The house is a comfortable place to stay for the family. But the more narrow and the more people make the residence more difficult, let alone to build your house requires a huge cost to build and rent the land. The apartment is the solution for those of you who want a comfortable and easy place to live.

Minimalist Apartment

Everyone usually changes the design of the apartment they live in to make it more comfortable. One way to make the apartment comfortable in living with the concept first. The concept that many in use are a minimalist design because this design is usually very suitable for those of you who have a small or spacious apartment. Minimalist apartments will usually be more comfortable in life because the design like this usually uses the colors interesting and nice to see, other than that this minimalist concept usually combines the extension and beauty. Here are some examples of minimalist design concepts that you might like one of the designs of some of the design photos below.

cincept 1
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cincept 2
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Position Placement

In making or designing an apartment you should note is the placement, be it the placement of bed, dining room, living room, and others. This is in because the space in each apartment is limited so you must be smart in setting the accessories and other space.

Apartment Living Room

The living room is very necessary because in this room you will spend a lot of time with family and receive guests who come. Living room in the apartment is usually quite small, so you need a sofa that is not too big but still give a minimalist impression in your apartment. We give some examples of living room design that you can use in your apartment.

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licing room
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licing room1
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licing room2
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In addition to the living room, there are many other things you need to consider such as libraries. The design of small libraries in the apartment can be much searched for by people who like to read because for them the apartment will be more fun and comfortable if it has a small library. Below we have prepared some photos from a small library design example that you can copy.

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And that’s the advice or information about the minimalist apartment design that we can provide at this time, hopefully with information or examples of this design can give you a more intuitive design idea that you can be more comfortable to stay in the apartment you have. Thank you and see you again in the next designs.



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