No matter what size your kitchen is, staying organised can be a challenge. The kitchen is the busiest room in the home and clutter can build-up quick. There are lots of easy ways you can organise your kitchen and create a more functional space.

1. Store in a Logical Fashion

The key step to organisation is keeping like for like together and in a logical fashion. Keep your baking products or ingredients for dishes you often cook in the same place.

To make life easier, it’s helpful to keep things close to where you use them. For instance, spices near the hob and knives in easy reach from the worktop.

2. Create Zones in Your Space

A great way to organise your space and tone down the chaos is by thinking of your kitchen in ‘zones’. These zones can include baking items, meal prep, pots & pans and so on. Creating space and finding things will become much easier.

3. Decant Your Food into Clear Containers

Another way to maximise space, especially in cupboards, it to get rid of boxes. Take foods such as pulses and grains out of their original boxes and put them in clear food containers. This will not only help keep them fresh but it will also allow you to stack them and find what you need at a glance.

4. Hang Out

Hanging rails and hooks can make for an eye-catching way to store utensils, pans and more. Fix these to the wall or the underside of shelves and cabinets to take the clutter off your worktops.

Hooks can also be great for hanging up aprons, tea towels and oven gloves to free up storage space in your drawers.

5. Utilise Hidden Spaces

Try creating extra storage space and organisation systems inside your cupboards. The inside of a cupboard door is perfect for storing cleaning products and sponges.

6. Over-the-sink Cutting Board

Place the cutting board over the sink to save counter space. This will also help speed up cutting and chopping after washing vegetables.

7. Control Your Drawer Chaos

When maintaining clean and clutter-free kitchen drawers, diving up space is essential. Use dividers to organise utensils, foil and other kitchen essentials into designated areas. It’ll help make finding things a lot easier.

8. Ditch Your Kitchen Chairs for Stools

High-backed chairs and small stools are in. Not only are they a cheaper option but they’ll fit under your kitchen table and stack away when nobody’s home. You can also opt for some folding chairs, which can fold up and even hang up in a closet.

9. Find a New Home for the Washing Machine

You may think that the kitchen is an obvious place to put a washing machine. Though, in continental Europe, you’re more likely to find it in the bathroom! If you find yourself stuck for space, it might be worth relocating your machine to elsewhere in the house. If your bathroom is just as small, you might be able to squeeze it under the stairs!

10. Integrate Your Appliances

Integrated appliances take up very little space and can hide behind cupboard doors to give a streamlined look that tricks the eye.

There’s plenty of high-quality compact appliances out there, designed so well that you’ll barely notice that they’re smaller than standard options.

We hope that our few suggestions have given you the inspiration you need to make the most of your small space and fall in love with it again.

Author Bio

Jack McGivern works for Howards Electrical who supply range cookers in Stoke-on-Trent and various other kitchen appliances.


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