1. Classic design overview

If you look at its history, classic living room design has existed since ancient times and was used by nobles at that time. They thought that having a house with a classic interior design at that time was very memorable. Therefore, not infrequently, homes in this world prefer design ideas like this because the visualization of the room becomes more of a past style. Then, electric and solitary styles have become part of the popularity of this simple home design. But the appearance still has to look elegant.

The advantage of this design is that the colors used are inspired by nature, such as brown wood, golden yellow, green leaves, and earth colors. However, black can be used to strengthen important items in a room.

In addition, the materials used in classic rooms are fabrics for decorating curtains or wrapping sofas. Meanwhile, decorative accessories that are usually used to support classic-themed interiors are paintings with frames full of profiles in a classic style, such as large flower vases, large and luxurious crystal chandeliers, and walls covered with brown wallpaper or golden.

2. Attractive design

Classic home interiors are synonymous with an ancient impression and a simple, traditional style. In fact, a classic house can come with a style that is not out of date. However, through a touch of luxury and elegance, this design is becoming increasingly popular. Then, Classic home interior design can make you remember the past.

In initiating classic home interior design ideas, you need to balance the color proportions of the room so that it is more in harmony with every detail of the room. Therefore we want to share ideas with you to review classic designs in this article. By combining past and modern style furniture, your interior home design will look more attractive. Therefore, let’s review the basics of classic interior design below. That way, you don’t just know, but you know the characteristics of this design.

3. Basic Classical Interior Design

Many home interior designs that you can apply in your home. As far as we know, the modern minimalist home design style is booming among the public. Then, this design is simple but can give an elegant impression so that it attracts the interest of many people. However, classic, contemporary, and other styles of home interior designs are no less popular. This design remains in the hearts of fans because they like to reminisce that was full of beauty.

Unlike minimalism, classic home interiors have been dominated by beautiful and enchanting profiles and carvings. The large furniture sizes which are characteristic of classic design can make your home interior look magnificent. In addition, many of the materials used for furniture like kitchen sets, tables, chairs, sofas, and wardrobes have made of solid wood. So it can make classic-themed interiors very expensive and durable. For that, let’s review some examples of designs that are still popular today. Therefore, let’s review some examples of classic designs below.

Eclectic home design

This classic-style interior look sleek and elegant. If you design properly, this eclectic home design style will produce a welcoming and beautiful room. As you can see, the advantage of this home design is being able to welcome every guest who comes because it looks friendlier. So, you don’t need to bother anymore to make a classic living room design that is luxurious and modern.

If you have furniture with a classic design like this, you must take care of it. So that it still looks attractive. Even though the appearance is simple, it still looks aesthetic. As you know, furniture like this can give an old impression. Then, it can remind you of the past.

Minimalist classic house design

Combining furniture such as sofas and coffee tables which have a more attractive and unique design, can provide warmth as well in your home. As you can see, this simple home design looks aesthetic. Furniture accents that are present in this classic home design are blankets, vases, lamps, curtains, motif sofa cushions, and carpets in colors that match the wall paint.

Classic modern home ideas like this are easy for us to imitate in our home decorations. Besides the goods that are not too much. The room needed does not have to be spacious and magnificent. To make it look more attractive, you can add some wall paintings, standing decorative lamps to illuminate the living room and antique knick-knacks.

A combination of living room, dining room, and kitchen

Classic-style houses generally display details that are loaded with magnificent and orderly elements. While the modern style generally emphasizes simplicity with minimal detail. The design of a home kitchen that blends in with the dining room and living room makes save the room. In addition, you can also save space. Then, you can put simple furniture in a modern style.

In addition, a classic touch also appears from the antique chandelier that is hung above the dining table. Then, added a sink that is installed in front of the window so that the interior of the room becomes bright

American classic style

American Classic is known as a simple style. This style does not use too many carvings, uses large furniture, and simple details, and is synonymous with calm and soft colors.

American Classic is a variation of the classic European style but is more versatile and easier to maintain. This is what attracts some people to decide to apply it to their homes. To make it look prettier, you can add flower pots, ceramic knick-knacks, and semicircular tables to place flower pots.

Gold touch

In addition to the use of soft colors earlier, the architect added a very elegant touch of color, namely gold. Gold accents are presented repeatedly in several residential areas, starting from the bedroom, and living room, to the bathroom.

