1. Overview terrace for narrow land

Narrow land should not be used as an excuse for not being able to decorate your home. If you can decorate well, then the place can look neat and comfortable for you to rest. Often homeowners just put a few patio chairs or even leave them empty without any furniture. If you act like that, you won’t get a terrace to sit and relax while breathing the free air outside the house. For that, let’s review the attractive minimalist terrace ideas and designs below!

2. Attractive idea and design

Determining attractive minimalist home terrace ideas and designs for narrow house land is indeed tricky. You have to choose a theme and concept that matches the overall house design so that it looks harmonious.

Apart from being beautiful, the design of a minimalist home terrace must also pay attention to the comfort aspect where we will receive guests and relax in the afternoon with our family. For a minimalist home terrace design, there are several design ideas that we can be applied to a small house. But you have to understand how much land you are going to design. Therefore, we provide an attractive terrace design review for you to consider.

3. Some examples of attractive terrace designs

Even though the terrace is only a place to entertain non-formal guests, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to design it. As far as we know, the terrace is a part of the house located at the front. So it must be one of the elements that must consider representing the contents of the house and the characteristics of the house owner. Do not let the guests who come to your home feel uncomfortable when sitting on the terrace. Therefore, we share ideas to review some examples of the beautiful terrace design for your home. We hope the design below suits your taste. Then, it can make you and your family feel comfortable and cheerful. Welcome to our review!

Terrace concept with garden model

This first terrace design is very suitable to be applied to a small house because it doesn’t need a lot of space. You can put lots of ornamental plants in pots on the house terrace. Then, you can use the Pot as a plant container made of earthenware. So it looks prettier. As for chairs and coffee tables, you can use rattan furniture decorated with leaf-patterned pillows to make it look beautiful. What you need to pay attention to is, arranging flower pots neatly and precisely to make them look more attractive. Then, water and fertilize it regularly to make it fertile. That way, the atmosphere on your terrace desain will feel pleasant.

Minimalist terrace model with a hanging chair

If you want a different atmosphere, this minimalist terrace model with a hanging chair is the right choice. Its unique shape can be a focal point in the terrace area without having to look too much. In addition, use light colors throughout, starting from the walls, the table, and the floor.

Even though the terrace is only a place to entertain formal guests, that doesn’t mean you don’t pay attention to the furniture used because it is located at the front of the house. We know that the terrace is one of the elements that is considered to represent the contents of the house and the characteristics of the house owner. Do not let the guests who visit your home feel uncomfortable when sitting on the terrace. To make it look more beautiful, you can put small potted plants as long as the pots don’t cover the entire surface of the table. In addition, you can

The stage-style minimalist terrace model

This stage-style terrace design is usually synonymous with using Dutch teak benches. You can also apply this design to a minimalist terrace model. You don’t need to use colorful lights you only need to use a simple chandelier and place it at the top of the terrace. At night, you can relax here while chatting or enjoying hot tea. Then, to look more attractive, you can place ornamental plants and knick-knacks around the terrace. Then install the batik motif ceramic floor. That way, your terrace design will look aesthetic.

Terrace model without seating

The key to a minimalist terrace model is the use of a small amount of furniture so it doesn’t feel cramped. One of the pieces of furniture that you can get rid of is a set of wooden chairs. Instead, you can put a sitting pillow or cushion on the floor. This concept can make you more relaxed and free.

Then, to make it more comfortable and attractive, you can add mini wooden buffets for storing equipment, ornamental plants hanging on the walls, decorative lights, wall paintings, and other interesting knick-knacks. Then, design your terrace floor with wooden floors to make it look elegant. Add a wall design with exposed brick so that the atmosphere feels more natural. That way, your terrace design looks like an industrial design.

Scandinavian-style minimalist terrace model

For those of you who want to apply the Scandinavian style as a minimalist terrace model, you can arrange it well. The method is very simple. First, choose furniture made of wood or rattan. The decoration is enough with a few plant pots filled with flowers or green plants placed on the edge of the terrace. Then, to make it more comfortable and warm, cover the chair with a brightly colored cloth. Then, design the terrace floor with wooden floors to make it look elegant. Add chairs and round tables and decorative lights for you to relax at night. Apart from that, you can also bring your guests to chat in this place. This way your conversation will also feel relaxed. Happy decorating!

Terrace model with a stick table

The use of legged furniture on the terrace of the house will make the area look crowded. Therefore, you can get rid of the usual table with legs with a stick table attached to the railing. You don’t need to set up a large table, as long as it’s sturdy enough to support a few glasses of drink, snack containers, and flower pots. In order to make you relax and enjoy your drinks and food, you can put on a round bench that doesn’t take up space. With this arrangement, you can enjoy the view under the balcony.

Aesthetic terrace design

For houses in the city, flower gardens are almost non-existent because land supplies are limited. However, the terrace area of ​​the house can be used as a mini home garden. As you can see, the minimalist terrace design in the picture looks beautiful and charming.

As you can see, this terrace has been used as a garden where you can relax with your family while enjoying warm coffee and chatting with your family. But if you want to look more attractive, this terrace is equipped with wooden benches covered with soft foam, colorful motif sofa cushions, wooden tables for placing drinks and food, decorative lights, and several flower pots placed on the edge of the terrace and in the corners of the room. That way, your terrace design looks aesthetic.

