– Decorating on a budget by using shabby chic DIY curtains is a solution for people who feel confused to buy decorations or not. It also makes us have many kinds of them which have a suitable design. We can also utilize things around us to create shabby chic DIY curtains. Moreover, if we have unused things which we can still use them as materials. It can be added to any room as long as it has the same design. Some people might worry about how if their result is ugly and can’t be used? Don’t worry about it because we will describe how to make shabby chic DIY curtains.

Decorative accent rugs are preferred to be combined with them in one room. We can also save our expenses because unused things can be utilized. Without buying new decorations, a stunning room can be obtained by making DIY curtains. To avoid making a mistake, now, let’s get to the list of the information about it.

Should We Make DIY?

Some people might ask should we make DIY? This time, we will give you information about the advantages of making it. Buying furniture or decorations is not a mistake but it is better to utilize things around us. We can make anything to help suit our needs. It will make us proud because the decoration is by ourselves.

  1. We can utilize things around us and don’t need to throw them away. It can make the environment have a better future by reducing trash.
  2. It is suitable for people who want to beautify their house and want to decorate on a budget.
  3. Without buying new furniture, we can have beautiful decorations by making DIY things.

Shabby Chic DIY Curtains With How To Make It

Shabby Chic DIY Scarf Canopy Curtains

Shabby chic DIY curtains
Scarf DIY canopy curtains

For some people which is like to collect scarves in their home, they can make them into bed canopy curtains. It gives a feminine accent by choosing soft colors scarf. However, how to make it?

  1. We should collect our scarf collection and not choose bright colors where it should be still useable.
  2. Prepare a floral pattern fabric or anything which has a pretty design to be used as the main fabric of your canopy curtains.
  3. Install a thin rope in the scarves by sticking it using glue. We can also use masking tape but it should stronger for holding the thin rope so as it doesn’t irrespectively.
  4. After it, scarves can be hung on the thin rope.
  5. Finally, the shabby chic scarf curtains are done!

How is it? It is easy to make, right? We can make it in the home to spend your free time. It can make us doesn’t need new decoration to create a beautiful shabby chic bedroom.

Shabby Chic DIY Curtains From Used Sack

Shabby chic DIY curtains recommendations
Shabby chic used sack curtains

If you have a used sack, it can be made as a curtain. It won’t be complicated to be made because we only sew the sides. A ring-top curtain can be installed so it can be hung. It is suitable to be added to the shabby chic kitchen to create a unique accent. If we install it, we can have a cold atmosphere. Moreover, we need it to cook comfortably and make our kitchen prettier.

Shabby Chic DIY Handkerchief Curtains

Shabby chic curtains by ourselves
Shabby chic handkerchief DIY curtains

Sometimes we feel confused while having handkerchiefs in large quantities but we don’t want to throw them. We don’t know how to utilize it because it is old and can’t be used again. The best recommendation is to sew them into shabby chic DIY curtains. However, how to make it?

  1. Collecting and choosing our unused handkerchiefs from our collection but the quality must good.
  2. Combining them by sewing them becomes one.
  3. We should use unused fabric in pretty color or design and tie it into a handkerchief which all ready to be sewn.
  4. In the last part, we should install some top rings curtain for making it can be hung. Finally! The shabby chic DIY handkerchief curtain ready to use!

It should not complicate us to make it. That’s why we don’t need to buy a new curtain for our home.

Shabby Chic DIY Handkerchief Window Decorations

Shabby chic handkerchief DIY decorations

Besides the handkerchief can be made into a curtain, we can also make it as decorations. This does not need many ways to make it because we only hang it to curtain pipes. Make sure to choose a pretty design and pattern which will make our windows have a shabby chic characteristic. It can decorate our shabby chic bathroom without installing a window because it can be hung anywhere.

Shabby Chic DIY Tablecloth Curtains For Home

Shabby chic DIY curtains for room
Shabby chic DIY tablecloth curtains

Have you ever thought tablecloths can’t only be used to cover a table but also can be made into a curtain? If you still don’t know about it, we will tell you. Utilizing it as a curtain is another way to use the tablecloth. We can make a variation in window decoration. It also gives a unique accent and won’t be found in any interior design. However, how to make it?

  1. Choosing a beautiful pattern is the first to do if we want to make this curtain. We are free to choose but a floral pattern is very suitable for a shabby chic design.
  2. Installing a top ring curtain to be made it can be hung.
  3. If we have a small window, some nails can be installed in the window but curtains pipe is a solution for hanging the curtain on the big window.

DIY things are very easy to be made and have big advantages which we can get. The shabby chic DIY tablecloth curtain is preferred to be hung in the shabby chic living room.

Shabby Chic Dip Dye Blue Curtains

Shabby chic curtains recommendations
Shabby chic dip-dye DIY curtains

Dip dye isn’t only for hair but also can be applied to curtains. A white monotonous curtain can be made into a fascinating look by using this technique. How to make it?

  1. Prepare beautiful color paint for fabric and mix little by little with water.
  2. Dip half our white curtain to it and let the color seep.
  3. After it, add again some color to the water which already dyed, and dips the part of the curtain again which doesn’t have color at all.
  4. Repeat the 1,2, and 3 steps until you get the color you want.
  5. Drying it, so we can use it if it is already dried. Finally, a shabby chic tablecloth curtain is made.


Decorating on a budget by using shabby chic DIY curtains is a solution for people who don’t want to buy decorations. Hopefully, by knowing how to make it, we might help you to decorate your beautiful shabby chic home.


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