– Modern authentic victorian design is a perfect combination to make your bathroom looks beautiful. It is preferred to be applied in our house to create an elegant and luxurious accent. You can also make it prettier by using bathroom vanity recommendations from us. It is necessary to know shower types to avoid making mistakes while choosing a shower selection. Bathtub types and bathroom accessories are also necessary to know before applying this design.

A modern victorian bathroom is a stunning look because we will use furniture and decoration that has a style of the Victorian era. Some people might think that bathroom vanity doesn’t important to be added. We can still utilize a bathroom without using it. However, we can feel more comfortable if we have it. Shower types are also important because they can help us recognize to choose a suitable design and shape for us. Today, we will give you some information about modern authentic victorian design with bathroom vanity and shower types.

Modern Authentic Victorian Design Ideas

Generally, authentic victorian design is an original type of victorian style. Despite it calls “original” we can still combine it with modern accents. An authentic Victorian-style tends to have a traditional accent of victorian. This time, we will give you some ideas to combine modern and authentic victorian interior design.

Vintage Picture And Plants Decoration

Modern authentic Victorian bathroom design ideas
Modern authentic Victorian bathroom with vintage picture

A modern authentic victorian bathroom can be made by adding furniture and decoration that has a victorian style. Like the picture above, we can add a clawfoot bathtub in dark blue color where it can be combined with white and dark blue walls. The main character of this idea is to add a vintage picture to the wall to create a luxurious accent. Some plants can be added as decoration. For flooring, we can apply peel and stick tiles with a beautiful pattern.

Modern Authentic Bathroom In Green Concept

Modern authentic Victorian bathroom style
A green concept with Victorian style furniture

Green is a favorite color for some people because gives a natural and fresh impression at the same time. If we want to have both of them, we should apply a green concept to our bathroom. Sometimes we might think blue color is suitable where actually there is an alternative choice to choose any color in modern authentic victorian design as long as it is still related. We should install an alcove bathtub with the cover of a green wall around it. A round self-rimming sink with a green top table is preferred to be added because it can make it more luxurious and elegant. We can also create a window with beautiful curtains for a brighter feeling.

Simple Modern Authentic Victorian Bathroom

Modern Victorian bathroom ideas
Modern authentic simple Victorian bathroom

Simple but look modern and authentic is the right definition to explain this idea. We can apply peel and stick tiles with a pentagon shape. Light wall tiles are preferred to be applied because it gives us elegant and aesthetic accent at the same time. We can install an alcove bathtub to make this bathroom have a stronger victorian style. However, if you love modern victorian bathroom design, we can change the bathtub with another type that you want.

Modern Authentic Victorian Bathroom With Color Combination

Modern authentic Victorian bathroom ideas
Gold and pink color combination in the bathroom

What is the best color combination? If you ask us, we will answer that gold and pink are the best. Gold color looks elegant and luxurious at the same time and certainly looks stunning if we use it in our bathroom while the pink color has a feminine accent with a beautiful look that reflects a relaxing impression. To get many beautiful impressions at the same time, we should combine them into one concept. Modern authentic victorian bathroom design is prettier if it combines two colors. We should choose two mirrors with gold frames. A gold shower can be installed to create a luxurious and stronger design.

Modern Authentic Victorian Light Grey Bathroom Concept

Modern authentic Victorian bathroom design
Modern authentic Victorian bathroom in light grey color

Do you want to apply a color that little bit dark but doesn’t too bright? A light grey color is a solution for you. We should apply a light grey tile to the wall and attach a wooden drawer. A round sink can be added to make us remember to wash our hands after using the bathroom. Despite our home has it, we should add it again to make us don’t forget and have sterile hands to eat in the modern victorian dining room.

Bathroom Vanity And Shower Types

We can feel comfortable after bathing if we have a bathroom vanity. Make-up can be done without getting out of the bathroom. Toiletries, soap supplies, towels, and others can be stored. To know a shower type is necessary if we want to add a shower without damage our concept. Now, we will give you some information about bathroom vanity and shower types.

Modern Authentic Bathroom Vanity

Modern Victorian interior design style
Wooden bathroom vanity

The best recommendation from us is wooden bathroom vanity that has a drawer and space. We can also install a sink to make our bathroom more convenient. Don’t forget to add mirrors to the wall to make us feel comfortable while using it after bathing. A mat can be added to avoid us slippery after using a bathroom. The type of mirror-like in the picture above can be added to a modern victorian bedroom.

Wooden Accent With White Color

Modern Victorian bathroom vanity and shower types
Little bathroom vanity with white color

For people who have a small space in their bathroom, we recommend choosing a little bathroom vanity with white color and wooden materials accent. We can install it on the wall to save our space in our home. It also makes it look beautiful and minimalist at the same time. To make it prettier, we should add a round mirror with a black color accent to the wall. A round ceramic sink with a black faucet can be installed on it.

A shower is a necessary thing in our bathroom to make us more comfortable while bathing because we don’t need to take water with a water ladle.

Manual type golden shower

Golden manual shower

This shower type is a traditional design which most found in many bathrooms people. The work system of this type is we should mix hot and cold directly every time we want to use it.

Electric Shower Bathroom

Modern Victorian shower types for recommendations
Electric bathroom shower

This type gives you hot and cold water in an automatic way by connecting a stream of water into the main appliance then heating it. There are many modern electric shower models that have been equipped with a temperature controller which can make us control the water temperature.


Modern victorian interior design is not a complicated concept to be applied. We should pay attention to furniture and decoration selection to create a beautiful home. However, if we want to apply this design in our bathroom, we should choose the right design of shower, bathtub, and bathroom vanity to create a luxurious and elegant concept at the same time.


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