– Modern Victorian design can be categorized as an amazing masterpiece. It looks beautiful with a luxurious and elegant impression at the same time with vintage furniture and astonishing decoration. We can change our monotonous room into a stunning room by applying it. Modern victorian bedroom style can make us feel more comfortable while sleeping. It is suitable to apply in our bathroom because it can make it have a better looking. If we apply a modern victorian design, we can feel like having a castle bathroom with a luxurious interior.

The most important element to apply an interior design is we should add some accessories with suitable colors. However, if we will apply it in the bathroom, we should pay attention to bathtub selection to make a perfect concept. Today, we will give you some information and recommendations about the types of bathtubs and accessories colors.

Modern Victorian Types Of Bathtub

Having our own home makes us free to decorate and to choose an interior design that we will apply. Our recommendation is to apply a modern victorian interior design to make your home like a castle in the Victorian era. We can also have luxurious furniture with fascinating decoration that won’t be found in any interior design. Sometimes, some people are confused to choose a bathtub for their bathroom. They don’t know the types of bathtubs that suitable to add to the modern victorian bathroom. This time we will give you information about it.

Modern Victorian Alcove Bathtub

Alcove bathtub for modern Victorian design

An alcove bathtub is a type that mostly uses by many people. The characteristic of it is we should install it to merge with the wall. The advantage of using it is we can soak our whole body and make us more relax because it has wider size. If we want to add it to our bathroom, we should combine it with marble materials. It makes our bathroom have a luxurious concept and the design can feel stronger. A small chandelier can be added to our bathroom to make it feel brighter and prettier. Even it uses by many people, this bathtub doesn’t make our bathroom look monotonous.

Modern Victorian Corner Bathtub

Modern Victorian bathroom design
Corner bathtub in the modern Victorian bathroom

Do you want to feel after bathing in the relaxing bathroom we can eat delicious food in the modern victorian dining room? We certainly want to feel it, right? We recommend you make a bathroom and applying modern victorian design. A corner bathtub can be added to our bathroom. Marble material tiles can be applied as flooring to make a stronger design and create a harmonious concept in furniture selection.

Modern Victorian Clawfoot Bathtub

Clawfoot bathtub in modern Victorian style

A clawfoot bathtub is suitable to add for people who are on a budget and don’t have much space in their bathroom. To make it look harmonious, we should apply floral wallpaper and hang a chandelier. It can create a luxurious and elegant impression at the same time and make our bathroom look beautiful. We recommend you to have a modern victorian house to create an accent in the victorian-era. We can still enjoy bathing in our bathtub even it has small in size.

Modern Victorian Stone Bathtub

Modern Victorian bathroom types of bathtub
Stone bathtub for a bathroom

Actually, we can combine a modern victorian design with others to make various house display. By installing a stone bathtub with the combination of a natural accent and modern victorian design is our recommendation. It has a relaxing accent and luxurious design that will make us feel more comfortable. After working we can relieve our stress and tiredness by soaking our body in it.

Beautiful Freestanding Bathtub

Modern Victorian bathroom beautiful bathtub
Modern Victorian freestanding bathtub

If we want to have a bathtub that doesn’t have a support leg, we suggest you add a freestanding bathtub in your house. A round bathtub can make us have a wider place to soak our bodies after a tiring activity. To create a stronger modern victorian design in our bathroom, we should install a white curtain and cover it with it. We can also choose a gold faucet to give water to our bathtub.

Modern Victorian Bathroom Accessories Colors

Accessories in our bathroom are necessary to add to make us more convenient to use a bathroom in the house. We should choose a suitable design and shape for our bathroom concept to avoid damage its concept. To make it prettier, we can help you by giving you information about modern victorian accessories colors.

Modern Victorian Vintage Bathroom Wall Hook

Modern Victorian bathroom accessories colors recommendations
Modern Victorian wall hook

We should attach a wall hook to our bathroom to make us easy to hang a towel or anything that we want while bathing. Make sure to choose a vintage design that is very suitable for the modern victorian style. We can choose any color as long as it is related to our bathroom concept. However, if you ask us, we recommend you to choose dark or light brown, grey, white, and beige.

Gold Modern Victorian Toiletries Place

Modern Victorian accessories in the bathroom
Modern Victorian toiletries place in gold color

Gold color is the most suitable color to add to modern victorian design because it has a natural luxurious accent that won’t be found in any color. It also can be combined with another color that can make our bathroom have a stronger accent on this design. We should choose a toiletries place with this color to make our bathroom look stunning. We can also make a victorian style study room near this bathroom to make us feel more comfortable.

Modern Victorian Toilet Paper Holder

Gold color toilet paper holder

To create a stunning look in our bathroom, we should add a toilet paper holder in gold color to make a harmonious concept in our bathroom. We can’t add it carelessly because it can make our toilet paper wet and can’t be used again. We should attach it to the wall near a closet or anything as long as we are easy to take it.

Modern Victorian Marble Accent Bathroom Accessories

Modern Victorian interior design accessories colors
Green marble bathroom accessories

We certainly need something to add liquid soap, a toothbrush, and toilet paper. We should add it because we can make a neat bathroom by using it.


Modern victorian design is an amazing style that we can add to our home and it can make it looks like a home in the Victorian era. We should pay attention to the bathtub and color accessories selection to make it look stunning. Probably, by using our recommendations and knowing all of the information, we might help you to apply it.


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