– Scandinavian garden is a solution for people who want to decorate their backyard with fresh decoration. For those of you who love nature, we can utilize it by growing some plants that have beautiful flowers and are suitable for our home concept. If you want to combine aesthetic, simple, and natural design at the same time, a Scandinavian exterior style is very preferred for you. We can apply it and combine it with some beautiful plants to create a better looking. However, some people might feel confused to choose the right type of them. Scandinavian exterior design is not complicated to be applied and we should know the information about decorations that we will use later.

A home garden can make us feel comfortable to spend our time with our family while drinking coffee or tea. We also can relieve our stress and enjoying the fresh air with a beautiful view without going outside. There are many plants type that we can choose where some of them might have beautiful flowers. Today, we will give you some Scandinavian garden plants and backyard decorating ideas that might help you to make a fascinating Scandinavian garden.

Scandinavian Garden Plants With Beautiful Flower

Colorful flowers make us happy whenever we see it because it has bright color and some of them have a good smell. There are many types that we can choose as long as it is suitable to our taste. We can also apply a vintage design by growing some white plants like lily or jasmine. However, what suitable plants for a Scandinavian design? We should choose bright colors to create a cheerful concept and make our garden doesn’t look barren. It can make our interior and exterior look beautiful because it has a harmonious concept in color selection. This time, we will give you a Scandinavian garden plants recommendation.

Million Bells

Beautiful Scandinavian garden plants recommendation
Million bells with a beautiful flower

A million bells hanging plants or the Latin name is calibrachoa is one of the petunia flowers. It doesn’t need to spread new seeds and has simple maintenance to keep them blooming. We can have a beautiful view for a long time by growing this plant and save our budget because we don’t need new seeds. We should only add moist soil, fertilizer, and enough sunlight. A hanging pot is the best recommendation from us to make it prettier than using a simple type. This flower can be hung in front of the Scandinavian living room.


Scandinavian colorful flowers recommendations
Colorful begonia flowers
Scandinavian garden plants recommendation
Begonia without flowers

Begonia comes from subtropical and humid tropics then has two types such as begonia with flowers and only have leafy. It has various colors such as yellow, orange, pink, and white which are suitable to be hung in a Scandinavian garden. Begonia without flowers only has a unique leaf shape with a little bit of color such as purple, red, and gray. If it has pale green, we should move it to a shady area because of too much sun exposure. Besides the garden, it is also suitable to be added in the Scandinavian bedroom.


Scandinavian garden plants recommendation
Fuchsia flowers

For those of you who live in cool and humid climates, a fuchsia is suitable to be grown in your garden. It is the best Scandinavian garden plant that can make our home look beautiful and colorful at the same time. It has a unique flower shape that looks like a bell with bright colors. However, it is complicated to keep the flower always blooming and we should always take care of it. We have to give it fertilizer with water regularly. Fuchsia can make your Scandinavian home office look fascinating by growing it near the window.


Scandinavian garden plants
Hydrangea with beautiful colors

The flower is gathered in one place and make a ball shape. It looks unique and beautiful at the same time with bright colors which can make our Scandinavian garden feel comfortable and fresh. It has an affordable price that is suitable for people who are on a budget but want to make a beautiful garden.


Scandinavian garden plants recommendations
Lavender with pretty purple color

For those of you who love a good smell with relaxing vibes and want to make a purple garden concept, lavender is very suitable for you. It also can get rid of mosquitoes from our home. It has a unique shape and can make you feel relaxed while staying in your backyard. Lavender is the best Scandinavian garden plant for people who don’t want to add a scented candle.

Scandinavian Garden Decorating Ideas

After we know suitable Scandinavian garden plants, it is better to know about decorating ideas because we can apply the perfect design by knowing them. A backyard is a place that can be used to make a garden or relaxing place. We should add some furniture and decorations that can make us feel confident to invite guests. This time, we will give you some ideas that might help you to make a fascinating exterior design.

Aesthetic Scandinavian Backyard

Scandinavian garden and backyard decorating ideas
Scandinavian terrace with a fascinating look

If we have a backyard, installing wooden tiles to make a terrace is a good choice. Rattan chairs with a wooden table are very preferred to be added to create an aesthetic impression. A sofa also can be placed to make it feel wide and comfortable. White and black pictures accent can be attached to the wall to make it won’t look monotonous. This place can be utilized for dinner or gathering with our family in the morning while enjoying our breakfast.

Simple And Comfortable Scandinavian Backyard

Comfortable Scandinavian backyard
Scandinavian relaxing place

We can install two rattan lamps to make our backyard feel cozy and aesthetic at the same time. Long chairs with a wooden table are very suitable to be applied together in the Scandinavian backyard. To make it bright at the night, a fairy light is suitable to be installed.

Cozy Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian garden decorating ideas
Scandinavian garden

By placing a park bench, it can create a cozy impression in our Scandinavian garden. To make it have a stronger style, some little stones can be added and combined with fairy light. It can make our garden feel comfortable and have an attractive look at the same time.


To apply the exterior design, we should pay attention to plants and furniture that we will add to avoid making a mistake while choosing it. A Scandinavian style is not complicated to be applied as long as we know the characteristics and suitable furniture for the design. The plant and furniture types are also necessary to be considered to create a fascinating Scandinavian look.


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