– A beautiful home is a dream for many people because it can make us and our guests comfortable spending their time. However, sometimes some people only pay attention to their important room like bedroom or living room. Even though all of the house rooms should have a stunning impression to prevent us won’t feel confident. A kitchen is one of the rooms in our house that is necessary to decorate. Besides, giving plus value to our home, we can also feel cozy while cooking and it makes us feel fun while cooking something.

Modern rustic kitchen style ideas can make us always feel interesting to cook anytime because it brings us a fresh impression and create a stunning look. It tends to have natural color with a little bit of dark accent that can make your kitchen feel bright but is also preferred for people who love dark concepts. Every time after cooking, we certainly have dirty kitchenwares and they should be cleaned. After doing dishwashers, we should dry them by using a dishtowel. However, there are some fabrics that we can choose as long as it is suitable for our taste and have good quality. This time, we will give you some best fabric recommendations.

Modern Rustic Kitchen Style Ideas

Modern impressions look beautiful and trendy where it will create a perfect combination if we mix them with a rustic style that has a unique impression. For those of you who love dark and bright colors with a natural accent combination, modern rustic is very suitable for you. It also has a unique characteristic in the building style that will make your home different and doesn’t look monotonous. We should know all about a rustic style to make us feel easy while applying it.

Wooden Furniture In Modern Rustic Kitchen

Wooden rustic kitchen style ideas
Modern rustic kitchen style with wooden furniture

The first time that we need to apply this concept is we should paint our kitchen wall with beige color. Don’t forget to apply beige ceramic tiles that will create a beautiful impression with natural color. Wooden furniture is the main character in this concept and we should add it to our kitchen. A wooden kitchen table, cabinet, and drawer can be chosen to make it look complete and have a stronger rustic style. If we have a window, a wooden window frame is suitable to be installed in this kitchen. It can be built near a rustic living room to make our home have a stunning impression.

White Color Modern Rustic Kitchen Concept

Soft white color modern rustic kitchen concept
White color concept rustic kitchen style

Soft accent can be made by adding some white kitchen furniture like cabinets, tables, and drawers. To create a harmonious look, we should make texture walls and paint them with white color. Don’t forget to apply wooden flooring tiles to create a natural impression and make a unique accent of modern rustic interior design. Installing perfect lamps can create a bright atmosphere and prevent us feel annoying while cooking. Some pendant and ceiling lamps are suitable to be hung on the ceiling because it has warm light and has a simple design. If we want to feel comfortable after cooking, we can build a rustic bathroom style near the kitchen.

Simple And Classic Kitchen Interior Style

Simple and classic modern rustic kitchen style
Modern rustic kitchen style ideas

A wooden table with a few marble materials is the perfect combination to be added to the modern rustic interior style. It is preferred to be combined with white furniture like a kitchen cabinet or cupboard that will make it look beautiful. A black rustic pendant lamp can be installed to create a bright atmosphere and make us feel comfortable while using it. It also has a modern design with a strong rustic accent that is very stunning if you install it. The best flooring type for this kitchen style is wooden vinyl tiles that have a beautiful brown color with a unique pattern.

Minimalist Modern Rustic Kitchen Style Ideas

Minimalist modern rustic kitchen style
Minimalist rustic modern kitchen interior design

If we want to apply this concept, we should apply some solid wooden tiles for flooring and don’t forget to install some wooden materials on the ceiling. A dining table with a rough texture and uneven color is very preferred to be added in the kitchen. We can also combine it with some aluminum bar chairs that can create a rustic accent. Glass pendant lamps can be installed to make it bright and create a beautiful impression of a modern design. We can add a cupboard with a glass door that should be attached to the wall to make your space looks wide. White colors with marble materials are also preferred to be added in a minimalist rustic bedroom design.

High Roof In The Modern Rustic Kitchen Style

High roof in the modern rustic kitchen style
High roofs make our home feel high and wide

For people who are willing to have a wide house with fresh air in their room, we recommend making a high roof that can create a comfortable feeling. Air circulation also can be better than have a short roof in our home. We can combine it with wooden materials on the ceiling to create a stunning rustic impression. Don’t forget to apply dark brown wooden laminated flooring tiles to make them look unique. Ceiling lamps are the perfect things to be installed to make our modern rustic kitchen style feel bright.

Best Dish Towels Fabric Recommendations

Dish towels are one of the most often found in the kitchen to make our plate or bowl dry after washing it. Let’s be honest, cleaning kitchen messes are only like a normal day for people who have a family or often cooking in their home. Are you looking for good dish towels to make your activity in the kitchen feel more comfortable? If you are, we will give you some best fabric recommendations. We can choose them as long as suit our taste to make us feel cozy and easy to clean plate or bowl. Which dish towel we choose to buy all comes down to how we intend to use them. We will often use them to dry our plates, hands, or other surfaces. Actually, a dish towel can be used for hot cookware, clean big spills, and polish glassware. So, let’s choose it by knowing all of our recommendations!

Flour Sack Dish Towels

Flour sack dish towels fabric
Flour sack fabric

Flour sack fabric sometimes looks like tea towels because it feels thin and made from linen materials. It has a soft texture which is great for polishing fine china or glassware. These towels won’t leave any residue or other dirt on your crystal clear glassware while cleaning them. If we wash it after using it, we can dry it easily and make us feel comfortable because the dish towel can be used as soon as possible. If we want to have a fabric that can absorb water or anything, we shouldn’t choose it because it is thin.

Terry Cloth Dish Towels

Terry cloth dish towels
Soft and unique terry cloth fabric

For those of you who want to have a dishtowel that can absorb water or anything that makes your kitchen wet, a terry cloth fabric is a recommendation for you. It is made from cotton fabric and has a thick texture that is suitable for making the kitchen always dry after washing cooking ware. The fabric always uses for making bathrobes because it has the best quality to absorb water. We can choose a beautiful design as long as it is preferred to our taste and the kitchen style.


Microfiber dish towels
Microfiber materials for dish towels

Microfiber dishtowel is thicker than terry cloth fabric and it looks luxurious because has good quality. It is better to absorb water and others to make your kitchen always dry. We only need to hang it after using it because it is easy to dry. Microfiber dish towels can’t be used for hot kitchenware because they can melt and ruin.


Applying modern rustic kitchen style ideas with the best dish towels fabric recommendations can help you to create a stunning and comfortable kitchen. We should know colors combination, suitable furniture, and decorations to make it looks beautiful and won’t look monotonous.


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