view look cool and beautiful. These plants can provide the benefit of increasing oxygen production around the house. So that air circulation becomes smoother, the house is cooler with healthy air. Then you and your family will be healthy.

Green ornamental plants can not only facilitate air circulation around the house. Various kinds of plants planted in the yard can also beautify the appearance of the house. Various types of ornamental plants can be natural decorations that can make your home look more beautiful and charming. Even with this plant, the front yard of the house becomes shadier and avoids the hot sun. For that, let’s review the ideas and designs of ornamental plants below.

2. Idea and design

Ornamental plant gardening ideas and designs have again become a trend in Indonesia since 2020. A number of people flock to buy ornamental plants to fill their spare time and decorate their homes. In addition to adding to the beauty of the house, ornamental plants are usually exhibited in front of the house as well to beautify the appearance. Therefore many people want to find ideas and designs to decorate their homes.

They know that having a complete residence with various green plants in the yard can make the scenery look cool and beautiful. These plants can provide the benefit of increasing oxygen production around the house. So that air circulation becomes smoother, the house is cooler with healthy air. For that, let’s review some examples of decorative green ornamental plants that can make your home look stunning.

3. Some examples of green plants in front of the house

We can get a cool and beautiful impression when the ornamental plants we choose are suitable and fit in our front yard. You can put ornamental plants in the mini garden that you designed in front of the terrace or on the front fence of the house. In addition, the selection of ornamental plants must suit your taste so as to present a cooler view. For that, we want to share ideas, to review some green plants that can make your home page look more beautiful and stunning. Welcome to our review!

Orchid garden

Who does not know this beautiful flower? This plant which also has the Latin name orchid has many types. Each type, of course, requires a different way of maintenance as well. But this is of course commensurate with the beauty offered by this plant.

Did you know that this ornamental plant is often called the king of ornamental flowers? Apart from the beauty of its shape, the price of this orchid is also quite expensive. Especially if the orchid plant includes rare orchids, such as the Black Orchid and the Moon Orchid. To make it look more beautiful, this plant is always hung on a special flower pergola and wall. With this arrangement, the exterior of your home will look beautiful and charming.

Zygocactus plant

In the review of ornamental plants above, several plants have been mentioned that require a little sunlight, but Zygocactus is the opposite. This beautiful plant will actually be optimal when exposed to sunlight in large quantities. But, you also need to be patient if you want to see the beauty of the flowers.

This one plant is very suitable to be placed in the front garden of the house. So that it looks beautiful you can arrange it by hanging it on the pergola. Then, make a beautiful garden with some tree branches. With the right arrangement, this plant will develop rapidly. Then, it will issue a beautiful flower. That way, you can enjoy the beauty of the flowers at any time.

Spider plant

Adding green plants in the house not only functions as an aesthetic enhancing element but also has health benefits. Plants are able to absorb substances in the air that are harmful to the body and replace them with cleaner and fresher air. There are many kinds of plants that can be kept indoors and are easy to care for.

The spider plant has the shape of leaf tendrils that dangle long like a spider, so this plant is named that way. Its unusual appearance will add to the aesthetics of the room. Spider plants come in various types and are suitable for hanging plants. Spider Plant actually grows well with indirect sunlight, making it perfect for indoor plants. Spider Plant is also said to be able to absorb poisons, and chemicals, and clean the air. In this way, the air in your room will be clean and healthy.

Red palm plant

Decorating a house should not be limited to the room in the house. The front area of ​​your house also has the right to have your design and attention if you want to create a beautiful and fresh home and landscape design. Therefore, many things must be considered to make your mini garden look beautiful and enchanting. Therefore, planting ornamental plants in front of the house is not difficult if you choose the right types of plants. Hot sun, rain, and various other weather conditions are factors that must be considered in choosing ornamental plants.

For that, we hope to choose ornamental plants that do not require much care, such as red palm plants. This plant can grow in any climate. Then, this plant can grow for a long time. In addition, it can provide a cool atmosphere in your mini garden area. With this arrangement, your mini garden will feel cozy.