The terrace model is simple but elegant

The next minimalist terrace model is practically minimal decoration. The light-colored walls are adorned with rows of ornamental plants. The furniture has made of rattan covered in soft foam, colorfully patterned cushions, and a round table for placing drinks. Even though it is minimal in decoration and simple, this minimalist terrace design still looks elegant. Then, To make it look more attractive, the floor has made of wood with bright color motifs and brown wood. With this arrangement, your house design looks simple and elegant.

Terrace model with colorful design

This colorful minimalist terrace model is suitable for residents who like to spend time on the terrace for fun. You can combine the colors on this terrace with existing flowers, cushions, or even carpets.

Because it uses a lot of fabric material and is a semi-outdoor area, you have to consider the location of the cushions and carpet, and whether it will get wet if it’s raining. To make it look more attractive, you can add colorful sofa cushions to the U-designed seats. Then you can put a table around for placing drinks and hanging flower plants on an iron frame designed with a half-circle model. With this arrangement, your terrace design looks artistic.

Terrace model in the corner of the house

After a day of office work, your body will feel tired, and you need a special place to hide from the crowd. Apart from relaxing in the bedroom, the terrace also can be a hiding place. The terrace design that is located on the house corner looks perfect for you to get a rest so as not to be disturbed by people.

To make your rest feel more comfortable and safe, you can design your terrace with a white umbrella. Then you can put the L sofa. So it can be used to sit while resting, add an antique round table, decorative plant flower pots made of rattan and place them in the corner of the sofa, colorfully patterned floor rugs, and beautiful knick-knacks. That way, your terrace design will look more attractive and comfortable. If you want your rest to be undisturbed, this terrace design can be an inspiration for you.

Terrace model with beach chairs

This terrace design does look simple but the chair is similar to a place on the beach. It’s called a beach chair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring it into your home. Beach chairs can be an attractive element for a minimalist terrace model. In this way, your home will look unique.

For those of you who prioritize comfort and want to relax, this beach chair is suitable for placing on the terrace. With this beach chair, you can stretch out casually while reading a book and enjoying a cup of hot tea anytime. Then, to feel more comfortable, you can add foam on the chairs and soft sofa cushions. That way, you get the best rest. Then when you wake up, you will feel refreshed.

Arrange the terrace connected to the family room

Terraces on limited land are usually small and feel cramped when various pieces of furniture are added. Therefore, the next minimalist terrace model has connected to the family room through large glass doors that can be opened and closed by pushing.

This minimalist terrace model seems to blend into the family room and can be used as an additional area when you have a get-together with many guests. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add a minimalist sofa according to the terrace concept. That way, the minimalist terrace and family room feel more harmoniously connected. That way, you will no longer feel cramped gathering with your friends.

Terrace design with circular seating models

If you have a minimalist terrace on limited land, don’t make yourself desperate and not creative. You have to be creative in maximizing every corner. So you can use your terrace optimally. One way is to use a circle model seat.

But if you use a single chair, you can only place a few chairs and feels cramped. But the sofa set in the picture above can seat more than five people. Then, don’t forget to add a small table to put the glass on. Then, decorate your terrace with an umbrella. So it is not exposed to the sun during the day. Then, you can add ornamental plants in the corner. That way, the exterior of your home will look beautiful and charming.

Closed terrace model

The walls in the terrace area can look plain and you are confused about what kind of decoration to put. If you are a fan of plants, decorate ornamental plants in front of your terrace. You don’t need to fill the terrace with ornamental plants. Just put some pots with interesting patterns in front of the terrace. While your closed terrace, you can add a sofa set and table with some wall hangings, and wall paintings. That way, your covered terrace feels comfortable.

Design a little patio furniture

The next minimalist terrace model has little furniture, there’s only a long wood bench. That way, you can breathe air freely. Then, even do light exercise here. So that it doesn’t look monotonous, you can add colorful motif sofa pillows for you to lie down on a long wood bench. Then, decorate your terrace walls with abstract paintings. So they are not bored. Then design the floor with varnished wood to make it look neat. That way, your terrace design looks more attractive.

Minimalist terrace model with beautiful ceramics

The last terrace design is a minimalist terrace with beautiful tiles. In this terrace, there are not many things that can be placed on the terrace except ornamental plants. To make it look more attractive, you can beautify a minimalist terrace model by using unique patterned terrace tiles. Not just one motif, you can combine several ceramic motifs at once. If you are already using patterned ceramics, it is best if the walls are left in a plain color. Then add decorative wooden shelves to place flower pots, that way, your home’s exterior design will look artistic.

4. Conclusion

Those are some minimalist terrace models that you can apply at home. if you like the terrace model that we reviewed above, you can arrange it yourself. But if you don’t want to bother, you can use home decor to design your terrace. So it looks aesthetically pleasing, attractive, beautiful, and comfortable. Don’t forget to equip your terrace with the right furniture according to the area of ​​your terrace. Hopefully, this design can be useful for you and your family. Happy decorating!


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