– There are many advantages that we can get if we make a swimming pool in our backyard in the home. However, if we don’t make it looks beautiful and always clean, it can make us have a bad space in our home. It allows a disease to come to us and our family. As a home exterior design, the swimming pool is necessary to be decorated by using many beautiful decorations. If you ask us, what design that should you apply to your swimming pool? We recommend you apply a Mexican exterior design that is very beautiful and looks pretty even in a small place. It is suitable for people who are on a budget because we don’t need many decorations. Today, we will give you some information to decorate your swimming pool with a Mexican exterior design.

The Advantages Of Having A Private Swimming Pool

Interior and exterior are necessary to be decorated because they can make our home have a plus value inside and outside. We already told you about we can get many advantages of having a private pool in our home. Now, we will tell you about them.

  1. We can save more on our expenses because we will spend our holiday time at the home.
  2. If we want to healthier, we can swim in our private pool and our family can also be invited.
  3. It can make us closer to our family because we will often spend our time with them.
  4. The swimming pool also makes our home fresher and has a natural design.
  5. It can make us have a beautiful space to relaxed and avoid us to work continuously.

Several Things To Consider Before Building A Swimming Pool

Do you ever seen a small home but have a private swimming pool in it? Does it look pretty? Moreover, it has a beautiful decoration that makes it prettier and makes us feel want to spend our time in it. If we ever seen and felt, we should build a private swimming pool in our home. It is important to pay attention to several things before building them in our home.


Before building a private swimming pool, we should consider our purpose. What our purpose is? Will it be used for sports, recreation, or other purposes? We can decide it to make our swimming pool can be utilized better. We have to pay expensive to build it and to avoid us feel regret, we should consider it.

Compatibility Home Location

Generally, we should ask the experts, is the location of our house suitable for building a swimming pool? There are several things that we should pay attention to before building it. We have to analyze the structure of the soil and ponds in our homes.

The Size

If we want to make a swimming pool, we should adjust the size of it to make a perfect pool in our house. To make it have a perfect size and suitable for our home, we can discuss it with the person who builds it.


It is an important thing that we must pay attention to it. We can’t have a perfect swimming pool if our budget doesn’t enough for it. We should consider maintenance, water, and construction cost.


Things to consider to build a private swimming pool
Private swimming pool design

Some people want to have a harmonious concept in their home to create a beautiful impression. If we want it, we should make a private swimming pool have a design that matches our house. If we want to apply a Mexican design, we should apply it to the interior.


As a homeowner, is essential to add beautiful decorations to our private swimming pool to create a pretty impression. We should choose it that is suitable for it to make us comfortable and have better-looking.


After building a perfect swimming pool, we should create a facility that can make us more pleasant while spending time in it. We can install a shower, barbeque set, gazebo, and others. It is preferred to us that want to make it cozier to attend a party or another event.


Don’t forget to give the best maintenance to our private pool because it can make it have long durability. We can also use it for a long time without making it damage or have dirty water.

Mexican Swimming Pool Area Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful swimming pool in their home? Of course, every people want to have it, right? To create it, we should decorate it by using beautiful decorations. We can make any design that we want to apply as long as it is related to the concept and suitable for our home. To help you create an amazing swimming pool, this time we will give you some decorating ideas for the swimming pool area.

Grow White Rose As Decoration

White rose as a decoration
Grow a white rose as a decoration

If we have a big space and make a big swimming pool, we can grow white roses in the poolside to make beautiful scenery. This concept can be combined with beautiful lighting and tiles to create a fascinating view at the night. We can also add a table and some sofas on the terrace to make it more pleasant.

Comfortable Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs in the swimming pool terrace

Do you want to have a comfortable swimming pool with a natural design? If you want, we should apply a Mexican exterior design because it is always used many plants as decorations. We can add wooden materials for making space and add a lounge chair to it. Some tropical plants can be added around the terrace to make beautiful scenery in our swimming pool area.

Unique Pattern Tiles

The best things to pay attention before building a swimming pool
Unique pattern tiles

A unique impression can be created by using a unique pattern tile in the swimming pool area. We can combine it with a cactus to create a beautiful tropical atmosphere and it can be made our swimming pool area more comfortable.


To apply a Mexican exterior design to our swimming pool, we should pay attention to several things to make it prettier. We also should choose beautiful decorations that are related to the design.


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