1. Overview of a minimalist kitchen

If you want to make a modern minimalist kitchen design in a small size but looks beautiful, you can see some interesting articles or home decor magazines that are trending. Various ideas are conveyed through kitchen pictures in the article to be your inspiration. By having a beautiful kitchen that is the dream of many people, you will feel comfortable when you are in this place.

A simple minimalist kitchen can appear aesthetic, as long as the homeowner can harmonize the interior decoration. Even though the size of the room is relatively small, if designed properly, the kitchen will look more attractive and make you enjoy cooking more.

Therefore, you can design a kitchen to make it look beautiful. One of them is by placing some ornamental plants and the right furniture. Minimalist kitchen inspiration will also look attractive if you use wall tiles with unique motifs. In the following, we provide the best kitchen ideas and designs.

2. Idea and design

Modern minimalist kitchen ideas and designs are the most popular interior design styles. Moreover, this room is a place for everyday cooking which is often done. Not only that, but cooking activities at home can also strengthen relationships with family.

Usually, a modern minimalist kitchen style doesn’t have to have a large room. But the most important thing is to create a comfortable and cheerful atmosphere. Then, to arrange a narrow kitchen, we still have to pay attention to the furniture used. If you choose the wrong furniture, the kitchen might feel cramped and uncomfortable. Therefore, we review some interesting designs below to be your guide.

3. Some attractive designs

Designing a small minimalist kitchen but looking beautiful can make cooking activities more enjoyable. For that, you can see some design inspiration through the articles we review below.

This article aims to uplift your cooking mood. We hope that in this way, your passion for cooking will increase. Especially if coupled with some modern kitchen equipment. It will make you feel good about the feel. Therefore, we want to share ideas with you to review a modern minimalist kitchen that is simple but still looks beautiful. We hope that our review below will suit your taste. Welcome to our review!

The kitchen is one with the dining table

There are many ways to make your kitchen multifunctional. One of them is to combine the kitchen with the dining room. By combining the dining room and kitchen into one, you can save space. Then the room will become versatile. In addition, you can use it for cooking as well as gathering with your family.

To make it look more attractive, you can place minimalist furniture in the kitchen and dining room areas close together, such as cabinets, dining tables, and chairs. Apart from that, you can decorate with a chandelier to illuminate the kitchen at night. So that your walls don’t look monotonous, you can decorate them with wall paintings, wooden shelves, and ornamental plants that are placed along the walls. That way, your kitchen design looks more aesthetic.

Kitchen design with a minimalist kitchen set 

You can see in the picture above, a modern minimalist kitchen is closely related to the practical use of a kitchen set. Various kitchen furniture, from cutlery, and spice jars, to food storage, can be stored neatly in the cabinet.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can combine the color of the kitchen set with a bright color kitchen wall. Then, set up a gas stove set at your kitchen table to make it look more beautiful and save space at the same time. For a small door on the kitchen table, give it a color that matches the kitchen set. With this arrangement, your minimalist kitchen will look beautiful and neat.

Design with wooden shelves on the wall

Modern minimalist kitchens usually use simple furniture. If using a kitchen set takes up too much space, you can change it with long wall shelves. The presence of a dining table and chairs makes this kitchen look multifunctional. To make it look more attractive, you can add a kitchen table.

To make it look more attractive, arrange the color of the kitchen table to match the color of the kitchen wall and the wooden shelves on the wall. Then, design a cabinet next to the kitchen table to store kitchen and dining furniture. Then arrange the placement of the refrigerator next to the cabinet to save space. So that it doesn’t look monotonous, place ornamental plants in the corner. That way, your kitchen design feels comfortable and enjoyable.

Pilih kabinet yang memiliki teknik finishing powder coating atau tampilan akhir glossy karena bisa merefleksikan cahaya. Jadinya, ruangan terlihat lebih besar, seperti di bawah ini.

Kitchen with wall shelves neatly arranged

If using a cabinet takes up too much space, you can use neatly arranged wall shelves. This kitchen shelf model is very flexible and easy to make. So, you can save space. That way, you can fill the remaining space with hanging kitchen furniture.

To look neat, you can arrange the sink and stove on the kitchen table. If possible, create a kitchen that is right opposite the window of the room so that sunlight can enter and reflect, making the room brighter. Then, design the color of the dining table in the kitchen to match the color of the kitchen table so that it looks harmonious. Then, to prevent the room from being stuffy from smoke, you can install a smoke extractor. That way, your kitchen design will feel comfortable.

Modern minimalist Scandinavian-style kitchen

Currently, the most popular designs are minimalist modern, and Scandinavian designs. If you are confused about choosing between modern or Scandinavian designs, you can combine the two designs by choosing furniture made of wood.

To make it look more harmonious, choose white furniture or cream and add ornamental plants in the corner. So, the kitchen will get a timeless, natural, and also cool impression. If you want to make your kitchen a multifunctional kitchen, you can add a dining table and chairs. Then, add a wooden shelf on the kitchen wall designed with white ceramic, and you can add a unique chandelier to illuminate the dining table at night. To avoid stuffy cooking fumes, you can install a smoke extractor. That way, your kitchen design will make you feel comfortable cooking.

Minimalist kitchen with blue shades

As we know, blue is a color that symbolizes calm, peace, and order. Therefore, you can decorate your kitchen using a blue cabinet. So the cooking atmosphere feels more comfortable. To make it look more attractive, you can design a kitchen wall with black and white ceramic, then add a chimney so that the atmosphere in the kitchen is not stuffy when you are cooking, and arrange the placement of the fridge together with the kitchen set. For more complete, add an island table with a color that matches the kitchen set. That way, your kitchen design will look artistic.

Minimalist kitchen with a touch of gray

To use the kitchen space more efficiently, select a kitchen set as above. That way, you only need to turn around when you want to wash vegetables in the sink. To make it look more attractive, set up a gas stove to blend in with the kitchen table. Then, place a colorful patterned floor rug in the kitchen, and install a smoke extractor. So the kitchen isn’t stuffy when you cook. Don’t forget to add ornamental plants to the pot. So it doesn’t look monotonous.

Combination with dining area

Arranging a beautiful home interior design is everyone’s dream. In this way, you can enjoy your own work. But if you are always busy with daily office activities and don’t want to be bothered, you can order home decor and make it according to your taste.

When you design a modern minimalist kitchen, you can combine it with the dining room to make it look multifunctional. That way, you can save space. The trick is you can put a beautiful dining table, chairs, beautiful hanging lamps above the dining table, wall paintings, and beautiful flower pots. Meanwhile, make the color for the dining table the same color as the kitchen set so it looks harmonious. That way your kitchen design will look elegant.

Simple beautiful kitchen

If you have a small modern minimalist kitchen, you don’t need to worry about not being able to design your kitchen to be beautiful. You can decorate your kitchen with decorations like pictures of food equipment like the picture above. However, you should design the color of your kitchen countertop door in a bright color. So it look beautiful.

To make your simple kitchen look beautiful, you can design a wall with bright color tiles. That way, your kitchen will look spacious. Then, add a wooden shelf on the wall to place cooking equipment and hang kitchen equipment. Then, add beautiful wall decorations and knick-knacks. So they don’t look monotonous. That way, your simple kitchen will look beautiful and elegant.


Those are some minimalist kitchen design inspirations that we can refer to. But if you want to make your own modern minimalist kitchen, you can see our review above. However, if you don’t want to bother, you can order home decor so that the results are satisfying and according to your taste. We hope that our review above will be useful for you. Then make your home interior look aesthetic, attractive, beautiful, and comfortable. Hopefully, our review can be useful for you and your family. Happy decorating.


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