The pandemic lockdowns ushered in a new way of life for many industries worldwide. Real estate was no exception. While there had been growing interest in selling homes online, the inability to sell face to face during the pandemic spawned online sales even more. Now, this option is a viable option for many homeowners who want to sell their homes online. So how do you proceed if you want to sell your house in San Francisco fast online? Here are some tips, especially if you want to sell and buy your house at the same time.

Selling the Traditional Way

When you plan to sell your home the traditional way online, working with a top-rated real estate agent in San Francisco is still a good idea. Many platforms, such as HomeLight’s agent matching platform, can connect sellers with agents who will help sell their homes online. Although the final sale will be conducted online, an agent will act as an overseer, ensuring the seller’s process goes well. An agent will advise how to stage your home for the San Francisco market and take compelling photos to display online. The agent may also suggest home renovations that will increase your home’s value.

While some homeowners may use their smartphones to take photos, an agent may suggest a professional photographer. In addition to photographs, an agent may also suggest panoramic shots of your home or video tours. This will allow buyers to get a 3D view of your home, which may increase buyer interest. Additionally, the agent will also assist with providing a comparative market analysis (CMA) reports helping you determine a price to sell your home based on comps in the local area. Besides suggesting how to fix up your home and helping you market it correctly, a traditional agent will also help you maneuver through the closing process. Closing will be much like in person, but signing documents will likely be completed all online.

Selling Your Home Yourself

If you don’t go the traditional route and sell your home online using a real estate agent, you can opt to sell your home for sale by the owner (FSBO). You can complete this entire process online yourself without the help of a real estate professional. But it would be in your best interest to involve an attorney or a broker who can assist with some parts of the transaction, particularly getting accurate pricing and the closing process.

Getting Cash For Your Home

Displaying your home to potential buyers and closing on it using the help of an agent or by yourself aren’t the only two options you have for selling a home in the San Francisco market. Another viable option that homeowners are seeking is selling homes to iBuyers. The way this process works is these buyers determine the value of your home as-is and help you get cash for the home in as little as a few weeks instead of a few months like traditional sales. Home sellers can use this cash to purchase a new home or for other financial obligations. This process is helpful for those who need to complete a sale as quickly as possible. Such sellers include those who have already purchased a new home and don’t want to carry two mortgages. Or sellers who need to move quickly to another area and need the cash to start new in a new town.


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