Aglaonema plant

Plants like this picture are usually called Sri Fortune. This plant is known to bring good luck to those who plant and care for it. Its patterned color makes it a favorite of many people to plant in the yard. Aglaonema grows well in moist, warm, and shady areas, it’s no wonder that many people in Indonesia grow this plant at home.

To thrive and look attractive, you can place this plant in a large flower pot. Then, you arrange it well so that it looks neat and beautiful. By doing the right arrangement, the mini garden in front of your house will give a beautiful and amazing impression. So, if you want to plant this kind of plant, you have to take good care of it so that it grows lush and beautiful. That way, the mini garden in front of your house will be the concern of many people. Then, make you proud.

Mother-in-law’s Tongue (Snake Plant)

This particular plant is widely grown in areas with tropical climates because hot air is a suitable environment for growing Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. You don’t have to worry about sunlight if you want to grow this plant and care for it because this plant is also very easy to care for. Even if it is planted in a shady area it is not a problem, because Mother-in-Law’s Tongue can grow well in all types of lighting, such as on the terrace of the house or in the sun.

So that these plants can thrive, you can plant them in the ground. In this way, the plant will get the maximum nutrients. Then, add fertilizer to make it more fertile. Then, this plant is very suitable for planting in a mini garden in front of the house. That way, the mini garden in front of your house will look more attractive and pleasing to the eye.

Rubber plant 

You can plant rubber plants that have round leaves at the ends in front of your house. Rubber plants can burn if planted in the hot sun, although sunlight is essential to growing these plants well. Plant this plant can grow in a shady area or surround by other types of plants that are taller to get a cool and beautiful landscape.

To make it look more beautiful, you can plant this plant in front of the house which has other plants. In this way, the rubber plant will look more beautiful. However, if you have limited front land, this plant is not right for you to plant. In addition, you can also arrange paths to add to the beauty of the park. With this arrangement, your garden will feel cooler.

Bottle palm plant

We often encounter this bottle palm plant in luxury homes. Bottle palm plant care is easy, making it the right choice for those of you who want a garden or terrace with a tropical feel. Bottle palm plants are also suitable as decorations to decorate homes that have a minimalist design. You just have to make sure the bottle palm is planted in the right planting medium so that it grows well.

The advantages of this bottle palm plant can be planted in large flower pots and in the ground. This way, you don’t have to worry about where to plant the plants. In addition, this type of plant is the easiest to care for. Then even this plant can grow big and tall in front of your house. By planting this, the exterior of your house will feel shady and make you feel more comfortable in front of the house. That way, the exterior of your house feels cool.

Aloe vera plant

This one plant we always find at home. They plant it with the aim of nourishing hair. In addition, this aloe vera plant is an ornamental plant that is easy to care for. As long as it gets enough sunlight, this plant will thrive.

Aloe vera is also a plant that can be used for various human needs. The advantage is, this plant can be planted anywhere so it is suitable for indoor or outdoor decoration. For those of you who have never planted it, we hope you can plant it in front of your house soon. Good luck!

Succulent plant

This succulent plant is small in shape but has its own characteristics and beauty. This succulent plant can be the right choice if you want to add detailed decorations indoors and outdoors. That way, the room will seem more beautiful and fresh.

As you know, there are different types of succulents. One of the most famous is the cactus. This type has recently become popular among lovers of ornamental plants. The advantage of this plant is that it is easy to care for a succulent because it does not have to be watered all the time and does not require a lot of water. Then, these plants can be planted in small pots. However, to be placed in a mini garden in front of the house, this plant should be planted in a rather large pot. In this way, hopefully, the exterior of your house will look beautiful.

Pineapple plant

Everyone must know the pineapple fruit. This fruit is always served at a meal. But who would have thought, the pineapple tree could turn out to be an ornamental plant at home? Apart from being fruitful, the most important thing is that the maintenance is not difficult. Then, it is easy to plant in the ground. Unfortunately, this plant is not suitable for growing in flower pots because it will not produce fruit.

