– Window and lace shower curtains in modern victorian style can be added to create a more luxurious accent. It also makes our bathroom looks prettier. Other decorations such as mirrors, bathroom vanity, or plants can be added to it after installing a window and shower curtains. By adding and installing them, we can make harmonious concepts in decorations selection. To create a modern victorian bathroom we should pay attention to furniture selection then decorations. So, a beautiful design can be made. However, there are many people who are still confused about how to choose suitable design decorations for modern victorian interior style. Don’t worry, because now we will give you some bathroom windows and lace shower curtains.

Modern Victorian Bathroom Window Curtains

Sometimes, we might think the window curtain doesn’t necessarily to be added. Even though a beautiful concept can be made if we install it. The modern victorian interior design looks elegant and it will be stronger if we use curtains to cover our window. Bathroom vanity and shower types also should pay attention to create a perfect concept.

Modern Victorian Window Bathroom Dark Color Curtains

Modern Victorian window bathroom curtains recommendations
Modern Victorian dark color window bathroom curtains

There are many people who apply a modern victorian design in their home. They are certainly installing a window in their bathroom. We can have a luxurious, brighter, and wider impression. To make it prettier, a curtain should be installed. The bright bathroom concept is suitable to be combined with a dark and pastel color curtain.

Modern Victorian Window Bathroom Curtains In Pink Color

Modern Victorian window bathroom curtains recommendations
Modern Victorian pink window bathroom curtains

Long curtains can give a wider impression of our bathroom. Moreover, the pink color is suitable for the modern victorian style. If we consider making beautiful small space, the long pink curtain can be installed. This is the best recommendation from us because it has an elegant design. It won’t look prettier if we don’t add modern victorian furniture. By using both of them, a stronger victorian accent can be created.

Grey Colors Modern Victorian Curtains

Modern Victorian grey curtains
Grey curtains window bathroom

Do you ever think a beautiful view of a bathroom can be made? To make it, we should build it near the backyard and install a window. A beautiful and fresh view can make our bathroom have a pretty design and concept. However, it is a little bit annoying if we take a bath in a place which has an open space, right? To avoid feeling it, a garden curtain can be installed to cover it. Make sure it has a long size to makes the bathroom feel wider and elegant.

Modern Victorian Beige Curtains

Modern Victorian beige bathroom curtains
Beige bathroom curtains in modern Victorian style

The white concept is quite popular in this era and many people use it to make beautiful bathrooms. This color gives us a natural and clear impression at the same time. Although it is a little bit complicated to clean, the white concept is still a favorite for many people. We can apply this concept, then installing many windows to create a fresh impression. A beige curtain can be used to cover our window while bathing. This bathroom concept can be made near the victorian study room to make us more comfortable.

Light Grey And White Blinds Curtains

Light grey and white modern Victorian window bathroom curtains
Modern Victorian light grey and white bathroom curtains

Modern victorian bathtub types are necessary to pay attention to makes our furniture and decorations related to each other. If we use a white bathtub then our decoration should have the same color. To create an attractive concept, a plant can be added to the side table. Applying a textured wall is our best recommendation for you to create a fascinating look.

Modern Victorian Lace Shower Curtains

The main character of the modern victorian design is a luxurious, elegant, and beautiful look. Curtains usage is important in Victorian-style rooms because it can make us have stronger designs. By using it, we can avoid making mistakes while applying this design. However, what curtains type is suitable for the modern victorian style? We recommend choosing lace shower curtains. It has many designs and colors which we can choose as long as it is related to the concept. This time, we will give you recommendations about it.

Modern Victorian White And Dark Color Flowers Shower Curtains

Modern Victorian lacey shower curtains recommendations
White curtain with dark color flower shower curtains

Covering our bathtub using shower curtains can make our bathroom prettier even you have a small space. It can also make us more relaxed while bathing because it feels warmer. We can keep our temperature in the bathtub by using it. There are many shower curtains designs and colors that we can choose as long as we like. We suggest choosing a white color with some dark color flowers lace shower curtains. It can make our bathroom looks simple but beautiful.

Light Grey and White Lace Shower Curtains

Modern Victorian lacey shower curtains recommendations
Modern Victorian light grey and white lace shower curtains

The light grey and white color combination can’t be looked ugly because it is suitable and related to each other. Actually, it has the same design as previous recommendations but this time we give you another color. It has beautiful lace which can make our bathroom looks pretty, feminine, and luxurious at the same time. It is suitable to cover a small victorian dining room entrance as an alternative if we don’t want to install a door.

Simple Modern Victorian Lace Showers Curtains

Simple modern Victorian curtain design
Simple white lace shower curtains

Some people might want to have a simple curtain to makes their home doesn’t look tacky. Choosing a brocade fabric curtain is the best recommendation. It has a beautiful design and natural accent. This curtain-type can give us an aesthetic impression of our modern victorian bathroom. A modern Victorian-style chandelier is suitable to be installed if we want to make the design feel stronger.


Victorian style is popular with elegant and unique characteristics because this design is inspired by Queen Victoria in the ’80s. That’s why it is called Victorian’s style. This design is a little bit complicated to apply because we should pay attention to furniture and decorations selection. For making your bathroom look beautiful by using it, window and lace shower curtains are the best recommendations from us.


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