– If you are on a budget but want to have something beautiful that doesn’t have an expensive price, we recommend you make a DIY decoration. It can be used to beautify your room at party time or even only for normal days. The advantage of DIY is we can make something that is suitable for our taste. We also can save our expenses and makes us save more money for other needs. It is easy to make because we will give you a simple method to make a beautiful decoration. We can use it for decorating our monotonous room to change it into a stunning look. Besides, giving you how to make it, we should know how to clean home to prevent ruining our concept because of a dirty impression. Let’s get to know 4 home cleaning hacks from us to create a perfect interior home.

DIY Rustic Home Decorations Ideas

Making DIY decorations is not complicated but it depends on us to find some materials that will be needed to create beautiful things. We should buy them that are appropriate to the decorations that we will make. This time we will give you some topics about how to make DIY rustic home decorations ideas. We guarantee it will look beautiful if you make them in your holiday or free time.

Unused Stair DIY Rustic Decorations

Rustic stair decorations
Unused stair home decorations

If we have unused things, don’t throw them in the trash but utilize them for decorations materials. We can make it for placing our decorations like flowers, photos, or word wooden signs to create a beautiful room. After making it, it can be added to the room that will make into a party room or only add it for normal days. If we love a fresh impression, we can only add plants to the stair and create a green concept. For those of you who want to have a feminine concept, flowers in the vases can be added as decorations.

Wooden Placemat DIY Rustic Decorations

Wooden placemat DIY room decorations
Wooden materials are beautiful to decorate our room

If you are looking for natural accents with a simple design but want to have a stunning look, wooden materials are preferred for you. If we want to have a natural shape from nature, we can make it by ourselves. We only need to take some wooden materials from trees in the forest or a place that is near to your home. It should be cut into a round shape and if it has a rough texture, we can smooth the wood by sanding it. Besides can be added to the modern rustic living room, a wooden placemat is also very suitable for a rustic dining room.

Hemp Rope Lampshade DIY Rustic Decorations

Hemp rope lamp decorations
Hemp rope can be utilized as a lampshade

Do you know if we can utilize a hemp rope to make an aesthetic lampshade? If you do, we will tell you how to make an aesthetic DIY decoration.

  1. We only need hemp rode and balloons to create a round shape.
  2. Blowing up enough balloons according to the size that we want.
  3. Tying a hemp rope to the balloon slowly until having a shape like a picture above.
  4. A needle can be used to make a balloon burst and voila! We have a perfectly round shape.
  5. After making a shape, we should tie a fairy light to the round hemp rope and a DIY lamp is done.

Pine Cones DIY Decorations For A Christmas

Pinecones DIY decorations
Pinecones DIY room decorations

For those of you who want to have a Christmas decoration, we recommend making pine cones DIY decorations. It is easy to make because we only need some pine cones, styrofoam, double tip, and white paint acrylic or you can use white glitter powder.

  1. First of all, we should make styrofoam into a round shape.
  2. Stabbing pine cones one by one to the styrofoam and glue it by sticking a double tip to make it strong. Don’t forget to make them close to each other.
  3. After it, we can paint with white acrylic or glitter powder to create a snow effect.
  4. Tie a ribbon to make it can be hung in your room or Christmas tree.

Pine Wreath DIY Rustic Decorations

Pine wreath door DIY decorations
Pine wreath decorations

A rustic room can give a strong Christmas accent because it looks traditional and related to nature. To make it looks perfect, we will tell you how to make a pine wreath DIY rustic decorations. Generally, it is always found in the home on Christmas day and if we don’t have it, it feels doesn’t complete. Actually, it is easy to make because we only need some twigs from a tree that can be made into a round shape. After making it, artificial leaves and pine cones can be used to beautify it.

4 Home Cleaning Hacks

Have you ever have a condition that you need to clean your house but you don’t know how to clean it fast? For those of you who ever feel it, we will give you 4 home cleaning hacks to make you feel comfortable while creating a beautiful home without look dirty. Let’s read our hacks now!

  • Cleaning Our Kitchenware With Olive Oil

Olive oil has many advantages that we can get if we consume it but we can also use it for cleaning our kitchenware. It is natural ingredients that can make our stainless steel materials like a pan clean. We only need to spread the olive oil to the dirty pan surfaces and rub it by using a dish sponge. Rinsing it with water and cleaning again by using soap to make it better and have a stunning look. From now on, don’t forget to save olive oil in our small rustic kitchen.

  • Making Your Trash Can Looks Clean And Have A Good Smell

A trash can has trash every day because we throw unused things into it, right? That’s why it is necessary to make it look clean and have a good smell to make us doesn’t feel annoying. We can wash it by using liquid soap but it will be cleaner if we spread lemon juice to it with water than only use soap.

  • Cleaning Your Dirty Carpet By Using Vodka

Rubbing alcohol, vodka, and even white wine actually can be used for cleaning your dirty carpet. If we have a dirty stain on the carpet, we only need to clean it by using water and soap then pour clear alcohol (white wine or vodka) into the carpet stain. It is effective to make your carpet looks clean.

  • Essentials Oil To Remove A Bad Smell In The Bathroom

Mixing baking soda powder with essentials oil until having a pasta texture. Spread it to the toilet and let it for an hour. We can rinse it with water and your toilet will be clean and have a good smell. We can use it for a rustic bathroom style to make it always look stunning.


A rustic room should have beautiful decorations to prevent a monotonous impression but if we have limited money, we can’t buy stunning things. Don’t worry about it because we can make DIY decorations by using some natural ingredients and unused materials. Besides beautifying it by using fascinating things, we should make it always clean. 4 cleaning hacks from us will help you to create a cozy home and make you can spend your time with your family comfortably. If you have other hacks and tips to create decorations, please write for us to tell everyone about your amazing ideas!


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