1. Overview of the front page of a minimalist house

The size of a minimalist house also has an impact on the garden. Some have small gardens, and some even have no plants at all. However, you should not be sad because there are some inspirations for designing the front house garden to make it look beautiful. Therefore, let’s look at the following inspiration.
If you want to design a garden in front of the house with a small garden or a simple design, it’s not difficult. In addition, beautifying the house garden can eliminate fatigue and boredom. Therefore, limited land, time, and ability should not be an obstacle. So, many people prefer to entrust garden care to gardeners or park rangers. Therefore, the first step, you must understand the spaciousness of ​​the garden and get design inspiration to organize the garden into an attractive one. For that, let’s review the benefits of a garden in front of the house.

2. Benefits of the garden in front of the house

The home garden gives the first impression as quoted from Fine Gardening. The front view of the house is the first thing displayed to describe how the house looks in general. Many people use the front yard for a garden or small garden.
The front garden of the house has various benefits, including being able to add aesthetic value, become green land, and as a versatile open space. A good garden design will add value to the beauty of the house. Utilization of the yard for plants can improve the quality of the environment. Then, the yard can also be a relaxing area to relieve fatigue while relaxing with family. For that, we will review the application of a minimalist home garden as below.

3. Application of house land in a limited area

The limited land in the minimalist home areas often hinders the application of garden design. However, don’t worry, you can apply the minimalist garden concept to a narrow area. so you can still make the most of the yard.

In addition, there are several points that you need to apply in arranging a garden in a limited area, namely: Limited land in a minimalist house does not prevent you from having a beautiful and neat yard. Then, ideas and inspiration about garden designs are not only limited to minimalist homes. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you want to design a garden with small land first. That way, you will see the results you want to achieve.

Ideas for landscaping the front of the house

Everyone wants to have a beautiful and luxurious home design. A well-designed homeland can drastically increase the value of the beauty and function of the house. The arrangement of land in front of the house usually depends on the combination of materials used and the type of plants.
Then, the laying of these components must be adjusted to the shape of the house and land area. Therefore you need to get ideas and inspiration to get a beautiful garden design according to the shape and style of the house. For that, let’s review the garden design below. Hopefully, the review can use for you and your family. Welcome to our review!

Vertical garden design

Halaman dengan taman vertikal (Sumber: Delectable Garden) )
Everyone wants their house to have a garden. So it is easy for the eye to see. However, for a minimalist home, limited land often makes people lazy to organize their garden for fear of their land being narrow. But you don’t have to worry. We have a great way to organize a garden in a minimalist home.
Vertical gardens can be a strategy for homeowners with limited land. The empty part of the wall or fence can use as a buffer. Then, you can combine vines, pots, and supporting ornaments to make the page look aesthetic. Then, to look more attractive, you can combine it with a brown wooden fence and the best design of coral in the garden of the house. That way, you will enjoy the beauty of the garden in front of your house every day and take care of it so it thrives. Hopefully, the ideas and inspiration for this vertical garden design can be made in your minimalist home.

Garden in traditional Japanese style

The garden design applied to traditional Japanese residences seems to maintain a balance value that blends with nature. The hallmark of houses in Sakura Country has many large and wide windows. This is because natural lighting is the basis for aesthetics that emphasizes that every house is closely tied to the outdoors.
In addition, the traditional Japanese garden style emphasizes a balance between living and inanimate objects or zen. As much as possible, plants or furniture are not made with flashy colors but emphasize a natural impression. Therefore, many Japanese-style gardens are designed in classic-style houses. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Garden in front of the house with a vintage feel

Vintage designs are the face of past designs. Therefore, old furniture design can display a vintage impression on your yard. In addition, this design looks unique and classic because of the walls and windows that are left to fade. So add a rustic impression to the house.
The Garden inspiration like this gives a beautiful and nostalgic impression of your childhood. Then, to make it look more attractive, this garden is decorated with old garden chairs, ornamental plants in pots, and classic window and door colors. Then, the color of the garden floor has made a dark earth brown color. That way, if you like this simple design, you can use this design for your inspiration.

Minimalist garden on the balcony

The balcony can be a relaxing area if you are arranged it in green with ornamental plants. Therefore, for those of you who have problems with soil, you can overcome the lack of soil with potting media. Then to look more attractive, you can add chairs and tables as a gathering place and family quality time. That way, you and your family will feel at home in this place while enjoying a cup of coffee. Well, if you like this kind of atmosphere, this design can be your inspiration.

Garden with a minimalist fence

Decorating the front of the house does not have to be decorated with ornamental plants and trees because you can also present the front garden through an attractive minimalist fence. Therefore, you must adjust the layout of the barrier or paving so that it looks cooler.
Don’t forget to keep giving a touch of green with plants in the part that has been divided into a barrier, so it doesn’t seem monotonous. Then, design the path leading to the front door of the garden with brightly colored ceramics. That way, your house garden will be pleasing to the eye.

Garden with red exposed brick

The appearance of a garden with red exposed brick can give a natural impression to the front house garden. You can arrange exposed bricks on the wall or ground surface without plastering. So you can feel natural nuance in this place. Then to add to the cheerful atmosphere, you can add garden chairs and tables, ornamental plants in pots, and natural stone in the corner of the garden. That way, your garden design will look aesthetic and fun.

