Did you know that the design of the house you have or live can affect your health? Many factors say that this is true, as it is in the “Journal of Social and Personal Relationships”, with messy homework can be a stress factor for a spouse or family. In addition, in Asia China, in particular, there is a Feng Shui term that explains that a position or a home position can cause many things from health start, luck, and others.

Minimalist Design

The concept of minimalist design is much in the interest because this design is easy to apply. Such concepts are also often equated with modern concepts because of many things such as aesthetics because this concept has a style that combines aesthetics and simplicity.

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Advantages Minimalist Design

In addition to several reasons, there is one reason that becomes very important but not many people who know and are aware of this is a benefit for residents of the house with a minimalist design. Would you like that?

  1. Color Usage

Usually, the concept of minimalist tends to use neutral colors that can affect the brain to process a room in full and can make the brain fresh and can think positively. We recommend that you use this minimalist concept in your room or private workspace because it can help you to think better in work or rest.

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  1. Lighting

Did you know that a room with too much light is not always good? There is a research that says that with too much light in a room like a bedroom can cause a sense of rush that will be suggested by the person. You should pay attention to this because the lighting of a room can affect health for you.

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  1. Collection of Knick-knacks

Usually, people who use the concept of minimalist design will have a lot of knick-knacks or decorations that many like in the example below.

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As you can see that many beautiful and beautiful trinkets beautify a room. And of course, this will affect your health gays !. The more trinkets you have in the bigger arsenal of your health is also threatened, with so many decorations there will be many things you should look at, for example, the flower fas, with the vase of flowers there will be room for bacteria or germs to gather or other animals that can harm you to hide like poisonous spiders and others.


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