– Tropical atmosphere is very popular for people who want to have their backyard patio look beautiful. It makes it have a warm and unique impression that won’t be found in any decoration. Creating a comfortable and pretty exterior like a backyard patio is necessary for a homeowner. Especially for you who want to test your art skills in exterior decoration and give your own taste in eclectic home exterior design. We should apply an eclectic design if we want something easier than any exterior design. In the backyard patio, plant decoration is necessary to add because it can make it have fresh air and look. Today, we will give you some best tropical plant’s backyard patio decorations.

The Advantages Of Plants Decorations

The advantages of tropical plants
The advantages of plants decorations
  1. Removes toxic particles in the air.
  2. Reduce dust in the air.
  3. Some plants can repel mosquitoes in our homes.
  4. Neutralize unpleasant odors and make our home have a good smell every time.
  5. Can make us have a good sleep because some plants have a relaxing smell like chamomile or lavender.
  6. If we want to work in our backyard, plant decoration can make us more focused and concentrated while working.
  7. Maintain our mental health because it has a fresh look and relaxing impression that can make us more relaxed.
  8. Our backyard looks like in a tropical country and also has a modern impression.
  9. We can have a little forest that full of tropical plants that can make us have a different environment especially for you who live in the city.
  10. Some plants can have benefits that good for our health and can be used as medicine for some diseases.

Best Tropical Plants For Eclectic Backyard Patio

Eclectic exterior design is suitable for any exterior in our home even for an eclectic front porch that can make our home look beautiful when viewed on the outside. We should decorate with some plant decoration and a tropical plant is one of the types of it that is very suitable for our home exterior. This time, we will give you some recommendations for it.

Agave Plants

Agave Plants
Agave plants are suitable for eclectic tropical backyard

We can choose an agave plant for those of you who want to have a tropical plant with a shape like a flower. It has an elegant design that won’t be found in other plants on the backyard patio. We should grow it in the soil and we can cover it with decorative stones that will make it have a good combination with our patio. Besides as an ornamental plant, it is useful for holding soil, and landscape plants.

Frangipani Plants

Frangipani plants
Frangipani plants for eclectic backyard patio

We should add Frangipani plants that have beautiful flowers and they can be added indoor and outdoor. If you want to make a colorful backyard patio, we should add it as decoration. It also can be combined with eclectic indoor plant decoration to make it have a better-looking. We can grow it easier in any environment and country. It also has a flower characteristic that won’t be found in any flower plants. Some people who have a small eclectic roof terrace can add this plant to make their terrace look beautiful.

Bougainvillea Plants

Bougainvillea plants
Bougainvillea plants for making a colorful impression

A backyard patio can feel brighter if we add bougainvillea plants that have colorful flowers. If we want to make it, we should grow it that has many flowers in them with bright colors. It looks attractive with many color combinations of plants that we will add later if we combine it with a bougainvillea plant. It will drop its flower in the dry season or autumn and rainy season and will make our patio look beautiful. It can be grown in a big pot or only in the soil in our backyard.


Baby blue spruce
Spruce in the backyard

Do you want to make a winter impression in your backyard? If you want, we should add a baby blue spruce to create it. It has unique blue color and shape that can make our backyard patio have its own characteristic. If we have a bedroom eclectic interior that has a window facing directly into this tree, it can create an amazing view.

Marigold Plants

Marigold plants
Marigold plants in the backyard

Same as bougainvillea, it has beautiful flowers but in different color and have a yellow color. This is suitable for people who have a small backyard patio because it doesn’t have a big size that won’t take up much space to add. It also has many advantages and one of them can be mixed into salads. If we want to have a beautiful workplace in our home, we should add it to the eclectic home office. Don’t worry, it is suitable to be combined with an eclectic decoration.

Geraniums Plants

Marigold plants in the backyard
We can add a geranium plant to our backyard

Last but not least, for people who want to have a flower that has a purple color and little size, we should add a geranium plant. It is one of a group of about 300 species of perennial plants or shrubs in the Geraniaceae family. It can be combined with any plant decoration in our backyard patio because it looks like a bush. If we have an eclectic dining room that has a view of this flower, we can have a beautiful view. We can also make DIY decorations by using geranium flowers.

Coleus Plants

Coleus plants
Unique leaves in the coleus plants

Let’s move on to the next plant that doesn’t have a flower but it has beautiful leaves with pretty color. We can grow it in the pot or only grow in the soil in our backyard. It can make it have a combination of plant decoration. We can also have a beautiful combination of plants color that we use. It has many colors of leaves that we can choose as long as it is related to the concept.

Amaryllis Plants

Amaryllis plants
Beautiful flower of amaryllis plants

This plant is very popular nowadays because it has beautiful flowers with unique patterns and bright colors. Generally, it is always found in the backyard or front yard because it has a beautiful design and characteristics. It also can be added indoor or outdoor as long as it is related to our exterior or interior design. For people who have a small eclectic living room that can’t add many decorations to it, we should add this flower on the table.


Some people don’t pay attention to plant decorations while designing their backyard patio. Actually, it is necessary because the beautiful backyard patio depends on the decorations that we will add.


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