– Actually, how necessary is the furniture? An interior design can’t be made perfect if we don’t add furniture to our home. We can enjoy staying in our room certainly because we have it. It makes us confident to invite our guests and make people that come to our house feel more pleasant. The more beautiful it is the more proud we are as a homeowner. However, how to make it look stunning? We recommend you apply a modern victorian interior design that has a luxurious look and elegant impression at the same time. A modern victorian living room can make our home look beautiful and now, we should apply it to our bathroom. To make a perfect design, we should pay attention to furniture and decoration. That’s why today we will give you some information about modern victorian furniture and style decor ideas for a bathroom. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to the list!

Modern Victorian Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom furniture is an important thing to be added to create a perfect interior design for our home. We should be careful while choosing it because it can give a lot of effects. The beauty of our bathroom depends on furniture selection. If we are wrong to choose the design, shape, and size, we can damage our interior design. That’s why we should add the best of modern victorian furniture to create a stunning concept. This time, we will help you by using our modern victorian bathroom furniture recommendations.

Modern Victorian Shelf

Modern Victorian bathroom furniture
Modern Victorian bathroom shelf

Based on our discussion before, knowing furniture is a necessary element to be added to our bathroom. We should choose the best design and shape that will be suitable for our bathroom concept. Do you ever feel complicated to make your bathroom neat and always clean? If you ever, we recommend you to add a shelf which can be attached to the wall to make us comfortable and make it look neat. We can use it as a place to add our toiletries like a toothbrush, soap, or decorations like plants. The modern victorian house interior is an amazing design that we can apply in our bathroom or any room in our house.

Modern Victorian Small Storage

Small storage to add anything

Besides a shelf which can add anything that we want, the best recommendation is to choose small storage in our bathroom. It will store anything like a towel, toothpaste or soap stock, brush, etc. We can make it look neat by using some baskets and then place it inside our storage. It is suitable for people who have a small bathroom. We should add it near the closet or everywhere which we feel easy to take anything that we need while bathing.

Modern Victorian Gold Shower

Modern Victorian bathroom furniture that we need
Gold shower for a modern Victorian bathroom

A modern victorian bathroom gives a luxurious and elegant accent at the same time which makes us feel like taking a bath in the victorian era bathroom. We can succeed to make it if we add furniture and decoration which is related to it. A shower with gold color can be installed to make a natural luxurious accent. It creates a pleasant impression. To make a modern victorian bathroom style into a perfect design, we should add the right furniture and decorations which are related to it.

Modern Victorian Bathroom White Drawer

Modern Victorian bathroom furniture to create a perfect concept
Modern Victorian white drawer

For Victorians, a bare room shows a lack of taste so we should add many furniture as we can. It can make our bathroom won’t look messy and have a beautiful arrangement of toiletries or other important things. Choosing bathtub types and accessories for our modern victorian bathroom is also necessary to create a beautiful look. We should add a drawer that attaches to a sink instead of choosing an ordinary style. It can make us practical to take something which we need while using it.

Modern Victorian Cupboard

Modern Victorian important bathroom furniture
Modern Victorian bathroom cupboard

Some people don’t add a cupboard in the bathroom because we rarely use it. However, if we need something that has much space to add many things, we should add it. We can save our important things without looking messy or not. Soft colors cupboard is suitable to be added to the modern victorian bathroom because it can make the design feel stronger. If we have wider space, we can add a big cupboard that can be combined with a sink in the middle like the picture above.

Bathroom Style Decor Ideas

Decor ideas are necessary for people who are still confused about how to decorate their bathroom. We should search it on the internet to help us create a perfect interior design which everyone wishes. Sometimes it feels complicated to find the ideas which are suitable for us. This time we will give you some modern victorian bathroom decor ideas.

Dark Color Peel and Stick Tiles

Modern Victorian style decor ideas
Modern Victorian elegant and luxurious accent

Dark color peel and stick tiles are preferred to be applied as flooring. We can choose a pattern like a picture above. A navy clawfoot bathtub can be added to make a harmonious concept in color selection. We should make our wall have a texture to create an elegant and luxurious accent at the same time. A room ceiling should have a navy color to make it have a related concept between a floor and bathtub.

Marble Accent Ceramic Tiles

Modern Victorian bathroom style decor
Modern Victorian bathroom with ceramic tiles

Are you thinking about buying marble floors or not? Do you feel doubt because it has an expensive price? Don’t worry because we can still create a luxurious look by applying marble accent ceramic tiles. It is a solution for people who are on a budget. After applying it, we should apply white tiles to the wall to make a harmonization between walls and floor. A glass partition can be added to separate our bathtub and shower room.


Before applying a modern victorian interior design, we should pay attention to furniture and decoration selection to create an amazing concept. Hopefully, by using our decoration style ideas and furniture recommendation, it should be helpful.


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