1. Overview of the rooftop terrace

The rooftop terrace design can take advantage of the existing space. However, the layout has been made according to the design concept of your home. Most importantly, there are seats that are comfortable and can make you feel at home for a long on the rooftop. In addition, install a roof or shade so that outdoor furniture lasts from exposure to sunlight or rain. Therefore, we review attractive rooftop terrace ideas and designs for you to emulate. We hope that this design suits your taste and makes your home’s exterior look beautiful and pleasant.

2. Idea and design

Do you want to make a rooftop terrace but are constrained by a small house? This time, we will discuss a minimalist rooftop that can be your inspiration. The rooftop terrace is part of the roof that can be used as a place to relax. You can do various activities such as reading, relaxing while drinking coffee, or drinking tea to enjoy the calm atmosphere of the afternoon for a while.

Building a rooftop terrace is usually always on a large plot of land at a relatively large cost. However, in the midst of the increasing difficulty of getting housing in large areas, more architects and homeowners are creating creations to make their tiny homes comfortable. Even a small house can now have a dream terrace. However, you should not just build. You must pay attention to the proper design, location, and durability of the roof of the house. Besides that, having a minimalist rooftop on a roof with limited land usually makes you more economical. So you don’t have to involve an architect, you can freely design it with a variety of attractive designs which we will discuss below. For that, let’s follow our review!

Bamboo bale rooftop design

The home atmosphere sometimes makes you bored. Therefore, having a unique and antique rooftop isn’t boring. You can try a design like this picture. In order to make you relax, you can install a bamboo bale to complete a pleasant relaxing time with family and friends. Then, add a small table to put drinks and foam to sit on the floor. In this way, your bamboo bale design looks more natural and traditional.

Using wood materials

This design is almost similar to the design using bamboo, designs with wood elements are also attractive to apply to your rooftop. Not only unique and attractive, but the use of this natural material also adds to the shady atmosphere of the dwelling, feeling warm and comfortable. Add some rustic-style furniture. You can also install wooden elements on floors, walls, or chairs.

On the other hand, you have to take extra care of the terrace, because the use of wood material must be ensured that it is not easily brittle, eaten by termites until it rots due to the weather. You can put a waterproof or asbestos coating on the top side.

Cool with a mini garden

If you like gardening or caring for plants, but with limited space, Choose this design. You can conjure up a rooftop like this into a beautiful mini garden. Not only for relaxing, but this rooftop model can be a place for gardening or storing various kinds of your favorite plants. To make you relax, you can add garden chairs, tables, and decorative plant pots. Then, plant it with green grass so that the atmosphere is fresher. But don’t forget, you have to put up an iron fence to be safe.

Add exposed brick

Having a rooftop, of course, must be accompanied by extra security such as a fence. In order to be safe for the residents of this rooftop, a fence with exposed brick is made, especially for those who have small children. Therefore, installing a fence is mandatory on the side of your upper terrace. To be more sturdy, You can replace the usual fence with an exposed brick design. Combine with the use of glass on the fence to make it look attractive and transparent to the bottom, but still safe. To make you relax, complete with terrace benches, wooden tables, patterned sofa cushions, and ornamental plants in pots. That way, your rooftop design will look naturally beautiful.

Artistic rooftop design

Having a rooftop with furniture fittings you should protect. The trick is to install a canopy with shades of white or blue, then add some matching color furniture. Your terrace will be more minimalist and attractive. Even more eye-catching, with the addition of rattan chairs and tables. To look more attractive, add interesting knick-knacks, floor rugs, and round tables to place drinks. With this arrangement, you will feel comfortable and feel at home in this place.

Bohemian style design

You don’t have to use a canopy as a shade if you carry this concept. Try installing a roof with a unique arrangement of small tree trunks. In addition, add wooden chairs and tables. Decorative lamps that add to the exotic side of your terrace. If you want to sit back and relax, you can add a long sofa and some ornamental plants that shade. Then, to make it look more attractive, add floor rugs, patterned sofa cushions, round tables, and ornamental plants in pots. With an arrangement like this, your rooftop design feels comfortable.

Small house rooftop terrace design

The design of a rooftop terrace for a small house using wood material gives a feeling of comfort through elements that naturally radiate. A wooden ledge made by L like this can accommodate many people, is strong against the weather, and is simple.
How to take advantage of the design of a rooftop terrace for a small house can be done by arranging the right furniture and decoration elements so that the existing space can be used optimally. To make you relax, complete it with a long sofa, patio chairs, motif sofa cushions, and ornamental plants in pots. With a design like this, your rooftop design will look aesthetically pleasing.

