– Princess accent in a home gives a luxurious and elegant impression at the same time. It also makes it have a unique and feminine concept at the same time because we will use rare furniture and doesn’t look monotonous. Some people might confuse about how to create a princess accent in our home. We recommend you apply a shabby chic interior design to your home. Sometimes if we think about princess style, we certainly remember about a dress, luxurious things, and a bedroom. However, we can apply shabby chic style and create a princess accent in our bathroom. You will not believe it until we give you some recommendations that might help you to create it.

How to decor your home with shabby chic style? Actually, it is easy to do it because we will help you with our recommendations. We also have shabby chic dining room ideas if you want to look at them first before applying this design to our bathroom. Today, we will give you recommendations about choosing shabby chic bathroom storage and mirror to create a princess accent.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Storage In A Princess Accent

Applying shabby chic interior design is necessary to do because it can make us have a beautiful home. Besides a princess accent that can be created, it can give us a french country feminine accent by applying a shabby chic design. Storage is an important thing in the bathroom because we can add everything to it. We should have it to make our bathroom doesn’t look messy. We can create a neat bathroom by using storage to add our toiletries or anything that we want. This time, we will give you storage recommendations in shabby chic style!

Vintage Accent Shabby Chic Bathroom Storage

Shabby chic bathroom storage recommendations
Shabby chic bathroom storage in light brown color

The first recommendation from us is a vintage accent shabby chic bathroom storage. It has a shape like a cupboard but actually, it is storage. For people who have a bathroom in a wider space, we should add it to make a beautiful impression. It has much space that we can use to add many things that we want to save in it. It also has a beautiful light brown color which is suitable to add to our shabby chic bathroom. We can combine our bathroom with a shabby chic kitchen design to make a beautiful combination.

Shabby Chic Storage To The Wall

Shabby chic storage recommendations in the bathroom
Shabby chic storage that attaches to the wall

If we don’t have enough space to add storage in our bathroom, we should make it by ourselves. We can use wooden materials and attached them to the wall. The storage can be added behind a closet or everywhere based on our desire. By making it, we can have enough space to add anything. This one is very suitable for people who are on a budget because we can have it without buying. If we have kids, we can create a cheerful impression in shabby chic style to make them happy.

White Shabby Chic Storage Near Bathtub

Shabby chic interior design for a bathroom
White shabby chic bathroom storage in the bathtub

Shabby chic interior design makes our home look beautiful and astonishing at the same time. We can make storage by adding it behind our bathtub to skimp our space in the bathroom. We should paint it white color or we can buy it that has a design like a picture above. A book, toiletries, towel, and anything can be added and make us more convenient while bathing in our bathroom.

Shabby Chic Minimalist Sliding Bathroom Storage

Shabby chic storage recommendations
Shabby chic sliding bathroom storage

A minimalist look can be created by making sliding bathroom storage with dark brown color. We can make our bathroom look luxurious and neat at the same time because this storage has a design that is not visible. It has a shelf that can make us add many things to our bathroom without taking up much space. It also makes us have a convenient bathroom in our home.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Mirror Recommendations

There are many people who need a mirror in their bathroom to check our face, touch up our makeup, or anything that we want to do. A mirror can make our bathroom have a plus value in decoration selection. Prettier the design of it, our bathroom can more stunning too. Now, we will give you some mirror recommendations which might help you to create a beautiful bathroom.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Mirror With Beautiful Pattern

Shabby chic mirror with pretty color and pattern

A princess accent can be created by adding a mirror that has a beautiful and vintage design in our bathroom. Besides we can utilize it, we can also make our bathroom prettier than doesn’t add a mirror to it. We recommend you buy a vintage mirror that has beautiful carving on every side. If we have an old mirror which can utilize it again, we should paint it with white color to make a beautiful mirror.

Shabby Chic Mirror With A Sink And Drawer

Shabby chic mirror with a sink

If we don’t want to add a mirror to the wall, we can add a drawer that has a mirror in our bathroom. We can choose it in the vintage and shabby chic design to make it beautiful and have a stronger concept. Even shabby chic looks like old furniture and has a design that has a shabby accent in someplace, that’s what makes this design unique. We can also utilize a drawer and can add anything that we want to add to it.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Mirror With Flower Pattern

Shabby chic bathroom mirror with flower pattern with yellow light

A feminine princess accent can be created by using feminine things in our bathroom like the picture above. It has flower carvings with small tiles pieces that can make our window have a feminine design and looks beautiful. We can install it with a sink or drawer as long as it is related to the design that we will apply. Bu using it, we can more comfortable using our bathroom.


Shabby chic design with a princess accent is an amazing combination in our bathroom because has two concepts at the same time. A vintage and feminine concept can be made by applying this design. We recommend you use our recommendation in mirror and storage selection to create a beautiful bathroom.


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