– Tips to clean Scandinavian wooden flooring tiles with wooden furniture to keep it always clean are necessary to know. They can make our home have a beautiful impression and also make us feel confident to invite someone. We can’t have a fascinating design if we don’t know how to clean our furniture. A cleanroom makes us healthy and also saves our expenses because we don’t need to change our furniture and anything for a long time. It makes our things have long durability with a fascinating impression that will create a cozy home accent.

Generally, a Scandinavian interior characteristic always uses wooden and white furniture, flooring, decorations, and lighting. Sometimes we feel complicated because it isn’t easy to keep the furniture always clean except we know some tips about it. We should not damage it because of termites or anything that can ruin our wooden materials. Don’t worry about it because we will give you some tips.

Tips To Clean Scandinavian Wooden Flooring Tiles

Tips to clean Scandinavian flooring tiles
Scandinavian wooden flooring tiles

Sometimes to install Scandinavian wooden flooring, we should choose a white color because it is very suitable for the design. However, having a little bit of white color is complicated because we should always clean it frequently. It is easy to get dirty and we have to know some tips to make us don’t waste our time. If we don’t care about it, we can’t have a fascinating home and feel comfortable while staying in our home. Moreover, if we have a Scandinavian living room design, we should keep the flooring always clean and strong so it can be used for a long time. Now, let’s check some tips from us for you.

Sweeping The Floor As Usual

Just like ceramic floors, wooden tiles should be swept every day to keep them always clean because it is important to make dust and other dirt gone. We recommend choosing a palm fiber or plastic broom to make it cleaner than choosing other types. It has a soft texture that keeps our tiles always have a better looking without stretching. A Scandinavian home office should always be swept to make us cozy while working.

Don’t Forget To Swab It

Besides sweeping, don’t forget to mop it twice a week because it can make the tile always clean. However, we should squeeze out the mop correctly to make our tiles don’t get damaged because of wet fabric. Wooden material is sensitive to water and we should make sure the mop is doesn’t too wet.

Choosing The Right Cleaning Product

If you want to have a comfortable home, we can choose the right cleaning product that has a good smell and quality. However, we should be careful to choose it because some products can ruin our wooden tiles. A porcelain cleaning, detergent, and bleaching product should be avoided because it can damage our wooden flooring.

Cleaning Wooden Flooring With Vacuum Cleaner

Some flooring parts are complicated to clean because we can’t only use a broom. We can use a vacuum cleaner to make it always clean without leaving any dirt. It can be used once a week to make it have long durability and can be applied for a long time. We can also vacuum our exterior because sometimes it has dust from Scandinavian garden plants.

Avoid Using Sharp Objects To Clean It

Sharp things certainly make the wooden floor get scratches so that’s why you shouldn’t use it to clean it. We recommend using wet microfiber fabric to make our flooring always clean. Sometimes, we will make DIY Scandinavian decorations and we certainly using sharp things like scissors or knives. We should avoid it to our wooden flooring because it can damage our tiles.

Polishing Floors With Special Liquid

There is a special liquid to make our wooden flooring looks shiny and have good quality then keep it always shiny. We can use it once a month to make our flooring always look astonishing.

Using Vinegar

If we don’t use a cleaning product, we can use vinegar to clean the dirt in our wooden flooring by mixing it with one liter of water. Then, wipe the floor to create a clear impression.

Tips To Clean Scandinavian Furniture

Tips to clean Scandinavian furniture
Scandinavian wooden furniture

Some people might feel complicated cleaning wooden furniture because we can’t wrongly do it. We should know some tips to make it looks beautiful and have long durability so it can be used for a long time. For people who use wooden materials for their Scandinavian bathroom, our tips might help you to keep it have long durability. If we don’t keep it always clean, it can be damaged so we have to buy new furniture agai. Don’t worry about it because this time we will give you some tips.

Applying Mayonnaise

We can make the dirt gone by applying mayonnaise and cover it with a paper towel to make our wooden furniture clean then let it for one day. After it, we can clean it with wet fabric and your wooden flooring can be clean.

Mixing Vinegar With Olive Oil

We can mix vinegar and olive oil in a little bowl to clean our Scandinavian wooden furniture. Vinegar can make the dirt gone and olive oil will make your furniture looks shiny and fascinating.

Using An Iron

To clean our furniture by using an iron, we should add a wet fabric and heating your iron then add it to the wet fabric. We should repeat it until the dirt is gone.

Cleaning Using A Hair Dryer

We can use a hairdryer to the dirt and let it for a minute then wipe it by using a wet fabric until our furniture is clean.


We can use white toothpaste to make our Scandinavian wooden furniture looks clean. Applying it to a wet fabric and clean the furniture with it. We can make a Scandinavian bedroom design always clean by using this method.


It can feel complicated to clean our wooden furniture and flooring if we don’t know some tips to make us easy while cleaning it. We should pay attention to the cleaning product and ingredients to avoid ruining our Scandinavian things.


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