Whether or not you consider yourself to be a clean person, there aren’t many people that wouldn’t prefer to come home to clean the kitchen after a stressful day of work. A clean kitchen is an empty canvas, giving you that much needed space to cook to your heart’s content. A clean kitchen is also much more inviting in the event that you are entertaining guests.

Even if you enjoy having a clean kitchen, you may think that it is difficult to maintain, and in the event that it becomes messy, you may not feel motivated to carry out a deep clean. Luckily, there are many ways to help maintain a clean kitchen. Keeping your kitchen appliances clean, from your oven, to your dishwasher, it doesn’t have to take a huge amount of effort. In this article, we will be running through a few tips for keeping your kitchen clean.

Cleaning Your Hobs with Ammonia

If you were to think of one appliance in your kitchen that is prone to becoming dirty, kitchen hobs may be one of the worst culprits. If you find that it is difficult to clean your hobs, or often a task that you choose to avoid as it requires a lot of effort. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be difficult to have your hobs cleaned in no time.

One way to clean your hobs with zero effort is to pour a quarter of a cup of ammonia into a plastic zip lock bag with your gas burners and leave them inside the bags overnight. In the morning, all you have to do is remove each of them from the bags and give them a rinse, leaving them completely spotless, with no effort required.

Cleaning Glass with Sliced Bread

The best way to clean glass since sliced bread? You guessed it, it’s actually sliced bread! Dropping and smashing a glass in your kitchen is never fun, sometimes it can also result in a large number of glass shards covering the floor of your kitchen. Even if you manage to sweep up the larger shards of glass, there are usually finer shards left that can still cut the feet of anyone not wearing shoes. Instead of using your dustpan and brush to clean up any smashed glass, use a slice of bread. The sponginess of the bread will collect any loose shards, like a magnet, leaving your floor free from any nasty surprises!

Double Lining Your Grill and Oven

Lining your baking trays and grills with a layer of foil is a well known way to reduce the amount of cleaning needed after cooking a meal. Although this definitely does reduce the amount of scrubbing needed to maintain a clean grill, you may have noticed that the grease also tends to seep through the foil, leaving a pool of grease that still needs to be cleaned. By adding an extra layer of foil, you can reduce the amount of grease that is left over, reducing the need to scrub your grill clean. Although this may make it much easier to go through your supply of foil, you will also reduce the amount of grease that ends up in your sink.

Double Line Your Bin

Following on from the previous tip, double lining your bin is also a great way to reduce any spillages when taking the bins out. If you have ever accidentally ripped a hole in your bin bag from overfilling it with rubbish, you already know that this can leave various juices at the bottom of the bin. Luckily, by double lining your bin, cleaning your bin is as simple as removing both bin bags, saving you time and effort.

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Jack McGivern works for Butlers Direct, supplying kitchen appliances, including range cookers in Chester.


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