Letter “L”  house garden

The L-shaped house easy to arrange the garden. In the design of the house like the picture above, between the terrace with the roof and the outside, there is a difference in height and low. Then, the garden looks interesting with the design of the pond, path, and garden in the corner. To be more lively, on the terrace there are patio chairs and tables to relax while chatting. If you have a house like the picture above, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Modern minimalist house front garden

A garden is a place where we enjoy the view outside the house. With a garden, the atmosphere at home will feel fresher and more beautiful. Modern minimalist gardens do not require a lot of ornaments or furniture.

This garden prioritizes natural designs such as coral, natural stone on the walls, flower pots, and ornamental plants. The colors shown are also natural color gradations. Therefore, this garden design is mostly made in luxury homes. To make it look more aesthetic and elegant. Hopefully, those of you who have a house like the picture above can make this design inspiration for your garden.

Terasering design front house garden

There are various ways that homeowners do to design their front garden so that they can give an attractive impression. The front garden of a minimalist home design can also be arranged with a beautiful design.
In addition, you can also fill each level of the garden with certain groups of plants to make it look more artistic. As you can see, a terrace design like this also makes the garden more beautiful and fertile. Then, to make it look perfect, you can make a seat from ceramic or natural stone on the garden divider. That way, you can enjoy the open air while sitting and relaxing with your family. Hopefully, this design can provide ideas and inspiration for you.

Front garden with cactus plants

Cactus plants are plants that do not require complicated care. You can put a cactus of medium to a small size on the edge of the yard. In addition, cactus plants can give a minimalist, chic impression to the house. However, to still look more beautiful, you can combine these plants with city stones, garden decorative lights, and natural stones. That way the atmosphere in front of your house will look natural like the mountains. For those of you who don’t want to bother caring for the garden, cactus plants can be an inspiration for your garden.

The front garden of the house grass plot design

Halaman dengan rumput petak. (Sumber: Decoist.com)

Before you make a garden in front of the house, you should make the best garden design so that the results are according to your taste and are satisfying. In addition, before getting to know the various types of grass for the front garden of the house, you should first know the type of grass so that the results look more attractive.

The garden plot can be a variation on the garden in front of your house. Then, to look more beautiful, you can plant ornamental plants and shady trees to make it feel cooler. Hopefully, this simple design can add to your garden inspiration.

Front garden with wide grass

Halaman dengan rumput lapang. (Sumber: Pinterest)
The design of a beautiful house with a spacious lawn is like a palace in the desert. This design will look more attractive with lighting in the corners of the page. This page formation does not require many types of plants or ornaments to make it look minimalist and charming. However, the presence of lighting, paths, and trees in long pots made of ceramic can make the front garden of the house attractive to the eye. For those of you who have a large front yard and don’t want to report taking care of plants, this design can be an inspiration for your garden.

Using the mirrors for a broad impression in the garden

Penempatan cermin di halaman rumah. (Sumber: Pinterest)
The front garden of this house looks antique and unique because this park has designed using a mirror. Whereas we know that mirrors are usually used for home interior decoration. But it turns out that mirrors can not only use indoors. Then you see, the owner of this house installed a mirror in the yard. They think the mirror can reflect objects to make an attractive illusion for the garden, so it seems spacious.
Then, to give a more attractive appearance, this garden with a mirror is equipped with patio chairs, tables, and a stage made of brightly colored ceramics. That way, the garden can be used as a place to relax with family and guests. Hopefully, this design can add ideas and inspiration for you. Happy decorating!

Placement of the sofa in the garden

Ide unik sofa pada dinding halaman. (Sumber: Pinterest)

The home garden atmosphere will look beautiful with a long seat made of ceramic. Then, has equipped with sofa cushions. However, this decoration should not be done during the rainy season. Therefore, you must immediately move the sofa cushions into your home so they are not wet and damaged.
We know that long benches and sofa cushions like the picture above can be attractive designs for the front house garden. But you can make the garden look even more attractive with beautiful ornamental plants and trees. Then, to look perfect, you can adjust the color of the two garden chairs with the color of the ceramic floor so that the garden looks more harmonious. Therefore, for those of you who have an open garden like the picture above, this design is suitable for your inspiration.

Garden with gazebo design

Gazebo di halaman rumah. (Sumber: Pinterest)
Having a large land in front of the house is everyone’s dream. With this land, you can decorate your front garden with a processed wooden gazebo. We know that gazebos are usually used as a place to relax and chat with family and guests while enjoying hot coffee and snacks. In addition, a garden with a gazebo design can make the family closer because this is where you always gather.
To make it look more attractive, add some patio chairs, tables, hanging decorative lights, and ornamental plants in the gazebo area. Then, to look more natural, design the gazebo floor, walls, and stairs with natural stone. That way, the atmosphere of your garden will look aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. Well, hopefully, this design can add ideas and inspiration to your garden. Happy decorating!

4. Conclusion

A beautiful house design and a dream house is a house that has a beautiful and pleasant garden. However, to create all of this, you must prepare the best design and sufficient budget. However, if you have a limited budget, you can take some inspiration from designs like the picture above. We hope with the sample images above, your home design will look aesthetic, attractive, beautiful, and comfortable. Hopefully, our review can use for your garden inspiration. Happy decorating!


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