– Fresh and unique impression is a favorite for many people in this era. We should have both of them to create a comfortable feeling also make us confident to invite guests or family to our home. However, what design has two impressions at the same time? The answer is a modern Scandinavian home exterior style! It has natural, simple, fresh, and unique impressions. It is also easy to be applied because doesn’t have much furniture and decoration. Moreover, if you have a wide home it can make you have an amazing home design that you ever have! It won’t make our home look monotonous because it has a fascinating look. The first thing that you should know before applying it is some characteristics of the Scandinavian exterior.

Some inspiration is also important to know if we feel confused about how to decorate our home exterior. Moreover, if this is your first time building your own home where applying this design is a must. Don’t worry about it, because we will give you some inspiration about fresh and unique modern Scandinavian home exterior design.

Should We Apply The Scandinavian Design?

Both Interior and exterior are important to be decorated because they can make our home prettier than don’t pay attention to it at all. A fresh and unique modern Scandinavian exterior might won’t look beautiful for some people, but with our ideas, we guarantee your home can look stunning. However, are there any advantages that we can get if we apply the design? Should we apply the Scandinavian style? Of course, you should apply it then you can get the advantage. This time, we will give you some information about it.

  1. For people who want to have a natural impression from neutral colors usage, we will love the design. Beige, white, light brown, black, light grey and others will be used if we apply the design for our home exterior. The style makes it feel cozy and aesthetic with a fascinating look. It won’t look tacky or messy so we can be confident to spend our time with loved ones or friends that you want to invite.
  2. Natural elements usage is the advantage of the Scandinavian style. We can make our home blend with nature and of course, it makes it more eco-friendly. For people who want to have this concept, this style is very suitable for you.
  3. Installing many windows is unthinkable while applying other designs but if you choose the Scandinavian, it is important to be installed. We can have better sunlight in our home without going outside.

Modern Scandinavian Characteristics

Applying the design is not easy except we know the characteristic. We should know some information to avoid making a mistake while applying the design. There are some people who don’t know Scandinavian characteristics and they certainly feel complicated. Don’t worry, because we will give you some information about it. By knowing it, we might think the design is suitable for our home interior too then we want to apply Scandinavian living room. Without any further ado, let’s get to the list!

Wooden Materials To Create A Natural Impression

Modern Scandinavian home exterior characteristic
Natural materials for home exterior

The first thing to see in a house is the exterior itself, right? That’s why it is important to apply beautiful design for it. The first Scandinavian characteristic is natural materials in the building. Generally, wooden materials are often to be used to create a natural impression and harmonious concept. Neutral colors from them make our home look simple but fascinating. Scandinavian people are also famous for their love of nature and that’s why we should choose natural materials building to apply this concept. The design always adds some plants in their interior or exterior. Scandinavian bedroom style usually has it to create a fresh impression but we can also add it to our terrace or balcony.

Simplicity Design

The beauty of Scandinavian lies in its simplicity and we should decorate it with simple colors and materials. It doesn’t have useless detail and ornament then tends to have functional furniture that makes this design can be used better.

Open And Bright Concept

If you ask us why Scandinavian homes have many windows? It is because this design has an open and bright concept. It always utilizes natural light from the sun and makes every room in the home feel bright and wide. We can also make it look prettier than doesn’t install many windows. It makes us feel comfortable because our home always has a fresh impression with better lighting. By installing it, we don’t need to use a lamp for making our home bright.

Functional And Comfortable

For people who have a wide space in their home, utilizing some space to make an extra space is the best recommendation. We can make a corner of the room into a library by adding a bookshelf. We can also change it to make us relieve stress by adding some plants and beautiful rugs. It makes our room have a better function and doesn’t have wasted or unused space.

Relaxing Color

For those of you who often feel stress and want to relieve it, we recommend applying a Scandinavian design. It has neutral colors like light grey, blue, white, and beige that can make you relaxed and your stress gone. We can also be confident to invite some people and feel cozy to spend our time.

Scandinavian Home Exterior Design Inspiration

After knowing the characteristic, let’s talk about some inspired designs that might help you to apply them. Generally, it is easy to be applied but for people who still feel complicated and confused, it might make us easier than don’t know about it. We guarantee you will feel amazed of your home after applying our design inspiration. Now, let’s know about it!

Taper Roof

Scandinavian home exterior design
Beautiful Scandinavian home interior design

Gable roof design is suitable for people who want to have their home look tall than before. It is also preferred to be applied together with Scandinavian design. To make it look harmonious, we can apply a Scandinavian dining room to make us comfortable to stay in our home. Wooden materials can be used for some parts and paint the other part by using a white color. It can make our home look beautiful and simple then give a stronger accent to the design.

Dark Scandinavian Home Exterior Design

Dark concept Scandinavian home exterior
Scandinavian home exterior in the dark concept

For people who don’t love to use beige, white, and other bright colors, a dark concept is very suitable for you. We can apply it by building a black gable roof then apply some bright color to the interior. A Scandinavian kitchen design is our recommendation to make you have a harmonious concept in color selection. It also makes us doesn’t feel dark if we apply a bright concept for the interior design.


Besides the interior, a Scandinavian design is suitable for an exterior and we can apply it to create a fresh and unique impression. It is easy to be applied as long as we pay attention to materials and characteristics. Probably, knowing all of them could inspire you.


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