– Have you ever spent your time with your family or have a calm and warm atmosphere together? If you have, an inspired rustic farmhouse exterior is recommended for you. Generally, beige and white color is always found in this exterior style because it has a simple impression so it is suitable for a farmhouse style. If we want to apply this concept, we will need top tips for a healthy lawn too because we should have a front yard that has green grass. Besides a warm feeling from our healthy lawn, our home can feel fresh and doesn’t look monotonous. Interior and exterior homes should be our attention to create a perfect home design that suits our taste. Today, let’s read some ideas from us!

Inspired Rustic Farmhouse Exterior Ideas

Generally, a farmhouse has a warm furniture color that looks simple and blends with nature to create a fascinating impression. It also doesn’t have complicated things to add because it tends to have simple accents than luxury or stunning interior displays. This time, we will give you some ideas about rustic farmhouse exterior-inspired ideas.

Rustic Farmhouse Ideas With Gable Roof

White rustic farmhouse with gable roof style
Rustic farmhouse-inspired ideas

The first idea that should be applied in your home is a rustic farmhouse with a gable roof style that gives us a natural and simple impression but look beautiful at the same time. Installing some windows that according to home heigh is the best choice to create a stunning exterior look and give better lighting to the interior without lamp usage. If we want to have more space for our bedroom or any room that we want to make it feel wide, we recommend you to build a small rustic living room. It is suitable for our exterior style and also makes our home look beautiful indoor or outdoor.

White Rustic Farmhouse With Beautiful Veranda

Rustic farmhouse inspired ideas with wide veranda
White rustic farmhouse with a beautiful veranda

Just like we stated before, this idea has a gable roof and white color for the wall but it has a beautiful veranda with a swing. White flowers are also be planted in a yard to create a beautiful and fresh impression. We can build a little stair to make a variation in exterior design and install a dark brown door with a little window to make our home feel bright at the noon. Rustic interior designs always have a unique texture in their wall or roof. That’s why we should create a wall with line pattern texture to prevent a monotonous impression. We don’t need a big window like an idea before, we only need some windows and according to our house size.

Fresh Rustic Farmhouse Inspired Ideas

Rustic farmhouse with wide front yard
Beautiful park in the rustic farmhouse exterior give a fresh air

If we want to have a beautiful exterior, we don’t need furniture or anything except if we have a terrace. If we don’t have a veranda or terrace, we can make a park in our front yard to create a beautiful impression. Some plants can be planted to make it have a colorful look and don’t forget to create a path to beautify it. Beige color is suitable to make our wall exterior looks beautiful because it is related to nature. Don’t forget to choose dark colors to make a harmonious color selection. Choosing light blue flower plants is preferred to create a beautiful impression in our exterior style.

Light Brown Rustic Farmhouse Exterior Ideas

Light brown rustic farmhouse inspired ideas
Besides white color, dark brown is also preferred to make your home looks unique

For people who want to combine other colors with beige or white, we recommend combining white with light brown to create a perfect combination. We can build a veranda in front of your house and paint our favorite color. Don’t forget to add some chairs to make us feel comfortable while spending time in our home. We can also install a wooden swing to create a funny concept and make our family can enjoy staying in your home veranda. Green plants are also preferred to be planted in our front yard to create a fresh impression and give a different accent to our rustic farmhouse exterior style. It is better to build a minimalist rustic bedroom near our front yard to get a beautiful view.

Minimalist Rustic Farmhouse Exterior

Big rustic farmhouse exterior ideas
Minimalist rustic farmhouse exterior

Basic roofs might be enough to make our home exterior looks astonishing but we can also give a different texture by installing a shiny roof style. Choosing dark color is the best choice for your home because it can create a beautiful impression of exterior design. We can make a little stair and to make it look beautiful, we should apply some orange brick materials because it will be suitable for the rustic home exterior style.

Top Tips For Healthy Lawn

There are many people use lawn care product to create a beautiful and healthy lawn in their home exterior. This time we will give you another way to take care of it and makes you have a beautiful view.

  1. Cut your grass to a height of 6 to 8 centimeters because it can make the grass will grow promptly, prevent weeds, and discourage insect pests instead of cutting shorter.
  2. Give water to your grass deeply but not too often because it can ruin the grass. Water can encourage the growth of deep roots. Flush it about 2,5 centimeters of water only when needed or once a week. We should make it have enough humidity because if it has too much water, the grass will starve the soil of oxygen and invites disease.
  3. Compost is necessary to make your lawn have good growth and we should give it for creating a beautiful lawn. Don’t forget to keep grass clippings on your lawn to provide nutrients.
  4. Aerate compacted soil is better to do in the fall season. It helps water, air, and nutrients reach plant roots easier.
  5. Sow new seeds over thinned areas can make new grass grow better.
  6. Replace grass with paving stones or mulch to create a comfortable path to make us feel cozy while walking.
  7. Check your lawn often to prevent a mistake or anything that can ruin our grass.


Inspired rustic farmhouse exterior ideas can be applied if we know a suitable color and also its building styles. We should consider the design that we will be applied to create a beautiful impression and makes our home have a stunning home exterior concept. Don’t forget to know the top tips for a healthy lawn because rustic farmhouses always have a lawn on their exterior. Hopefully, our tips and design ideas can make your home looks unique and stunning at the same time.


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