– Do you know a rustic interior design? Let’s get to know to create a unique room. Rustic style is a popular interior concept that many people could apply to their homes in this era. It has old and rust meaning but if we apply it, we can have a unique room interior style. Generally, the design is used in the united states of America in their village or private house. It gives us a natural accent with beautiful decorations so, for those of you who love a simple design, this concept is suitable for you. Rustic style has rough texture in their flooring and walls and it doesn’t have good finishing. The characteristic that can be seen easily is it has strong materials and texture.

We can see the characteristic not only from the wall but the roof and flooring itself where it would have a strong texture and tends to have a rough impression. Roof shape always has an open style and looks like old. Rustic walls don’t have soft texture so that’s why the style looks unique and different from others. Are you interest to apply the design? Let’s get to know the characteristics and everything about it!

Rustic Characteristic

If we want to apply a rustic interior style, we should know the characteristic to prevent making a mistake while applying it. The design tends to use natural colors that is related to the home materials like brick red, brown, light brown, green, and others. We should avoid a color that doesn’t have a natural accent. By using them, we can apply the perfect interior style and makes our room have a unique impression. The design always has a vintage accent because it looks old and outdated. Whereas it makes our room different from others and won’t look monotonous. We should choose affordable furniture and decorations to apply this style because it can create a stronger rustic design. It will be preferrence for people who are on a budget. Now, let’s get some information about rustic characteristics.

Having Old Wooden Furniture Materials

Having old wooden furniture materials
Old wooden furniture is a rustic characteristic

Rustic style has a main characteristic where we should use natural materials furniture. Unfinished wood is always founded in this style because it can create a stronger accent and looks perfect for our room. Furniture materials that are always found is a rough texture without polishing. It also uses natural wooden and doesn’t have imitation materials like vinyl or laminated wooden flooring. Other furniture and decorations that can be used are natural stone, wrought iron, metal, and some fabrics like cotton, linen, wool, or leather.

Natural And Warm Colors

Natural and warm colors
Rustic room with a warm accent

Besides having natural materials, rustic interior design is also popular with natural and warm colors. They are brown, grey, green, khaki, and others. We should choose colors from nature like stone, tree, leaves or mud and soil. We can also add bright colors like yellow, red, or orange to create an attractive room style.

Full Of Texture

We can add linen, wool, or canvas fabric to create many textures in our rustic room interior style. We should add a carpet, blanket, or cushion which is made from the materials that we said earlier. Rattan chairs and baskets are our recommendations to be added to create a fascinating impression. Using lamps that have a traditional accent is also preferred for people who want to have a beautiful rustic style.

Natural Elements In The Rustic Room

Rustic design with natural elements
Rustic room skylight

Rustic style is beautiful because we use materials from nature. Installing a big window and skylight is our recommendation because it can create a stronger natural element. We can also have a beautiful room by installing them in our house. An amazing view will be created if we have a skylight or big window. Don’t forget to add some indoor plants to the ceramic pots. We can also make a decoration that is made from a tree trunk or branch to create an unmonotonous look.

Utilizing Unused Materials

Utilizing unused materials
Rustic wooden wall shelves

If we are on a budget we should utilize unused materials to create new things that can be added to our rustic room interior style. For example, we can use unused wooden material and make it into a wall shelf. We can feel comfortable because there are various things that can be store. Some decorations like little plants or ornamental things are suitable to be added to the wooden shelf. Don’t forget to clean it often with a feather duster because it is easy to get dirty.

Tends To Have White Color

Tends to have white color wall
Rustic white color wall

White walls make our house feel bright, cheerful, and very versatile to help you to create a fresh country atmosphere. Creating a rustic interior style at home can give us a warm and comfortable impression. The design is close to nature that will make us feel a fresh feeling like in the village.

Having A Wooden Ceiling

Having a wooden ceiling
A wooden ceiling looks unique in the rustic room

Rustic style tends to install wooden materials for their ceiling because it can create a fresh atmosphere and an attractive impression at the same time. We should install it to make the design looks stronger and fascinating.

Tips To Apply A Rustic Interior Design

There are few things that we should pay attention to before applying a rustic interior design. We will give you some tips that you should know to create a perfect style and they might help you to apply the design. If we feel complicated, tips from us can make you feel easier than don’t know anything.

  1. Choosing materials in good condition. Unused materials are the characteristic of this style but we should choose the best quality to make it can be used for a long time.
  2. Cleaning the materials before using them. We should clean the furniture to create a stunning impression. By cleaning it, we can make dirty and dull accents gone.
  3. Recycle and avoid buying new furniture. We should utilize old furniture and avoid buying new things because it has a stronger rustic accent.
  4. Combining interior style with other designs. A rustic concept is suitable to be combined with industrial designs because it has iron furniture. We can also combine it with a modern or vintage style to create a different look from others.
  5. Consultation with the expert. If you feel complicated while applying the design, we recommend you consult with an expert to avoid making a mistake.


A rustic interior style is a little bit complicated to apply so that’s why we should know the characteristic. We can create a perfect room with some natural furniture and decorations that should relate to nature. A natural element should pay attention to make your room have a stronger accent.


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