– Industrial design is known for its raw elements and factory beginning. Whether you decorating a bedroom by applying this style, we have to add some material textures that will make it have a strong chic accent. It can be combined with other interior styles that have a similar characteristic which is good to combine. The style of industrial theme is a trend that gives a beautiful aesthetic by combining a modern-chic style with vintage to create unfinished decorations and furniture. It is always dominated by neutral colors such as grey, beige, black, and white. It is can be combined with wood materials which can add a warm impression.

Industrial bedroom design for teenagers should be our attention to their furniture and decoration selection. We have to combine neutral and bright colors to make it won’t look monotonous. It should have a sophisticated design to make them feel comfortable and confident to show their bedroom. To create a neat impression, we have to add a vintage dresser to an industrial room. Today we will give you some design ideas with recommendations to help you make a beautiful room

What Is Industrial Chic Design?

Chic means elegant, fashionable, and trendy. It can describe practically style with a casual, understated look that is still hip, fresh, updated, and modern. It also looks unique if we combine it with vintage or industrial interior design. The design is suitable for teenagers because of having a beautiful and modern impression at the same time. An industrial accent that has a fresh look is preferred to be combined with a chic style.

Industrial Chic Bedroom Design Ideas

Everyone certainly wants to have a beautiful and comfortable bedroom in their home. This design is preferred to be applied because of using neutral colors that won’t create a tacky look. If we feel confused about how to apply it, some ideas from us might help you because of having a style that is easy to be implemented. An industrial-chic for a bedroom makes it has a sophisticated impression because of having a modern accent.

Natural Decorations In An Industrial Bedroom

Natural decorations in industrial chic bedroom
Wooden materials as decorations for an industrial bedroom

Bedroom decorations are not should have a luxurious or elegant impression. We can utilize natural materials to beautify our room because it also has stunning look. We can attach wooden to the wall to make our industrial chic bedroom have a strong accent. Natural decorations are preferred for an industrial design because it is related to the style characteristic. Covering our bed by using a white bed cover can make us comfortable and make the room have a beautiful impression. Some plants are also preferred to make the air in our room feel fresh and liven up the atmosphere. A white fluffy rug is a perfect choice to be chosen if we want to cover our flooring.

Light Brown Industrial Chic Bedroom Concept

Light brown industrial chic bedroom concept
Light brown create a warm atmosphere in our bedroom

This idea looks elegant and warm because it uses light brown as the main color. We can add a beige bed with a dark brown blanket to create a harmonious look in the color selection. A wall textured is suitable to be applied because of having an elegant impression that will create a warm industrial chic bedroom concept. There are many lamps that we can choose but a chandelier is the best type to make it look bright at the night. It also has a luxurious style so the room won’t look monotonous or have a boring impression.

Simple Chic Bedroom Design in Industrial Theme

Simple industrial chic bedroom
A white bedroom looks suitable in the industrial-chic concept

The first that we have to do is applying a wall textured that has a simple style like in the picture above. We can choose a black bed frame and add a white bed to make it look harmonious. A black blanket should be chosen to create a beautiful impression and two dark blue pillows are suitable to create an improvisation on our bed display instead of only using a white color. Industrial design characteristics always use a neutral color to make it can be combined with other styles. Wooden furniture with natural texture is preferred to be added in the industrial design.

Unique Pattern Fabric In The Industrial Chic Bedroom

Industrial chic bedroom with unique patterns
A unique pattern fabric can make an industrial-chic design look beautiful

If we choose a carpet, blanket, bedcover, and pillowcase it should have a unique pattern for an industrial chic bedroom design. It can liven up the atmosphere in our room and create a beautiful impression. We can add a light brown carpet and woven rug that will make a vintage accent. Don’t forget to choose the same accent in the blanket and pillowcase selection. Suitable wall decorations that can beautify our room are a monochrome picture that looks unique and unmonotonous. If we want to have fresh air circulation even we have a small space, some plants are a solution.

Wooden Quotes To Beautify Industrial Chic Bedroom

Wooden quotes wall decoration in industrial bedroom chic
Wooden quotes wall decoration looks beautiful

Sometimes applying wallpaper is complicated to do but we still want to have a beautiful impression in our home. A wooden quotes wall decoration is a solution for you because it is suitable to be attached for an industrial bedroom design. Combining it by adding a round mirror and a dark brown wooden basket in front of your bed. The wooden quote is also preferred to be hung in the small industrial living room to make the space will be enough for other decorations.

