If you’re still indecisive to go for pemf therapy, then we have some important news for you. Well, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is growing popularly due to more than 60 successful clinical years. Moreover, this therapy is also substituting other therapies due to its fruitful consequences.

But there are a few confusions that are cultivating misbeliefs regarding the effectiveness of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

So, let’s clear out all doubting thoughts and get an insight into all misconceptions:

6 misconceptions regarding pemf therapy

Here are the 6 major misconceptions that you need to know before going for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy:

  • Only lower or only higher intensity pemfs are effective:

Higher intensity pemfs are highly effective to activate all nerve cells within the nervous system and reduce stress.

However, there are several types of research that support the use of higher-intensity pemfs without any health risks.

But, lower-intensity pemfs are also useful and offer productive results for electromagnetic-sensitive individuals. So, both are equally important.

  • Pemfs and environmental EMFs are the same

Most people compare pulsed electromagnetic fields to environmental EMFs. But, both are opposite and influence differently.

Pemf is a pulsed electromagnetic field that is specifically designed by considering human health as a priority. Well, pemfs have a therapeutic purpose and have lower frequencies under 1000Hz without imposing any health risks.

While environmental EMFs are emitted from electrical devices around us and affect the human body badly. These EMFs can cause various mutations in human DNA.

  • Pemfs are harmful

There’s a misbelief that pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is harmful to the body or causes cancer. But, the truth is that there’s not any research evidence behind this rumor.

Well, pemfs are FDA approved and highly recommended by medical experts. Moreover, pemfs works to balance the charges of body cells by inducing low-frequency magnetic fields.

Further, pemfs are also effective for cancer patients and assist pregnant women to ease their pregnancy process. So, do not pay attention to worthless remarks.

  • Cannot combine pemf and other treatments

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy could produce fruitful results along with other modalities. You can go for any other modality confidently along with pemf. Because pemfs don’t affect the results of other modalities.

Pemfs work ideally with other modalities to improve health. However, the major purpose is to ensure healing and recovering from injuries and damages that are possible by availing versatile options.

  • Specific waveform and frequencies

There’s no specific frequency and waveform that is effective for everybody. Because every individual can respond differently to a specific frequency.

Even people suffering from the same disease respond differently to the same frequency. Therefore, pemfs utilize several frequency ranges and waveforms.

Well, waveforms are not too important because waveforms are only meant to produce charges.

  • Pemf could cause cancer

Multiple factors cause cancer and every factor targets genetic material and leads to uncontrolled cell division.

But, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy doesn’t show any involvement in genetic make-up.

Indeed, this therapy only works to maintain the pH level and voltage of cells. Moreover, there’s no research evidence behind this misconception.

Final words

Pemf therapy benefits aren’t only limited to unhealthy persons. However, healthy individuals can also undergo pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Because this therapy can boost energy production and strengthen the immune system.

Moreover, every individual experiences different consequences depending upon the type of disease. So, keep all misconceptions aside and decide confidently.


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