– Generally, people who have a small house always have tiny rooms in their house. That’s because they don’t have enough space for making a big room in it. One of the most often made small is a bathroom because it doesn’t really need to make it big than another room. We can still enjoy our activity in the bathroom even it has small size. Sometimes, we don’t pay attention to it because we think it doesn’t necessary to make it look beautiful. Actually, it is essential to make our tiny bathroom look attractive. It can make us more comfortable while spending time in it. Today, we will give tiny Japanese bathroom decorating ideas with beautiful accessories recommendations.

Tiny Japanese Bathroom Decorating Ideas

For some people, decorating their tiny bathroom is something complicated to do because it has many things that we have to pay attention to before starting to decorate it. We should add some beautiful decorations and choose Japanese furniture to make a beautiful tiny Japanese bathroom. We can also know more about the characteristics of the Japanese home style to make it have a stronger design. This time, we will give you some tiny Japanese bathroom ideas.

Wooden Bathtub In The Tiny Japanese Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Tiny Japanese bathroom decorating ideas
Wooden bathtub in the Japanese bathroom

Do you want to have a cozy accent in your tiny bathroom? If you want, we should add wooden furniture to make it. For flooring, we should install wooden vinyl tiles for flooring and beige brick tiles can be installed for walls in our bathroom. Two combinations of these materials can create a natural and modern design at the same time. For making a variation in the furniture selection, we should use marble materials for a sink. It has stronger material and very suitable for people who want to have a unique impression in their bathroom.

Creating A Private Onsen

Beautiful tiny Japanese bathroom decorating ideas
Creating a private onsen in the bathroom

What is an onsen? It is a Japanese hot spring and generally used in natural hot water from a mountain. However, we can create it by making a square pool that enough for us to soak in it. We can also make water comes to this pool by using a shower or a faucet as long as water comes out and filling our pool with it. By having a private onsen in our bathroom, we can relax and spend our time in it without going out for enjoying an onsen place.

Simple Design With White Brick Tiles

Tiny beautiful bathroom decorating ideas
Simple design by using white brick tiles

A simple design can be made by using white brick tiles and install on the walls. A square window can be added to make it beautiful and we can feel more comfortable while using our bathroom. It has a type that can be combined with a traditional Japanese living room because it has a small size. We should add a gold shower to make it look harmonious in color selection. We can install a little window to make it have natural lighting and make us more pleasant while bathing.

Modern And Comfortable Tiny Japanese Decorating Ideas

A bathtub in the modern Japanese bathroom
Modern and comfortable

Sometimes we want to have a modern accent in the Japanese design. We should create this concept to make our bathroom have it. The main character in this concept is a glass door to cover this bathtub sometimes. We can also create it in our Japanese bedroom design because it is suitable for it. We should install a little window to make it still bright even doesn’t use a lamp.

Relaxing Bathroom By Using Some Plants As Decorations

Relaxing space in the bathroom
Relaxing bathroom by using some plants as decorations

To make us relaxed while bathing in our bathroom, we can add some plants as decorations to create a natural accent in it. If we have a room that has many windows, it is suitable to be used to it. We should use wooden vinyl tiles as flooring to make it have a stronger natural design. Moreover, it is gonna be more comfortable if we add an aromatherapy candle while bathing in this bathroom.

Beautiful Accessories Recommendations

What is the key to make our bathroom more beautiful? Do you have to add a decoration? We recommend you apply a Japanese interior design and add some beautiful bathroom accessories. This time, we will give you some bathroom accessories recommendations.

Toiletries Shelf For Tiny Japanese Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Bathroom accessories recommendations
Toiletries shelf in the tiny Japanese bathroom

Don’t you want to make your bathroom look messy? If you don’t want, we should add an accessories bathroom. One of them is the toiletries shelf like the picture above. It has a small size and suitable for people who have a small bathroom. We can add it to make our bathroom looks neat and beautiful.

Tooth Brush Stand

Toothbrush stand

It seems doesn’t important to add in our bathroom because we can add our toothbrush anywhere that we want, right? We should have a place to add our toothbrush to make it always clean and sterile if we want to use it again later. It also makes our bathroom look neat and doesn’t have a dirty impression.

An Aromatherapy Diffuser

An aromatherapy diffuser

Some people want to feel relax while bathing in their bathroom. To make a relaxing atmosphere, we should use an aromatherapy diffuser or scented candle to create a relaxed and comfortable room. We can choose any fragrant as long as we like and feel relaxed. We can also add it to the Japanese kitchen design to make us excited while cooking.

Bathroom accessories in the Japanese style
The modern accent of the soap bottle

We can add liquid soap to something that we can use to make it look aesthetic. We recommend you use a bottle like a picture above to make our bathroom looks beautiful. It has a suitable design that can be combined with Japanese interior design. We can also make it have the best arrangement of furniture, decorations, and toiletries.


For some people who want to apply a Japanese interior design in the bathroom, we should pay attention to bathroom accessories, furniture, and decoration because we have a tiny space. Hopefully, by using our ideas and recommendations we might help you to create a beautiful Japanese bathroom.


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