1. Overview teras desain minimalis

An aesthetic dream house is a house that has a terrace. The presence of a terrace is not only a place to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views from the garden outside the home. The terrace of the house is also the area that guests will see for the first time when they visit the house. It gives an important impression on the overall appearance of your minimalist home. Therefore, the existence of the terrace should not be underestimated.
Even though it is designed in a simple way, minimalist terraces like the references you find in our review will be able to inspire you. For that, let’s review the ideas and designs below.

2. Minimalist terrace ideas and designs

An aesthetic home design has a beautiful terrace model. In addition, you can arrange the exterior of the house neatly. Therefore, terrace decoration should not be ignored because it reflects the contents of the house as a whole.

With a beautiful minimalist terrace model, you will feel happy and proud every time a guest stops by or passes by your house. Therefore, you must pay attention to the cleanliness of your terrace at any time.

For those of you who are looking for a house terrace model, we provide ideas and designs for attractive minimalist terrace models. We guarantee that your mother or wife will feel more comfortable keeping the house clean, both inside and out. For that, let’s look at some of the reviews below.

3. Some examples of aesthetic minimalist terraces

The terrace of the house is an important part of a house. Generally, we find this terrace in front of the house because this place is mostly in the exterior house. Therefore, you must build with the best design. Then, it creates a positive impression on those who see it. With the development of the era, the current terrace model is quite diverse.

As far as we know, there are minimalist terrace models, luxury terrace models to simple terrace models that complement today’s home designs. Therefore, if you are still confused about choosing a terrace model, please follow our review below. Hopefully, one of the designs will suit your taste. Welcome to our review!

Alfresco dining terrace design

The alfresco-style terrace design also can be applied to the outdoor extension area in your house. The Alfresco is an outdoor area with a roof that can be used all the time. Then, for a different minimalist home terrace design, you can place a small dining table. Then, design a patio bench using ceramic and covered in soft wood color foam. Add sofa cushions to make it look even cooler. That way, the design of your home terrace can be used as a dining area with the family. To feel fresher, decorate with ornamental plants. That way, your dwelling will feel shady.

The design is the same as the living room

Having a comfortable and aesthetic terrace makes you confident to receive guests and family members. This minimalist terrace design can also be the main family room outdoors. By placing sofas and lounge chairs, motif sofa cushions, and a table to place drinks, makes the gathering atmosphere pleasant and comfortable.

To make it look more attractive, you can add a floor rug with the same color as the sofa. Then, complete with an elongated buffet, decorative lights, and fans. Don’t forget to add ornamental plants to add to the green and fresh atmosphere. That way, your terrace design will look aesthetic and pleasant.

Candle-style lamp-themed design

This terrace design looks beautiful at night. The usual theme of lighting some candles can make the terrace seem messy during the day. But you can consider this minimalist design breakthrough because at night this terrace looks very attractive.

These candle-style lamp accents are obtained from lamp ornaments which give the dim light of candles with a modern minimalist shape. To look more beautiful at night, you can add a relaxing sofa and a round table to place drinks. With this arrangement, you can enjoy the fresh air at night while relaxing with your partner.

Design with herbs

If you want to design a terrace into an open dining area, this is a smart idea. To design it you have to prepare the best design so that the results are satisfactory. Therefore, herbal plants can be a way that you can do it. This plant is in great demand by many people. In addition, herbal plants can also be a sweetener for the terrace of the house.

Then, to look more aesthetic, you can place an old wooden or concrete table and chairs with natural accents in the middle of the room. Then, make a wooden shelf attached to the wall to place ornamental plants. Then, design the roof with a wooden pergola and covered it with transparent fiberglass so that it is not exposed to water when it rains. Don’t forget to design the floor with exposed bricks to make it look natural. That way, your terrace design will look unique and artistic.

Design with bright, contrasting paint

Everyone must crave a cozy and beautiful terrace. To design it, you have to find a model that suits your taste so you don’t get bored. If the model of the terrace of this house is your choice, then you can place a set of guest chairs and a relaxed sitting table. With soft chairs, comfortable sofa cushions, decorative lights, and bright wall paint. This design can make you and your family happier.

Then, to make it look more fresh, you can put ornamental plants on the terrace area. Then, design the terrace floor with a patterned wooden floor to make it look elegant. With a design like this, you and your family will always spend time relaxing in this place.

Menambahkan Aksen Bantal pada kursi gantung

This minimalist terrace model looks beautiful and bright. The terrace with hanging chairs is a perfectly private place for you to relax. In this place, you can enjoy the afternoon or morning. With a comfortable and shady atmosphere, you can get the maximum rest and make you not stressed. In this place, you can provide a hanging chair like the picture above, then add a minimalist table to place drinks. To decorate a hanging chair to make it look even more beautiful, you can add colorful sofa cushions. With this arrangement, your terrace design looks aesthetic and bright.

Minimalist terrace design in bohemian and rustic styles

Bohemian design is currently in great demand by young people. The bohemian-style terrace in this picture looks rustic style with neutral beige color details, and boho ornaments on the walls, floor, and ceiling of the terrace. With a design like this, the terrace is very thick with rustic elements.

To make it look more attractive, this terrace is equipped with rattan chairs, classic guest chairs, colorful motif sofa cushions, and tables made of large tree trunks. To make the atmosphere feel fresher, the terrace walls are fitted with wooden shelves to place ornamental plants. Then other ornamental plants are placed in the corner of the terrace and wooden table. That way, this exterior home design looks unique and artistic.