Industrial Bedroom Design Ideas For Teenagers

Teenagers need a modern and beautiful look in their bedroom to make them confident if their friends come. An industrial design for teenagers is the best style that we can choose because of having a sophisticated look. This time, we will give you some design ideas to create an industrial bedroom that will make your loved ones feel happy and cozy while sleeping.

Brick Walls Textured In Teenagers Industrial Bedroom

Brick walls brings a modern look in the industrial chic bedroom
Brick walls look natural but modern at the same time

This day, many people decorate their walls with wallpaper, wall art, or only give them a beautiful painting color. However, we can make a different look by applying brick materials to our walls. It has a natural orange color that will beautify our teenager’s bedroom. It is also preferred for an industrial teenager’s room because doesn’t ruin our concept. We have to choose dark colors bed with light grey carpet to make a harmonious look in color selection. A black shelf can be added to make us feel comfortable while adding decorations or necessary things.

Cozy Industrial Teenager’s Bedroom

Cozy industrial teenager's bedroom
Comfortable bedroom for a teenager

Bright colors will look beautiful if we add them to an industrial bedroom design for teenagers. We can apply white brick wall textures and attach a wooden decoration to give another color. A light brown shelf should be made as a place to replace something that we will need. We have to cover our bed by using a light grey bed cover and blanket. It will make us feel comfortable while sleeping or spending time. It also makes teenager’s bedrooms have a stunning look.

Colorful Industrial Bedroom Concept For Teenagers

Colorful bed cover for an industrial bedroom design
A colorful concept can be added to our industrial bedroom

For those of you who want to have a bright style in your furniture or decorations, we should apply this concept. By covering our bed with bright colors blanket and add a sky blue rug it will create a colorful concept for teenager’s industrial bedroom. The suitable tile is wooden laminated flooring because of having a neutral dark brown color. Making a wooden shelf behind the bed also makes it feel convenient and practical at the same time.

Small Bed In The Industrial Bedroom For Teenagers

Small bed in the industrial bedroom for teenagers
A small bed still looks beautiful

For some people, buying a big size bed is too expensive moreover for those of you who have a limited budget. However, a small bed still looks beautiful to be added to a teenager’s industrial bedroom design. We have to cover it by using a dark color bedcover and blanket. A black bed frame is our recommendation to be chosen. A contemporary black pendant lamp can be installed on the ceiling to make it have a warm impression and feel bright at the same time. Wall decorations such as a monochrome lion picture and wooden shelf can be attached to create a stunning impression.

Industrial Vintage Dresser Recommendations

A dresser might necessary for some people who want to have a neat bedroom. By using it, we can save many things that we want to replace. There are many designs, colors, and shapes that we can choose as long as it is related to our design. An industrial vintage dresser style is our recommendation for you who want to have a beautiful and unique impression. This time we will give you some dresser-style recommendations for beautifying an industrial bedroom.

Wooden Bedroom Dresser

Natural wooden dresser for an industrial bedroom
Natural looks from wooden materials are beautiful

The first dresser recommendation from us is a wooden material with its natural color that doesn’t have change from other painting colors. It has a small size but it is enough if you want to replace some underwear, necessary things, or books. It also has two wheels that it is easy if we want to move it. The wooden dresser also has a strong vintage accent and is suitable for an industrial bedroom.

Pink Industrial Vintage Dresser

Pink industrial vintage dresser
Pink color creates a feminine concept

Do you want to have a feminine concept in your bedroom? Pink colors are suitable to be added in the industrial design especially in the teenager’s bedroom. It can be combined with a gold accent that will create a perfect color combination.

Dark Brown Dresser

Dark brown industrial vintage dresser
Dark brown color industrial vintage style

Dark brown and gold colors always have a vintage accent that will be suitable to be added to a bedroom. It looks luxurious and simple at the same time so it gives an industrial vintage style to our room. It has enough space to save our clothes and anything that we want to save.

Black Industrial Vintage Dresser

Black industrial vintage dresser
Black color always looks stunning

The last recommendation from us is a black industrial vintage dresser style that looks elegant from its simplicity. It will be suitable to be added for the teenager’s bedroom or anyone who wants to have a neat room. It has many drawers that will make us can replace many things in one space.


An industrial chic bedroom design for teenagers is stunning moreover if we add some dresser to create a neat impression. We should pay attention to colors, furniture, and decorations selection to apply the design. We guarantee by applying our bedroom ideas, you will have stunning concepts in your home.


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