– Besides covering our window, shutters also make it look more beautiful than doesn’t have them. We can install them in various colors and designs as long as it is suitable to our taste. Shutters also make our home feel warm because wind can’t come to our house from windows or air circulation. There are many designs and colors that we can make if we want to install them. Today we will give you some shutter designs that are easy to be installed and find in a housewares store. A rustic exterior design also looks pretty if we install a shutter to our window. It gives a traditional accent and brings a natural look to our home exterior style.

Rustic exterior designs always have texture in the wall or roof that’s why it looks very natural and beautiful at the same time. It is also unique and different from others and creates an unmonotonous concept. Do you know rustic design? To create a perfect impression, we should know it and make wood cladding to the wall. We can choose various colors and designs as long as it is related to the concept. Materials should be well selected to prevent ruining our home exterior in a short time.

Rustic Shutters Design Ideas

A modern rustic living room is suitable if we want to install a rustic shutter. We can choose bright or dark colors to create a beautiful impression on our home exterior. For those of you who want to create a feminine concept, pink or white is the best choice to be chosen for your shutters. Today we will give you some rustic shutters design ideas that might help you to create a beautiful home exterior.

Unique Shutters Shape

Dark grey unique shape rustic shutters
A unique shape of window shutters

If we want to make a shutter, we should know suitable shapes for our home exterior. We recommend making a unique type like the picture above for those of you who have a big home with an elegant design. Choosing a neutral color is suitable for the home because it will make a harmonious look. Dark grey is our recommendation because it has a natural accent and can be combined with white or beige colors that always be found in the elegant home style. By installing a shutter, our home exterior can look stunning and makes people feel curious about your interior style. That’s why applying a minimalist rustic bedroom can make us confident to invite people to sleep in our home.

Color combination shutter concept
We can create a color combination concept

If we want to have a wooden shutter accent, we have to combine many colors to create a beautiful combination. A dark and light brown with white color is suitable to be combined because have a natural accent to each other. We can also add a pot in front of the window to create a fresh look and makes your home exterior have natural decorations. If we want to have this color, we should paint our home wall with white or light grey because it is preferred to create a fascinating look. We can also make a window with this shutter in a small rustic bathroom to make it have a beautiful view from outside. Don’t forget to close your shutter while bathing.

Dark Green Traditional Shutters Style

Dark green rustic traditional shutter style
Dark green with a traditional accent look harmonious to each other

Generally, rustic shutter design ideas have a unique texture and decorations that will be different from other styles. We recommend installing a shutter like a picture above because it has a traditional accent with dark green color that will be suitable for a rustic home exterior. To make them look related to each other, a brick wall can be applied because it has a light orange color and makes our home have a strong rustic accent. Don’t forget to paint a window frame with brown color. This type is preferred to be installed in the modern rustic kitchen because has a wide size.

Light Grey Shutter Style

Light grey rustic shutter design
Simple style create a beautiful impression

Installing a light grey rustic shutter is the best choice if you have a window without a frame like a picture above. It can create an unmonotonous concept and give a unique impression to our window. To make it more beautiful, we should install a white shutter inside to make our home interior and exterior have a stunning look. If we want to have a unique view, the window can be installed a bit low to create a green view in your front or backyard.

High Light Brown Rustic Window Shutter

High window with high light brown shutter
Light brown high shutter creates a stunning look

For those of you who have a high window but still want to install a shatter, we can install a high type and choose light brown to make a natural impression. Instead of covering the window, we can also make our home feel high and wide than before. It is better to be installed near a front or back yard to create a beautiful view while opening the shutter. It is suitable to be installed in the beautiful rustic dining room because it can make the room feel bright and have a strong natural and rustic accent at the same time. Don’t forget to apply a wall texture to create a fascinating rustic exterior and interior design.

Best Wood Cladding For Home Exterior

The first thing to consider when choosing exterior cladding for your home is whether hardwood or softwood would be better suited to your project. Generally, softwood cladding has more advantages than hardwood. Moreover, it is affordable and suitable for people who are on a budget. It is also resistant to weather, bacteria, fungi, termites, and moisture so it is good for your home exterior. The softwood is also easy to be applied and usually has bright colors although it can change into light grey if we don’t give good maintenance.

Hardwood gives dark colors if we choose popular oak wood materials but it is similar to softwood that can change into light grey or silver if it is not properly treated. After deciding which one to use whether hardwood or softwood, we should choose the wood type. We will give you some recommendations to help us choose materials that will be preferred to our taste.

Western Cedar Cladding

Western red cedar
Western red cedar give us a shiny impression

The first best wood cladding is western cedar which is a softwood type. It is considered the best wood material cladding for home exterior and also popular this year. The western cedar has an affordable price, looks stunning, and is also easy to be installed. It is suitable to be used for people who want to have a beautiful garden or inspired rustic farmhouse exterior. For those of you who want to have light qualities, create a natural warm atmosphere, and are also resistant to weathering, we should choose it because the western cedar will be preferred for us.

Oak Wood Cladding

Oak wood cladding
Oakwood gives us a natural accent with original wood color

This is a hardwood type and can be resistant in 40-60 years that will be best for people who want to choose a hard accent with a strong accent. It has light brown color so gives us a natural accent. The oak wood is suitable for people who want to have a traditional accent on their home exterior. It has various colors that we can choose as long as it is related to the concept that we will apply. The oak wood has a hard surface that we can feel complicated if we want to nail something. Some people might want to have a rustic outdoor dining room, if we have oak wood cladding, it can look prettier than using any materials.

Siberian Larch Cladding

Siberian larch cladding
Beautiful home with Siberian larch cladding

It is hardwood but it is actually denser than other types then it provides plenty of strength and durability. The Siberian larch is one of the best materials for exterior cladding especially for those of you who want to have a traditional accent because it has a “knottier” appearance. It also has various colors such as light brown, golden brown, and even yellow. It takes well to staining and painting so it might be the best choice to create a perfect home exterior. The Siberian larch is also easy to nail and screwed which is great for home renovation. The color can change into silver or light brown but it still looks beautiful and have a strong rustic accent.

Thermowood Cladding

Thermowood cladding
Thermowood cladding is suitable for any home design

This type is a softwood material and can be resistant for more than 30 years. It has high qualities that can’t ruin to moisture and decay which is a good option for a rustic home exterior. It is the best choice for people who want to have a dark color in their cladding materials. As the shown name, Thermowood is thermally modified which is increases stability and resistance to swelling and distortion. It is also easy to be installed and makes us feel comfortable while applying it to our home exterior. We can also add some DIY rustic decorations to create a beautiful impression.


A rustic exterior design has a unique characteristic and some rough textures in their roof, wall, or other parts. We should know the best type of window shutter and cladding materials to create a perfect rustic concept. Colors and designs are also should be our attention to prevent ruining or out of the concept that we will make. If you have another idea or suggestion, you can write for us and tell us your brilliant topic.


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