One type of pineapple tree that is a favorite ornamental plant is the red clam pineapple tree. This plant has small red fruit and is more often cultivated as an ornamental plant. However, the fruit of the red clam pineapple plant is still edible. Although the fruit is not as sweet as regular pineapple. Nah! for those of you who want to try growing red pineapple, you can make our review your inspiration.

Bamboo plant

Almost everyone knows bamboo plants. Bamboo is widely used as a building material for houses. But different from this one bamboo plant. This bamboo plant has always been one of the most favorable feng shui-lucky ornamental plants.

They believe that this plant not only brings good luck but even bamboo ornamental plants are also believed to get rid of bad luck. Therefore, many houses plant bamboo with the aim of bringing good fortune to the residents. In addition, this plant is also easy to grow. You can plant it in pots, and arrange it in a mini garden in front of your house, or in your living room. Happy decorating!

Lime plant

We often encounter this plant in front of the house. Generally, they plant it so that it can be used as a cooking spice. Therefore, lime is not only useful for kitchen needs. But did you know the lime tree is one of the lucky plants that is generally considered to be profitable when the fruit is ripe?

In addition, the yellow color of oranges when ripe can make the mini garden in front of your house look more beautiful. The advantage of this plant can be planted in large pots. Therefore, if you don’t have enough land, you can plant it in pots. Thus, the beauty of this plant can be moved according to your wishes. Hopefully, this review can be your inspiration.

Anthurium plant

This popular indoor plant hails from Columbia, has long, dark green hairy leaves, and produces lovely heart-shaped ‘flowers’ in pink and white that last for weeks. For a plant to bloom, it needs bright light but not direct sunlight. Anthurium plants can grow up to 45cm high. As for care, you should keep the soil moist in the summer and a little drier in the rainy season. This plant is perfect for a mini garden in front of your house. That way, the exterior of your home will look beautiful and charming.

Jade plant

This plant is also known as an indoor plant. Jade Plant is also known as money plant or money plant because of its small and rather round leaves. With its thick, woody stems and oval-shaped leaves, this plant has the appearance of a miniature tree which makes it very attractive for use as an ornamental plant.

One of the characteristics of the Jade Plant is that it requires at least 4 hours of exposure to direct sunlight each day. This plant is able to receive direct sunlight, so it is suitable to be placed in front of a kitchen window or workspace. Then, you can also put it in a mini garden in front of your house. So it looks beautiful and charming.

Pachira Plant (Money Plant)

This plant is the same as the Jade Plant. This plant is also known as a money plant because in Chinese culture it is believed to bring good luck. This plant can grow up to 15 meters in the wild. Even so, this plant is popular as an indoor plant or bonsai plant because of its easy maintenance.

This plant is a long-lasting plant, so it can grow in a variety of conditions because this tropical tree thrives near wetlands and marshes, it likes moist soil at all times and indirect light exposure. If you are interested in planting it, you can plant it in front of your house. But if you don’t want this plant to grow big, you can make it a bonsai plant. That way, the mini garden in front of your house will look beautiful.

Monstera plant

As you know, the main attraction of this plant lies in the accent holes and tears in the leaves. The Monstera Plant’s lush green leaves and holes can give a room its own uniqueness and are able to grow just right in any room.

In addition to the unique leaf shape, it turns out that this plant is also able to improve air quality thanks to the production of oxygen, especially at night. Monstera Plant tends to like cool temperatures and not exposed to direct sunlight. If you like this plant, you can plant it in a flower pot. Then, arrange this plant in the mini garden in front of your house, or in your living room. That way, your home design will look aesthetic.

4. Conclusion

Those are some types of plants that we recommend for you to plant in a mini garden in front of your house. These plants have their own characteristics and can channel your hobby to farming. We hope that our review above suits your taste and can make your mini garden in front of your house cool and beautiful. Hopefully, our review above can make your home’s exterior design look aesthetically pleasing, attractive, beautiful, and enchanting. Then, make you and your family more comfortable at home. Happy decorating!


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