Rooftop terrace design with a flower garden

So that the design of the rooftop terrace of a small house feels lively, presenting flower pots in every corner. Choose flowers that are weather resistant, because the rooftop area will be exposed to the sun directly and continuously. Then, to make you and your family relaxed, complete the terrace with guest chairs, a table for placing drinks, and red foam on rattan chairs. For security, this rooftop is designed with exposed brick fences. With this arrangement, your rooftop design will look more attractive. Then you can enjoy your relaxing day with your family in this place.

Hanging swing design and family room

By using a hanging swing, the design of a small house’s rooftop terrace can be maximized. Because it’s easy to put anywhere. In addition, the shape is also aesthetically pleasing, making the visual pleasing to the eye from any angle. To make you relaxed, you can add some patio chairs. With this arrangement, you and your family will feel more intimate.

Tiny corner rooftop terrace design

If you have a terrace with a corner that feels difficult to use, just place two potted ornamental plants and chairs and a table that is arranged neatly against beautiful greenery as a background. the result is a small corner that is comfortable and you can use it as a place to relax. To make it look more attractive, add synthetic grass, and rooftop wooden floors. For security, you can install a fence so that it is not dangerous for children. With this arrangement, your terrace design will look more natural.

Shabby chic design

If you want to give a feminine shabby chic touch to a small house rooftop terrace design. You can design like in the picture above. This rooftop design is equipped with sofa sets, colorfully patterned sofa cushions, floor rugs, round tables, and rattan patio chairs. To make it look more attractive, decorate it with flower plant pots, decorative garden lights, and a white pergola so it’s not exposed to heat and Rain. That way, this rooftop design looks more aesthetic.

Living room style design

You can move the comfort of the living room into a rooftop terrace design if you have land. With a three-seat chair and an easy chair arranged complete with a small table, you can feel the comfortable atmosphere on the rooftop. To make it look more attractive, you can add a floor rug and a table to place drinks. Then design a fence with natural stone so that it is not dangerous for children. With this arrangement, your rooftop design looks more attractive.

Minimalist small house rooftop terrace design

This rooftop design looks very relaxed. the coffee bench stage made of wood can change the design of a small house’s rooftop terrace to be unique and cool. Minimalist rooftops like this are easy to apply, and will never get boring. In order to make you feel more comfortable, complete with coffee chairs and tables in this place. Then, design a floor seat with foam. To make it look more attractive, you can decorate the fence with decorative lights and white exposed bricks. Then, to make the atmosphere feel cool and fresh, add potted ornamental plants to the side of the fence. That way, your rooftop design will look more attractive. Then make your gathering atmosphere more cheerful.

Caffee-style rooftop terrace design

This rooftop design is adopted from the cafe style. The beautiful wooden design makes the atmosphere even warmer. As you can see, this place is decorated with furniture, such as a wooden dining table, a beautiful sofa set with motif sofa cushions, long wooden benches, and ornamental plants planted on the side of a natural stone fence. To add to the warm atmosphere, the lighting is designed with decorative lamps mounted on the floor. A rooftop terrace design like this, it can make the family atmosphere more intimate and fun.

Attractive rooftop terrace design

This rectangular area is located adjacent to the swimming pool. To make the atmosphere feel more relaxed, this rooftop is equipped with wooden benches covered with foam. Then, beach umbrellas to protect from the hot sun. This rooftop is more effective and more often used when used as a gathering area with family. With this arrangement, you don’t need to look for a coffee shop outside the house. You just invite your co-workers to chat casually in this place.

Fish Pond Design on the Rooftop

Having a house equipped with a rooftop is what many people dream of. For those of you who are interested in buying a residence equipped with a rooftop, you can design it side by side with a fish pond. This way, you will be able to relax when you come home from work.

We know that this exclusive residence with a fish pond design is in great demand because of its modern appearance and maintaining privacy. To make your home more comfortable, you can add Japanese grass decorations around the fish pond area. In designing this area, you only need to build a drainage channel and solid construction. With this arrangement, the exterior design of your home will look aesthetically pleasing.

3. Conclusion

Those are some rooftop looks that we can recommend. Even with limited land occupancy, you can still have a comfortable and attractive rooftop terrace. So you can immediately make it. Hopefully, the design above can help you to get an additional family room solution in your home. Then, make the exterior of your home look more aesthetic, attractive, comfortable, and fun. Happy decorating!


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