– DIY or do it yourself is another way to have beautiful things at a good price. We can have many decorations without using too much our money and it has a cheaper price. It has many design and shape that we can make depending on our taste and what we want. Sometimes we want to attend a party in our home and to make it have a beautiful look, we should use decoration. How to make it look pretty? We should use it and if we are on a budget DIY is a solution for you. If you are confused to make it, today we will give you DIY Japanese room decor ideas for a party. Probably, we might help you to save your expenses by using it.

The Advantages Of Making DIY

Why should we make a DIY decoration? What the advantages for us if we make and use it? We recommend you to make it because it has many advantages that we can get. This time, we will give you some information about it. Let’s get to the list!

Can Make You Happier

Happiness and satisfaction can arise after seeing the work of goods that we make ourselves. We can happily and more proud if we use a decoration from our results. The things that we have and make by ourselves more useful and suitable for us because the design and shape depend on our taste and suit what we like.

Can Relieve Our Stress

When we make a DIY thing, our hands certainly focus on making it, right? Realize or not, it can make us relieve our stress and it gives an effect on our body. Our brain can make a new connection that is related to stress resistance. We can feel more relaxed while making a DIY.

Can Sharpen Our Mind

Making anything by ourselves can make us more focused and always want to try something new. It makes us independent and doesn’t stay in our comfort zone.

Give More Values To Decoration

If we use a decoration that we make by ourselves, it can make it have more value because we trying to make it even it is complicated. We should try to create a decoration by DIY to have a variety of shapes and designs.

DIY Party Room Decor Ideas

Interesting room decoration for attending party doesn’t have an expensive price because we can make it by ourselves. By using DIY decorations, we can have many of them at a lower price. Simple design and shape can be made by ourselves by using easy materials that we can get near our home. This time, we will give you some information to make DIY decorations.

DIY lantern By using Colorful Paper

DIY party room decorations
DIY paper lantern for a party

Lanterns are believed to be a symbol of happiness and hope. Generally, it has a round shape and bamboo frame. It can be used as decorations for a party in your home or only to make our Japanese bedroom design looks prettier. Don’t worry if you don’t have much money because we will give you information to make it.

  • Materials that should be prepared.

  1. Plain Paper
  2. Paperboard
  3. Glue
  4. Clear Tape
  5. Scissor
  6. Colorful Markers
  7. Rope or Thread
  8. Electronic Candle
  • Step By Step To Make A Paper Lantern

  1. We should make a pattern on the paper by using colorful markers that have been prepared. We can draw it in any shape and design we want. The reason why we should draw it by using colorful markers is if we use them, we can make our pattern prettier. Please don’t use plain paper because it can make our light doesn’t bright.
  2. After it, fold the paper that you have drawn until it has a paper fan shape. We should fold it vertically with the first position of folding on top then the next fold will below it.
  3. Combining the edges of paper until having a tube shape. We should stick paperboard that has been cut until having a round shape. Stick it on the bottom side of the plain paper that has a tube shape. We can use paper glue by adding back and forth tape.
  4. The next step is we should make a small hole in the body of the lantern to attach the rope as a hanger. We should be careful about making it and make sure it has a parallel concept so that when we hang it, it doesn’t sloping.
  5. Tie the rope to the hole that you made earlier. It is useful as a lantern hanger.
  6. Covering your lantern with a paperboard that you have cut. In the lantern cup, make a hole in the middle so that the rope can pass through for making us easy to hang it.
  7. We can add glue on the lid of the lantern so that it doesn’t come off easily. Don’t tie it too tightly for making the light can bright.
  8. In the last step, we should add an electronic candle to our lantern.
  9. Finally! We can use it for decoration!

Origami Bird

DIY origami paper bird

An origami paper is also used for people who want to make a handicraft because it has many colors that we can choose. We should use it if we want to create a beautiful creation for our room decoration. If we attend a kid’s party, we recommend you to make an origami bird. We can make many of them and hang them as decoration. This time, we will tell you how to make an origami bird.

  1. Choosing an origami paper with any color that we want to use. It is very suitable for our creation if it has a beautiful pattern or color.
  2. If our paper has a different color on both sides, we should choose to determine which side is facing up and down. However, if it has the same colors on both sides, we can make a small mark or draw something to identify the two sides.
  3. Make a diagonal shape.
  4. Rotate the paper and make another fold to make it meet the corner opposite then emphasize the second fold with your fingers.
  5. Folding it in half horizontally and do it two times.
  6. Pinch the sides together to form a smaller square.
  7. We should fold the right side with the bottom corner of the paper toward your chase then fold the front layer on the paper from the right corner in it. So, it makes the edge aligns with the center crease.
  8. To make it aligned with the center crease, we should fold the left side and do the same thing as the previous step. We can use our fingers to emphasize folds.
  9. Turn the paper over to make the same shape.
  10. Position it so that the bottom corner is facing your chest. Lift from a layer from the bottom corner up and flatten it on the table. Now, the paper looks like a diamond shape on a kite.
  11. We can do the same step as before and open the kite on the back of the paper. Now, both sides have of it have a diamond shape.
  12. Fold the two halves at the bottom up diagonally to the left.
  13. Turn your paper and unfold it and take the bottom of the paper you only folded and unfold. We should close it then take the part of the paper that is now in the middle and pull it so that bold folds remain closed.
  14. Fold the edge of one of the diagonal sections of the paper down and it makes to creates a head shape.
  15. One of the wings can be folded until having a triangle shape on the front layer at a slight angle to form the wings.
  16. Turn the bird’s side over and repeat the same fold to make another wing.
  17. Pull the tail to flap the wings and hold the bird’s neck then pull the tail diagonally to flap the wings. We can add a rope or thread to hang our origami bird and check this video to make us feel easy to make it. Finally! Our origami birds have done!


To make a stronger concept of Japanese interior inspiration, we should add it to our Japanese living room design or bedroom that it can make our home look beautiful. Hopefully, by using our DIY you can create the Japanese room decor that you want.


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