1. Overview of apartment balconies

Currently, the apartment one of the residences that are in great demand by people who live in the middle of the city. This is because they are closer to the location where they work. Then, they can save time and transportation costs. So if you live in an apartment, of course, there is no green open space, aka a courtyard, which will be your favorite location to enjoy the outside air. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring an outdoor feel.

As we know, the balcony is an area for you to use as a place to relax while enjoying the free air and the view below. Therefore, those who live in apartments generally want to beautify their balconies so that they can be enjoyed when they come home from work. With a beautiful balcony design, you will feel more comfortable and cool to rest, releasing your tiredness during the office. Then, on holidays in the morning, you can sit back and enjoy the view while drinking warm coffee.

2. Ide dan desain

Apartment balcony ideas and designs are in great demand by people. That’s because apartments do not have land like a house. Therefore, they want to create that area as their relaxed place, while talking with their partners. Therefore they are looking for designs that make them feel at home and comfortable.

Unfortunately, the hot sun makes this area less comfortable to use during the day. Not to mention when it rains. Therefore, installing a cover on the balcony can be the most appropriate way to ward off the heat and rain. For that, you can use a pergola or own a balcony cover so you will be protected and safe from the sun and rain. For this reason, we provide some examples of the beautiful balcony.

3. Some examples of beautiful designs

A beautiful apartment balcony design can make you comfortable and happy. therefore, you need a beautiful balcony design as a place to relax while enjoying your relaxing time. But most are still looking for the best apartment balcony design to suit their tastes.

Therefore, we want to share ideas with you to provide some examples of the best apartment balcony designs. We hope that the designs we review below will suit your taste. Then, it can make you and your family comfortable and cheerful. Welcome to our review.

Beautiful and aesthetic design

Apart from saving space, you can maximize the apartment balcony as a comfortable place to relax and read. Therefore, design a beautiful and aesthetic balcony. That way, you will enjoy comfort when you take a broken home from work. It can make you live fresh and healthy.

As you know, spending a few minutes outside drinking coffee, can give you fitness. In addition, you can read a book in this area. So, why not turn your minimalist balcony into a comfortable reading book? So it makes you more cheerful? One of the keys is to arrange a comfortable leaning place but not to fill the entire balcony. Then, place a lounge chair and a round wooden table to place the drink like in the picture above. That way, your balcony design will look aesthetic.

Add a favorite couch

To make comfort on your balcony, use a small sofa to place on the balcony. To make the sofa more attractive, add small patterned pillows on the sofa. Seeing the comfortable sofa, you will definitely be interested in enjoying the beautiful sky in the afternoon on your balcony while lying down. Then, add a small terrace table and chairs as a place to enjoy a cup of hot tea. Then, to look beautiful, you can design a balcony floor with carpet. With this arrangement, you will feel at home and happy.

Arrange sitting cushions on the floor

As far as we know, apartment balconies are not always spacious. For a studio-type balcony, of course, you have a small balcony. So if your balcony is too narrow, don’t put chairs or sofas on the balcony of your apartment. The solution is you need a cushion on the floor, carpet, and big thick pillows in this place. Then, to look beautiful, complete your balcony area with blankets to make it feel comfortable. Then, it keeps you and your partner from shivering when the air temperature drops or is windy. Hopefully, this review can use for you!

Use matching colors

A beautiful balcony design is everyone’s dream. Therefore beautify the balcony with matching colors, such as a small table and chairs you can use wooden material. Then, add pillows and rugs in the same color. That way, the nuances can make your partner amazed. So that it doesn’t look monotonous, you can use monochrome colors. In addition, to make it feel fresher, add a hanging flower pot on your balcony. With this arrangement, your balcony design feels cozy.

Add a small lamp

The balcony design will look beautiful at night if you add tiny LED lights on the edge of the balcony. This method will make the balcony atmosphere romantic. Then, try turning off your balcony light and turning on this little lamp instead. The balcony atmosphere will feel more relaxed.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can also add aromatherapy candles to make your mood calm and relaxed. Then, place wooden chairs covered with soft foam, green floor rugs, sofa cushions in colors that match the floor rugs, ornamental plants, and antique knick-knacks. Then, to look more natural, you can design walls with exposed brick wallpaper. With this arrangement, your balcony design will look artistic.

Romantic flower garden

A slightly rustic atmosphere can be created on your mini balcony. You can plant ornamental plants and flowers in beautiful pots. For seating, you can use patio chairs and round tables to place drinks.

Then, to make it look natural, you can design a balcony wall with exposed brick. Then, install the wooden floor. Besides that, you can decorate the balcony wall with an aquarium filled with antique knick-knacks. To make it look more romantic, choose an orange flower color. With this arrangement, your partner will be in awe of you. Happy decorating!

Awnings for balcony covering

As far as we know, awnings are fiberglass coverings that have various patterns. You can choose an awning that fits the balcony design easily. When choosing this type of balcony cover, make sure you choose an awning that is resistant to ultraviolet rays and can withstand the weather. To save your budget, design according to your needs and don’t overdo it. That way you can be protected from the sun and rain.

Flower garden with acrylic lid

Not everyone can love flower plants. But for those of you who like flower gardens, you can arrange a flower garden on your balcony. Apart from that, you can also use acrylic sheets to cover the balcony area from the sun. The way to install this type of balcony shade is to make metal grilles and then cover them using acrylic or polycarbonate sheets. We recommend that you use a translucent sheet that can allow sunlight to enter the balcony. So in addition to making shade can also provide sunlight to your flower plants. That way, your flower plants will thrive.

Plants as a cover for balcony railings

Apart from using wooden and metal balcony railing covers, you can also use plants. Hang plants on the balcony railing. These plants can cover the incoming sunlight and maintain your privacy. Besides being able to create shade, covering the balcony with vines can make the apartment feel fresher and more natural.

For you to enjoy flower plants, you can put two garden chairs and a table to place drinks. That way, you can enjoy warm coffee while looking at your beautiful flower plants.

Minimalism is the key

As far as we know, that minimalist design is not necessarily suitable for everyone, but for a small apartment balcony design like this, it looks suitable and attractive. In a narrow space, a simple decoration will actually make it look more beautiful.

Then, to look more attractive, you can add just one focal point, such as a table or chair on the balcony of an apartment with a color that matches the exterior design of the apartment. You can also set it to face the view of the balcony of the apartment or the landscape around it. That way, you can enjoy a cup of warm coffee while reading or just enjoy the view of the sunset in the afternoon.

Balcony design with rattan swing

This one balcony design idea is perfect for those of you who have a balcony in a small open apartment. You can use various types of swings or seats that can be hung on the balcony. If you are not allowed to hang a swing because it is dangerous, then you can put a rattan hanging chair or egg chair instead.

Then, to make it look more attractive, mix it with useful ornamental plants, decorative lights, and small buffets. Then, design the walls and floor with varnished wood. That way, your minimalist apartment design will look aesthetic and attractive.

4. Conclusion

Those are some balcony designs that we can refer to for you. We hope that one of our reviews above will suit your taste. But if you want to design it yourself, you must call home decor, so the results are according to your taste. We hope our review above can make your apartment look aesthetically pleasing, attractive, beautiful, and comfortable. Then, make you and your family happy. Happy decorating!


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