Overview of contemporary home design

The housing world of design is currently being horrified by contemporary house models. This design looks beautiful and has high artistic value. Contemporary homes are a modern form of architectural aesthetics. With the development of many design styles, many architects have combined various styles and streams to present a design style that is now better known as a contemporary home.

Contemporary home designs often appear to stand out because of a mixture of various styles and streams. Contemporary homes also come without similar characteristics due to the influence of each school and design style which may be different. The following are various contemporary home design creations from all over the world that can provide inspiration and imagination regarding contemporary home designs.

Futuristic design in a contemporary home

Even though futuristic house designs are still rare, many futuristic-style home architectural designs have been adapted in big cities. You can find it in houses that have a prominent and attractive appearance. If you want a place with a different, unique, prominent look, but not tacky, then this futuristic home design is highly recommended. This home design style refers to matters related to the future that features a strong design compared to other designs.

Unique and artistic look

One appearance that is quite unique in contemporary homes is the facade design. The roof of this futuristic-style house looks like it is connected to the front without boundaries, unlike most houses. Then, coupled with color motifs that play on the roof of the house so that it looks striking.

If you look at the back of the house, the slope that is highlighted will look unique and artistic. If so far the shape of the building appears more geometric with angular edges, then this will not be seen at all in a futuristic home design. Not only that, the house’s interior is made with a design that is no less luxurious and beautiful. So, for those of you who are interested in futuristic home design, maybe you can use the home design ideas below as references that can be applied to your home.

Cocoon House

The design of this house is inspired by the cocoon which you can see in the middle structure. The building next to it has been designed with a touch of glass and wood added to enhance the futuristic impression of the house. The ventilation has been designed in the form of a circle at the top of the cocoon. So it can allow sunlight to enter the house during the day. With this arrangement, your home design will look beautiful and charming.

Flіght of bіrds

Everyone has a different character. Then, the taste of designing a house is different. As you can see, the structure of this house is designed in a shape that resembles a bird’s wing. If you think this shape is only used as decoration, then you are wrong. Every part of this futuristic model home design has a function that makes it a modern and imaginative home. Therefore, many people want to make futuristic designs and to make their homes stand out.

OLS House

This beautiful home model has a futuristic touch that is perfectly designed for those of you who have a small family. Special design with elevated main floor conditions. Even though it is small in size, this house will look big and sturdy to look at.

Dupli Casa

As you can see, the design of this house looks like an old house that has been turned into a futuristic model. This house has a design that stands out on duplication and rotation. The glass walls in the house really match and show how the house will look in the future. The unique model makes this house design look aesthetic.

The facade of a stylish futuristic house

Contemporary modern residential facades that appear futuristic clearly feature vertical and horizontal lines. Vertical and horizontal lines are made expressively according to the desired house facade. The facade of the house looks very stylish with a unique geometric formation.

The facade of the house also displays other futuristic design characteristics, namely using bright, striking colors. Between the domination of neutral and silver colors, green is a bright color that contrasts, gives a solid impression, and feels alive. With a design like this, the exterior design of your home will look artistic and unique.

Unique and artistic

Apart from the front facade of the house, the other outside of the building also displays a thick futuristic design, such as on the side of the building. Simple geometric shapes combined with glass wall elements. Secondary skin is added at a certain distance from the glass wall elements to reduce sun exposure.

Not only useful as a protector, but this secondary skin also functions as a decoration that beautifies buildings. The grid line pattern has a futuristic nuance in white, making the visual home more stylish and unique. To make it look more attractive, this house is decorated with decorative plant pots. That way the atmosphere inside the house design will feel cooler and more comfortable.

Curved touches for a more modern look

In modern home designs, you can be creative with unusual shapes. One of them is a modern home design. Even though it looks neat with geometric shapes, this modern home design adds an arch to the facade which makes this modern home design much more dynamic.

In addition to the curved shape, this modern home design also applies pleasant colors to complement the dominant white color. Both the exterior and interior are designed with fun curved elements. So it’s not only to look at but also to use! It’s no wonder that the modern home design he designed for his family is a favorite of all family members. With an appearance like this, the interior design of the house will make the family feel comfortable and happy.

Modern shell house design

If in previous modern home designs, curved elements were explored in geometric shapes, this home design uses a square as the main element. This modern house design, also known as “The Shell House”, uses the structure of a dome or shell to form a dwelling like a conch house. This modern home design has a layout that seems to blend in with the trees and vegetation around it. Then, to make it look more attractive, this house is painted white with a black iron fence. With this arrangement, the exterior looks neat and harmonious.

Futuristic modern house design

The next design presents a modern home design with futuristic dynamic geometric shapes. Not only makes this residence stand out among the surrounding environment which is so organic. This modern house design is also equipped with materials that make this residence feel warm and homey for you to live with your family.

The dynamic formation that exists in this modern home design appears in harmony with the interior of the residence which is equipped with elegant furniture. Then, make this residence feel pleasant to stay in.

Waterfront design

Having a beautiful and stunning home design is everyone’s dream. Even though this modern home design is becoming a trend, it doesn’t mean that this modern home design looks monotonous. Like the house pictured above. With a circular shape, the design of this luxury house is deliberately made as if it blends in and interacts with the lake below.

Water is made to flow like the outside of this luxury home design, making this house model the right choice for those of you who want to find peace with your family from the sound of rushing water. However, to make it you have to prepare a sufficient budget. That way, the results will be according to your taste.

Modern futuristic house design

As you know, residential design is experiencing rapid development. Architects are increasingly free to create. In addition, the designs are designed according to the environmental conditions, the client’s tastes, and the use of materials, for the main theme of the house.

The themes applied in the design of a dwelling are no less diverse. Sometimes, not only present one particular style. Various styles can be combined while still prioritizing harmonization, such as modern home architecture featuring futuristic designs. With a different appearance, this house is increasingly in demand by people.


Those are some futuristic home designs that we can recommend. Hopefully, this beautiful home model can touch your heart. So you can design it according to your taste. We hope that this trending design can make your home design look elegant, aesthetic, attractive, beautiful, and amaze people. Then, make you and your family more comfortable and happy at home.


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