Rats have been a problem since the earliest civilizations. They have a lifespan that averages around one year and the havoc they cause within that year takes what seems like ages to fix. Rats have a habit of invading homes to salvage for food and shelter. They bite anything within their reach from cables, furniture, and even your plants. Rats are small and nimble creatures that make them hard to combat without taking precautions. 29% of Americans have a rat problem in their home. Rat lives solely to mate and forge. If you do not act with haste you will get overwhelmed by the number of rats that have infested your home.

In order to battle the rats, you can set up countermeasures by following the steps given below:

1.      Identifying the problem

The first and most important step is to identify if there really is a rat infestation in your home. This article has extensive steps that help you learn more about identifying a rat infestation. Once you’ve identified and analyzed the situation you can further move on to explore ways of getting rid of rats from your home.

2.      Rodent repellent indoor granules

Indoor granules such as Pesto Rat Repeller by MDX Concepts are a great way to prevent rats from entering your home. The granule contains eco-friendly ingredients such as essential oils that do not harm the environment while also being child-friendly. This enables you to not worry about your children accidentally consuming these granules. Other peppermint rat repellent granules are also a safe way to prevent rats.

3.      Hygienic lifestyle

Simply being clean and organized prevents a lot of pests including rats from invading your home. Make sure you do not leave any food outside overnight. Be sure to not have clutter lying around the house as it could be great places for rats to nest in without your realization. There are also many other benefits to decluttering your household. Be sure to store your foods in an organized manner in tightly sealed containers so that the rats don’t have easy access to food. If there is no food supply then rats won’t thrive.

4.      Patch your holes

Be sure to close out any form of opening. Most common entrances for rats are holes in the plumbing, vents and other holes that are laid around the house for wiring. Be sure to block all of these holes with either steel or copper wool so that the rats do not squeeze their way through to your home.

If you were to take these steps as a prior precaution then you will not face any rat problems around your home. If you do end up with a rat infestation around your house, then be sure to not use any forms of pesticides or rat poison which are harmful to your kids and the environment. Even though effective, they are toxins that create more problems than they solve. Toxins also give the rats a cruel death by thinning their bloodstream and dehydrating them till they die. Pesto Rat Repellent Granules are 100% naturally derived and do not kill rats but just repel them. They are safe to be used around your children and pets, and thus, the best solution for the rat problem at your home.


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