– What is the first you think if you heard the Mediterranean? Of course, you will imagine countries on European continents, right? The Mediterranean is one of the home decors which has a unique design and is related to the European continents. The design is identic with colors, fabric, and texture that has a unique design from European Continents. We should use warm colors such as beige, light brown, white, and others for making these accents. This time, we will help you to make modern Mediterranean home decor accents.

What is The Mediterranean?

Based on Wikipedia Mediterranian is mainland or middle country or Mare Nostrum in the Latin language. The Mediterranean is a trading place and cultural exchange which allows the Mediterranean home decor to come to Indonesia. The design is very luxurious and elegant at the same time. If you want to have a luxurious home with classic furniture, this design is suitable for you.

How to Make Modern Mediterranean Home Decor Accents?

Mediterranean Home Decor
Mediterranean Design have warm color in their wall

We have to choose a warm color for our wall such as beige, brown, light brown, or others because this design is identical to it. Besides warm colors, we can decorate walls with wall art. The design ideas to decorate the room wall with wall art might help you. We should choose tiles which have a warm color too. The floor that has a unique design can be applied to our home.

Build pillars for Mediterranean home
Build many pillars to make Mediterranean Design

Modern Mediterranean home decor has many pillars in the home. We should build them in our home if we will make the design. The pillars in our home make it looks luxurious and elegant at the same time. This design is also related to the home design in Greece, Spain, and other European continents countries.

Mediterranean carpets
Choose a carpet with a unique and elegant pattern

We should choose a carpet with unique and elegant patterns to make our Mediterranean home look luxurious. This pattern is necessary to choose because if we choose a carpet with ordinary patterns it makes our home doesn’t have a Mediterranean concept.

Classic chandellier
Use chandelier in our home to make our home have a Mediterranean concept

The chandelier is necessary to install if we want to give Mediterranean accents to our home. We should install the chandelier in the living room because it’s making our chandelier seen by many people that come to our house. Besides makes our home feel brighter, this lamp also makes our home look luxurious and elegant.

Tropical plants
Use tropical plants for decorations

Tropical plants are suitable for modern Mediterranean homes as decorations. We should choose tropical plants such as Monstera and Tropic Snow. The plants make our home look prettier and feel fresher.

Classic furniture for Mediterranean design
Choose classic furniture to make a Mediterranean home

It’s necessary to add classic furniture to our home because turning our home more elegant and luxurious.

Modern Mediterranean Living Room Decorating Ideas

Mediterranean Living room decor
Use classic furniture with a warm color to make the Mediterranean living room

a living room is a place that has many people who came to our house passed. It’s necessary to make it look luxurious with a Mediterranean design. The design can be made with furniture that has warm colors. We should choose a carpet with a unique pattern and hang a chandelier on the top. We can add some pillows on the sofa and plants on the table for making our living room feel comfortable.

Mediterranean living room decorations
The big window in our living room makes it feels luxurious

A big window in our living room can make it feel luxurious because it can make the scenery on the outside look clear. Arrange our furniture properly and we should choose a beige sofa and a carpet. We can add the carpet under the sofa and a table for making our room feel warm and comfortable.

Mediterranean living room design
A big mirror with a wooden cupboard can be added to the Mediterranean living room

The big mirror in the living room can be added to the wall to make our living room feel aesthetic and have a Mediterranean concept. We can add a wooden cupboard and a lamp to the cupboard with some other decorations. Don’t forget to add a carpet that has a unique pattern under the cupboard or on the floor.

The Various Type Mediterranean Home Decor Accents

  1. Spain’s Mediterranean Style is very similar to the original Mediterranean style because Spain is close to the Mediterranean. The design has a clay roof and a unique shape from the natural rock as a typical Spanish Mediterranean style.
  2. Greek Mediterranean Style is identical to white and blue turquoise furniture and wall. If we want to make this style, we have to choose this furniture color and paint our wall with blue turquoise color.
  3. Italian Mediterranean Style is identical to colors from nature like brown, green, orange, and others. Italian style also has classic furniture with many dark colors. This style is suitable for those who more like dark colors than light colors.

Best Furniture in Modern Mediterranean Home Accents

Classic sofa
Choose a sofa with a classic design that can be added to Mediterranean Home Decor

A classic sofa is necessary to add because this design needs classic furniture. If we want our home to have Mediterranean accents we can add this sofa to support our concept.

Classic furniture
We should choose classic furniture for our home

If we want to make a Mediterranean-style home we can add a carpet that has a vintage or classic pattern. Don’t forget to choose a chair with the same design and add a lamp to our home for making our room feel bright. We should add a little table which has a similar design to the chair for making our room have harmonious furniture concept.

Mediterranean Cupboard
Add vintage cupboard to Mediterranean home design

Vintage furniture is related to classic furniture and can be added to our Mediterranean home decor. We should choose furniture that has a vintage or classic style for making our home have a stronger concept.

Vintage curtain for Mediterranean home
A vintage curtain is necessary to add

The curtain is necessary to add for covering our window and make it look prettier. We can choose a vintage or classic curtain style to make our home feels comfortable and a stronger concept.

To apply this concept we will need classic and vintage furniture style. We should choose a long vintage curtain for making our home look beautiful. We have to consider its colors for making this concept and warm colors that suitable for this concept such as light brown, brown, white, and beige.

This concept is focused on how to make our home look luxurious and elegant at the same time. The pillars and chandeliers can help us to make our home look luxurious and elegant. The chandelier should be hung in the right room because if we hang it in the wrong place it makes our home doesn’t look luxurious and elegant. If the Mediterranean design is tricky to apply, this unique and interesting home style might suitable for you. Hopefully, our ideas and furniture recommendation might help you.


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