But for this one design, this gold color is presented in a subtle or subtle way in the living room. as in wall paintings, hanging decorative lamps, and knick-knacks. To make it look more attractive, the interior of this room is equipped with a large, magnificent sofa, sofa cushions, a coffee table for placing drinks, a patterned floor rug, and portable decorative lights. That way, the gold accents of this living room are able to give a stunningly luxurious look.

The elegance of a classic Indian house

Classic Indian homes usually always feature bright colors and attractive motifs. The Indian home classic design always features nuances that look luxurious and elegant. In India, the average house has decorated with various luxurious home decor knick-knacks.

Some of them has decorated with urns, crystals, or gold-colored threads because the Indian region is a region with a tropical climate like Indonesia. No wonder they decorate classic homes that prioritize coolness. Then, you can see from the ceiling which is quite high. What’s interesting about this Indian house interior is that it uses more ventilation than windows. To make it look more attractive, they added beautiful wall hangings, antique sofas, and tables made of rota, colorfully patterned sofa cushions, patterned carpets, and ornamental plants.

Using marble as the floor of the dining room interior

The hallmark of American Classic style interior design can be seen in the use of natural materials such as marble as the floor of the house. All residential floors use marble with the same motifs and colors, so it feels comfortable.

We know that marble is known as a natural material that is cold, strong, and has an elegant appearance. Not surprisingly, the marble material is excellent in this residence. Then, to make it look elegant, the interior of this room is equipped with a dining table, classic model chairs, and crystal chandeliers. Meanwhile, the living room is equipped with a sofa set, television, a small buffet, and decorative lights. With this arrangement, your home interior will look multi-functional.

Super large furniture for the dining room

This classic dining room design is different from minimalist or Scandinavian-style dining rooms which prioritize function and tend to have luxurious furniture in the American Classic style. Then, the classic dining room instead features large furniture such as tables and chairs. This design aims to make the dining room look luxurious.

As you can see the selection of tables, chairs, and crystal chandeliers on the table can give a luxurious impression to the dining room. That way, this classic dining room design looks beautiful and charming.

Aesthetic classic dining room design

Classic-style houses generally display details that are loaded with magnificent and neatly arranged elements. While the modern style generally emphasizes simplicity with minimal detail. The dining room that blends with the family room can represent a combination of the two. This dining room features simple wooden furnishings with bold lines typical of a modern style.

The classic touch comes from the antique chandelier that has been placed above the large dining table and some old-style chairs. Then, add a decorative table in the corner of the dining room with a mirror. In addition, not to look monotonous, the dining room interior has decorated with wallpaper, portable decorative lights, and beautiful curtains in the same color as the dining room. That way, your classic dining room design looks magnificent and luxurious.

A bedroom with a classic style that stands out

Bedroom arrangements should always be made neat and comfortable. Like the picture above, this bedroom design is designed with a very interesting concept. But still, highlight the thick classic style. The presence of a bed with a classic style, motif sofa pillows, a nightstand, and decorative wall lights make this bedroom feel comfortable.

This main bedroom features a dark color that is visible from the wood material on the walls, and floor, to the matching colored curtains. Details on the walls characterize the old-school style. Meanwhile, the bedding uses a modern white color decorated with several sheets of patterned fabric to add texture to make it look beautiful. With this arrangement, your bedroom will look thick with a classic style. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Bedroom in light colors

The other classic bedroom comes with lighter shades. The colors white, broken white, and cream to light brown are the most prominent components in this bedroom. Apart from that, the classic hanging light is still the highlight of the room, complete with the selection of unique white and blue patterned bedding. In terms of execution, this design is similar to the old American style.

Modern and classic touches are displayed here and there, confirming it as a luxurious and elegant bedroom for the owner. The blending of modern and classic styles has harmonized carefully and subtly, resulting in a beautiful sight that pleases the eye and feels cozy. To not look attractive, you can add wall paintings, mirrors, and motif pillows.

4. Conclusion

Those are some examples of home interior design with a classic style that we explain. But if you want to implement like the one above, you can arrange it yourself or call a home decorator to design your home furniture. Classic interior design still has a lot of fans. That way, the interior design of the house will look aesthetic, attractive, comfortable, luxurious, and attractive. Hopefully, one of the design examples above can be an inspiration for you. Happy decorating!


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