Folding door model

If you want to make a terrace that is multi-functional and safe. You can design a terrace with a folding glass door model that can be completely opened. This house terrace model looks free and refreshing for the interior of the room. The floor design with ceramic motifs adds a cool natural feel and makes you feel at home. Then, to provide privacy you can install a high fence.

If you want to make it look complete, present a long brown sofa that can give a natural impression. then, a table to place the drinks. In addition, you can add a dining table and chairs on an open terrace. With a design like this, you and your family will be more relaxed while enjoying the free air.

Design for a level house

The terrace design on the level house must design on the second floor, and in this place, you can enjoy the view outside of the house. In addition, you can enjoy the clean and fresh air. With a design like this picture, terraced house terrace models can look elegant and add to the beauty of the overall appearance of the house exterior. With the inspiration for the terraced house terrace model above, You can more freely enjoy the scenery.

Then to look more attractive, you can add decorative plant pots, lounge chairs, and tables. Then, for you to relax at night, add an antique decorative wall lamp. Don’t forget to decorate the walls with exposed bricks to make them look natural. Then, add an iron fence for family security. With this arrangement, your terrace model will look aesthetic and attractive.

Terrace model with black iron railings

The terrace design with a small diameter black trellis is located on the second floor and makes the exterior of the house look comfortable. This house terrace model also uses a minimalist trellis concept that is not complicated. In addition, iron material can give a different feel to the exterior of the house. Moreover, the design, the floor, and the edges of the fence are decorated with ceramic motifs and coral stones so that it makes people feel happier looking at them.

To appear more complete, this terrace is equipped with a round table and patio chairs. That way, you can enjoy your relaxing time in this place with your family. Then, with a design like this, you don’t need to look for a coffee shop to find another atmosphere. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Contemporary modern minimalist terrace model

If you are happy with the appearance of a modern terrace, this modern minimalist terrace model can be the right choice. The terrace of this house has a contemporary and futuristic impression. So that it is not too monotonous, and presents natural elements such as plants in the terrace area of ​​the house. This can make the house look more beautiful and add another color to the house.

Then, to make you relax with your family, you can add a beautiful rattan sofa with a white cover, a coffee table for placing drinks, hanging decorative lights, and portable decorative lights. With a design like this, the exterior of your home will look aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

Luxurious modern minimalist terrace model

Having a luxurious modern minimalist terrace appearance is the dream of many people. Not only is the price of the expensive material because of its elegant and modern design. To make a luxury terrace model that looks contemporary like in the picture above, you don’t need to design a lot of pillars. In addition, mix a variety of certain textures such as wood, gravel, and rocks, to natural nuances from ornamental plants and beautiful flower pots to bonsai plants. Then, add patio chairs and tables to make you relax while enjoying the free air. With this arrangement, the exterior design of your house will look elegant.

Japanese-style house terrace model

The Japanese-style terrace design is different from the usual terrace designs. This design is more inclined to preserve their culture. Then it is more dominant to use wood material and sit on the floor. If you like the design in the picture above, you can make this design inspiration for your terrace. By making a design like this, you don’t need to go to Japan to enjoy a Japanese-style house because you can enjoy Japanese nuances like the design you imitate in the picture above.

Then, to look more attractive like Japanese characteristics, you can add a large wooden table covered with glass. Then, you prepare the foam to sit on the floor. This method is characteristic of Japanese culture. Add an attractive floor rug. Don’t forget to design Japanese-style windows and doors that can be opened and closed wide. With this Japanese-style terrace, of course, it can make your home look more comfortable and warm.

Feminine-style terrace model

Making designs with ceramic motifs, wood, wall paint, and furniture is one way to create a feminine and calm terrace. By choosing a minimalist style ceramic with an unobtrusive color, it can produce a comfortable and beautiful terrace feel. To add a beautiful and cool impression, you can add trees that are not too big and ornamental plants to make it look more beautiful.

To complete the terrace, you can add a long wooden table for serving food and drinks, long benches for sitting with the family and relaxing rattan chairs. Don’t forget to install an antique hanging lamp to illuminate the dining table and terrace at night. With this arrangement, you and your family will feel more at home together.

Special terrace for children’s playground

The next terrace design is a terrace complete with a children’s play area. Providing a place to play for children can reduce the risk of injury from playing and can save you money because you don’t have to take the kids out just to take them to the playground.

Then, to look more attractive, you can add white antique patio chairs, yellow and green sitting chairs for children, and small bicycles for your children to play on. Then, to look natural, you can plant green grass and ornamental plants. By providing a playground at home, you can control what kind of play equipment is safe for children. Then, your children also play safely.

Minimalist terrace model close to nature

The last is a terrace model that blends with nature. This terrace design has made by combining a green garden and natural stone. Usually, this terrace looks fresh with plants around the yard, so it looks more beautiful.

This model terrace design can create coolness because it is surrounded by green plants that are refreshing to the eye. In addition, this terrace model also can be a place to relieve fatigue and stress because the terrace design feels close to nature and makes you cool. Then to make you cozy, you can add chairs and tables to relax with your family.

4. Conclusion

Regardless of the design style, you want to apply to the exterior of your home, walls with exposed brick material, wood furniture, iron trellis, ornamental plants, and beautiful sofa cushion are still an attraction as decorative elements of the room. Therefore, many people are interested in this design. We hope the exterior of your home design looks comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and luxurious. Hopefully, this design can use for you. Happy decorating!


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